Nov 4, 2017
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    Build Team: Jinxblog, Ellifaey, Nydescent, nlp3, Julizm, Cupid, LordStormy, Kh530

    Long long ago along the banks of a gentle, ancient river, a lone, wandering merchant was settling down for the night to fill their belly and rest their weary feet. They had come from a far off land surrounded on all sides by seemingly endless ocean, where massive boats sailed like titans from shore to shore trading goods around the whole of the island. Trade was in their bones and in their blood, but so was wanderlust, and so they had crossed that vast blue expanse and come to this new land looking for new things to trade.

    As the merchant waited for their meager fare to cook, they looked out to the river and saw as the setting sun's light danced over its waters. They were reminded of a Goddess they'd heard of when they were a child; Solara, Goddess of sun, vine, and trade. They had heard tales of Solara riding the sun across the sky to far off lands, where she sowed the seeds of her sacred grapevines and took a single gift to bring to the next land she visited.

    The merchant recalled being enchanted by these tales. How as a child they'd made a habit of bringing something small from their home to each town they visited-- a stone, a flower, a tiny seed-- and leaving it there. Like they were Solara, leaving a gift and a mystery for some clever explorer to find. These memories filled their dreams as they drifted off to sleep.

    The next morning the merchant woke and continued their journey along the river, and soon the smell of salt and brine reached their nose and they were reminded of their homeland. Though their feet were weary, they hastened their pace and soon crested a small hill and saw an expanse of ocean stretching out before them.

    They laughed at yet another reminder of their childhood and took it to be a sign of good fortune. They decided to make their way down to the bay to see if they could find any fish or clams to cook for that night's meal, and as they headed down the sandy incline they noticed a small boat moored in the shallow waters.

    As they approached they hailed the crew, glad for the opportunity to trade and converse, for they had been traveling in solitary silence for some weeks now. They shared a meal with the small crew as they traded goods and exchanged news and knowledge. They learned that this bay was a popular rest stop for boats due to the gentle waters and the delicious grapes that grew near the shore.

    Their curiosity peaked, the merchant questioned, "grapes?" and the sailors led them to large, low hill east of the bay. There the merchant found the familiar, twisting, sacred grapevines of their homeland. They laughed in delight "Well!" They declared, "I can take a hint, three times I've been reminded of my homeland.... home this is then!"

    And so, the merchant decided to settle on this shore. They began a fruitful trading partnership with the sailors that frequently stopped in the bay. Many merchant vessels stopped in the waters, so it was easy to trade with one ship and pass the goods along to the next, and the bountiful waters and lush grapes meant that they never wanted for food. Over time, word of the trading post spread and more merchants and traders from all over the land began to bring their wares to trade. The trading post grew into a bustling marketplace. As the settlement grew in popularity farmers, stonemasons, potters, weavers, and other skilled crafts-folk began settling in. Proper homes, an inn, and docks for the ships were built. Roads were laid as more people came from over land to trade or to settle. The farmers were delighted by the beautiful, twisting grapevines and found that grew so easily in the soil here that they began to cultivate them in earnest. Beautiful buildings were raised in a polished, white stone that made up the bones of this land.

    One evening as the traders relaxed around a fire, one of them complained about being unable to find his best fishing hook. The merchant laughed and said "It's gone with Solara", remembering an old phrase from their homeland. Seeing the blank looks upon their faces, the merchant explained their meaning. They told the others the childhood stories of Solara, and how the goddess lost favour in their homeland as she was often away, with others. "She gives, and takes, and leaves" they said, "To somewhere else, to do so again. Many did not want to always have to call her back. They wanted her to stay; to shine and give, always."

    The other merchants took this in before one finally said said "She is like us. She shares! She sows! She exchanges!" the merchants laughed, "Why, if she never traveled elsewhere, how would others get to know the sun? And how sad, to never again see the sunset or the stars."

    The settlement had been nameless to that point, beyond being called "The southern trading post". That night it was named Solara, in the goddess' honour. A place of peace. A place of trade. A place where one brings gifts from the far off lands of their heart, and takes a gift in return, to share with others across the not-so-endless sea.

    Points of Interest:
    /warp solara : /warp so
    The coastal sundial is a traditional Solaran gathering place.

    /warp colosseum
    The colosseum is the training ground for the Solaran Gladiators.

    /warp sotheatre
    The amphitheatre is the origin point for Solara's rich culture, and often holds reenactments and dramatizations of stories from the town's history.

    /warp sunhill
    The Sunhill Temple has the best views over the whole town, and contains the Goddess' eternal flame.

    /warp bathhouse
    The communal bathhouse is a center of both cleanliness and gossip.

    /warp seaport : /warp aenchant
    Traders from all over Nerdcrafteria come together at the port of Solara to peddle their rare and enchanted goods.

    /warp soquest : /warp hydra
    The vicious Hydra has been frozen in place to prevent it from destroying more of the town. Come here to ensure that the spell is still working so that the Hydra doesn't wreak any more havoc.

    Plot Prices:
    Plots in Solara range from 8,000 to 15,000 llamas. The average price is 10,000 llamas.

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