Sep 21, 2017
  • Survival

    Multiplayer Vanilla Minecraft

    About the Server

    The Survival server provides players with the opportunity to enjoy regular vanilla Minecraft with friends. As such, most plugins (/homes or teleporting to other players, for example) aren’t available. This server is for those players who enjoy vanilla gameplay and a huge, long-lasting world to build in. With the extra challenges afforded by the lack of supplementary plugins, many players find it fun to collaborate with each other on projects larger than they could individually complete. This server resets once every 3 months.

    In general, the Code of Conduct still applies in Survival.

    To specifically address a question players sometimes have when first joining- griefing is still not allowed, even in Survival. Not sure where the uncertainty originates, but rest assured that griefing/player-killing/stealing are punished just as harshly in Survival as in other worlds. Additionally, x-ray mods and generators that rely on glitches are still strictly not allowed.

    You are also able to lock your chests and valuable items. If you can't remember how to do this, then check out this page:

    Since Survival isn’t linked to the main Economy (no llamas or crias here!), mob and block generators are allowed, with a few caveats. No farm/generator is allowed to cause noticeable/significant lag. This is meant as a courtesy to fellow players, and to reduce strain on the server as a whole. This also accounts for farms - excessive amounts of animals in a small area are not allowed. Check out the Code of Conduct for more details.

    Other than those fairly small limitations, have fun!
    This Season
    The survival server resets approximately every 3 months, so the current season runs until late September 2017.

    We have a special plugin for this season of survival - disease! Many more details here

    Common Questions
    Q: How can I move around the Survival server with no /homes or teleporting?

    A: Walk! :p Just like during the good ol’ days of vanilla most of us played for at least a little while, the primary means of navigation are walking, minecarts, horses, boats, and nether portals. Nether portals in particular can really speed up travel, as distance traveled in the Nether multiplies by 8 in the Overworld.

    Q: If there’s no money, how can I buy items I want from other players?

    A: Barter is the name of the game in Survival! If someone has an item you want, find something they want, and trade them for it! Diamonds are generally a good bet if they don’t have any specific payment in mind.

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