Nov 1, 2017
  • Thistledown
    Co-Mayors: LadyAustin and Wildwitch13
    Build Team: MySocks4U, Banesidhe, LuvianBlue, Elysha1995, LordStormy
    The Story of Thistledown

    In the magical world of Evenfall, workers were attempting to create a portal to the other towns for fast transit. One day, Dr. Q was encoding more spells into the operating system to make the portal safer for all who use it. Due to a typographical error, the portal transformed.

    It grew more vast and began pulling everything inside of it. When the citizens of Evenfall awoke, they discovered they were inside a crater in an alternate dimension without the possibility of escape. The Evenfall people began to make the most of their new situation.

    One citizen had a very tiny sapling from the Eldergleam tree in her pocket, and with the help of good magic and great friends, she planted and nurtured the sapling at the center of the new home. The magic inside of that sapling caused it to grow beyond what is expected from a normal tree. This tree grew to the very top of the crater the people of Evenfall had been using as their new home. The new home was named Thistledown and consisted of homes on the walls of the crater, inside of the great tree, and on floating islands held afloat by the Evenfall magic brought to the new world.

    The citizens eventually decided to explore outside of their crater only to find that they were not the only inhabitants of this new world. In fact, towns keep appearing in this new world unexpectedly. Thistledown people began to make relations with other citizens of the world and have experienced a rush in their Economy as magical things are rare.

    Thistledown citizens enjoy their new found wealth and take pride in being one of the friendliest communities in the new realm. They are always the first to welcome new towns who pop up in the bizarre new world.

    Points of Interest
    Attractions include but are not limited to the beachfront entrance with the beach huts and the gryphon rentals, tunnel to the town with lots of tree roots, the magnificent tree, a quaint inn, a library with a cat, a blacksmith, and a hidden surprise.


    /tdfalls :Thistledown Falls.

    /tdislands :Floating islands.
    /tdtree :Base of Thistledown’s tree of life.
    /td :Main Thistledown.
    /tdblacksmith :Thistledown Blacksmith.
    /tdcamp :Thistledown Camp.
    /tdcenter :Center of Thistledown.
    /tdgazebo :Thistledown Gazebo.
    /tdinfo :Thistledown’s Info wall.
    /tdisland :Thistledown floating islands.
    /tdtown :Thistledown.
    /tdwaterfall -:Thistledown Falls.
    /thistledown :Thistledown.

    Price Range
    Cliff Plots: 18k ll

    Island Plots: Sold Out
    Tree Plots: Sold Out

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