Viridian Isles

Nov 2, 2017
Viridian Isles
  • Viridian Isles
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    Ellifaey, TurnDownTheAC, Elysha1995, PerfectFlaw, Elenna1984, Nydescynt, Banesidhe, TheoDaKaffei, WildWitch12, flash_fire13, keeko4, LuvianBlue, cindies


    The Story of the Viridian Isles:
    Many Mineworlds ago, the flying folk lost their permanent wings and the protectors of Nerdcrafteria no longer allowed claiming land on a newly born world. While the flying folk was still able to retreat to a peaceful realm only they were allowed to touch, that world felt lonely and silent and was doomed to die soon after.
    Caring for those people who gave so much for the decrease of world suck, the protectors decided to summon new land for them to live on.
    Mineworlds rose and fell, while one of the protectors gathered all their strength and learned powerful new magic to raise islands from the sea. Together they then fertilized the land, summoned the wildlife, and provided infrastructure for the arrival of the once flying folk.
    With the blessing of fairies those islands are growing into a lively town now, welcoming explorers and traders.

    Points of Interest:
    Viridian Isles is a collection of 12 islands with different and unique landscapes and flora. The regions range from a more urban area in the northwest over spruce, cherry tree and birch forest to a snowy area under the influence of an icy wizard in the southeast, sprinkled with rolling hills, mountains, beaches and overhangs. Check out the various wildlife on land and in water!

    Warps List
    VIDowntown: Viridian Isles Urban area.
    AdminTrade: A grumpy old man's garage sale.
    VISheep: The Isles' sheep farm.
    VIBeach: Build a sandcastle! :D
    VINoodle: One of Viridian Isles' largest residents.
    VIAncientOaks: Majestic trees.
    VIFarm: The Isles' wheat farm.
    VIPub: Small pub near a beautiful cove.
    VISnailRange: Home of Viridian Isles' coach snails.
    VIOctoserpent: Another beautiful example of the Isles' rich wildlife.
    VIRuins: The remains of a castle at the coast.
    VIFairyLake: Enchanted lake in the middle of a birch forest.
    VIIceWizard: Is he the one responsable for that beautiful aurora?​

    Price Range
    Viridian Isles' plots are reserved for players who donated for Lifetime VIP on our Buycraft page. (All donations go to the Foundation To Decrease World Suck)
    Lifetime VIPs can claim a plot by filling out this form.
    To help finding available plots, unowned plots have pink plot numbers on them, easily visble on our dynmap.

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    Update Date: 11/2/17