Scythian Peaks

Aug 2, 2017
Scythian Peaks
  • Scythian Peaks
    Mayors: TheoDaKaffei & flash_fire13
    Build Team: TurnDownTheAC, TheoDaKaffei, flash_fire13, squiggletag

    The Story of Scythian Peaks:
    Long ago the village of Ryba sent out a team of brave explorers to roam the Scythian mountain range in search of diamonds and other valuables believed to be hidden amongst the icy peaks.

    The explorers went happily, proud to have been chosen to bring such riches and honour to their humble town. Three months came and went with no word from the group. Six months passed. Seven. Eight. A year.

    The community of Ryba assumed the explorers to be dead, and deemed the mountains of Scythia too dangerous for anyone to approach. Rumors of wild beasts and monsters quickly began to spread.

    Many generations passed. The Ryban explorers became a historical legend. Ryba transformed culturally and technologically becoming the fishing port that we know today.

    Eventually a new team of Ryban miners ventured to the mountains, overcame their fears and faced the myths of the dangerous beasts lurking there. They set up a small settlement outside the site of the old mine entrance, naming the settlement after their home city in an attempt to cling onto what little comforts they had out in the seemingly uninhabited wilderness.

    Or so they thought ...

    They broke through the collapsed rock and discovered something unexpected -- a bustling city contained within the stone. The air was hot and thick with steam and the smell of coal. Minimal light gave the miners pause as their eyes adjusted. Dark figures hovered in the shadows. What kind of a creature occupied the belly of this mountain?

    As the shadows came into the light, the miners could see that the forms were human in shape and resembled the people of Ryba. They did not seem hostile as much as they were fearful. First contact was difficult, but the miners and the mountain people learned how to communicate as their language resembled the ancient script of historical Ryba.

    The mountain dwellers were hesitant at first. None of them had ever seen the sun before, and many held beliefs that the outside world was dangerous and that they lived inside the mountain for their own safety. However, as trust grew, stories and legends of these people were shared. The miners learned that these mountaineers were descendants of the Ryban explorers. They had survived! The original team had experienced small mining accident that left them all buried within the mines they had made with no possible means of escape.

    The explorers had been clever. They quickly adapted to their new surroundings and reluctantly started accepting their new life within the mountain; new technologies developed as they harnessed the steam from the natural hot springs and used coal to power the mountain. Water was sourced from the rivers and lakes inside the caves, and they relied on the occasional fish or other small creatures that came by as a primary source of food. They dubbed this new settlement "Lednia" after the cold, glacial environment surrounding them.

    As the Lednians shared their history and lives with the Rybans,trust was built and the mounain people eventually started to mingle more within the society outside of the caves they once called home.

    Now the mountain, the Ryban settlement, and the surrounding area are known as Scythian Peaks, named after Scythia, the mountain in which the Lednians were forced to call home. Scythian Peaks is popular for its bizarre history, lovely scenery, and now successfully manages to mine and export a plethora of rare gems and ores.

    Points of Interest:
    Ryba - The small fishing village located near a wonderful, albeit frozen, lake and river. Home to an impressive temple, as well as a delightful little bakery near the riverbank.

    The Valley - These fields of golden wheat provide plenty of food for the town. Located in a small valley in the mountains, these fields are kept warm by large turbines which blow warm air & steam from the hot springs deep underground.

    Lednia - The literal jewel of Scythian Peaks. This is the secluded cave colony the Ryban legends spoke of. Glimmering geodes cover a lot of the cave walls, and a delightful high street area sits fairly close to the cave's entrance.

    Warps List

    /warp sp: Main spawn point for Scythian Peaks
    /warp lednia: brings you to the entrance of the cave part of town
    /warp ryba: brings you to the fishing village part of town
    /warp valley: brings you to the wheat valley part of town.

    Price Range
    $14,000 - $18,000
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