Feb 25, 2018
  • Nerdtropolis
    Co-Mayors: LordStormy and VeryKirsten
    Build Team: CLyane, ZachGames1, verykirsten, Nostra_Dennis, Natasha, KitcatTC, squiggletag, and TheInfinityGap

    The Story of Nerdtropolis:

    Nerdtropolis is a peculiar town. Its founders were a diverse group of explorers, planners, and architects from unique cultures and walks of life who came together to solve their world’s biggest problem: their land had grown stagnant. Opportunity for growth had diminished, the island faced mysterious sinkholes, and the Economy was suffering. They needed to quickly find a solution to their problem, or their land would face certain destruction.

    Representatives from the fifteen major cities gathered to brainstorm for a solution. Tempers flared and ideas clashed, because nobody wanted to face the inevitable: their island had grown uninhabitable, and the only way to continue growth was to move lands entirely. With this in agreement, they set aside their differences and began to plan their mission.

    A search party consisting of members from six cities would travel in search of a new island, where new foundations for growth could be built. Skyloft volunteered a flying airship for their transportation, with five other cities volunteering their best people to help the endeavor succeed: Hanacho, Lost City, Evenfall, Craftstead, and Blackguard Bay. With supplies loaded and excitement in the air, the brave explorers departed the island in search of the next perfect land.

    After months of exploring, they finally found the perfect place. This new island almost seemed to be created by their own imaginations! Biomes filled the expansive land with beautiful flowers, flowing rivers, rolling hills, magical trees, and grassy plains; it was perfect.

    Confident in their findings, they got straight to work, choosing a central location in order to begin planning the new town. First and foremost, they required living quarters, so they found a small pond that would act as a middle point for the new apartments to surround. They built a total of six apartment buildings, one for each town representative. They also constructed a replica of their beloved lighthouse to act as a beacon for the land, guiding new travelers to their new home.

    Next, they began work on the town itself, planning its layout. They decided that the town would consist of three districts, each with a unique theme and culture. The Old Town district would act as a reminder for the memories and architecture of their old island, the YouTubeulus district would be the location for the video content of the whole island to be recorded, and the Gamington district would represent the common interest of all who joined the community. These districts would surround a central square that would serve as the welcoming place for those travelers who stopped by their world. As a final touch, they decided to name it Nerdtropolis.

    The city was ready to open, so word was sent to the old world.. The people came, old and new, and with only their most prized possessions. Slowly but surely, the new island filled with excited builders, miners, explorers, alchemists, and wizards, and the new Economy grew. Nerdtropolis now serves as a strong foundation for expansion. It welcomes everyone to explore its streets, discover its secrets, and become a resident. The founders are proud of their little town and look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

    Points of Interest:

    Attractions include the Lighthouse, the Daily Bugle, Twilight Town Station, the and the GMM cafe. Spawn, Apartments, and Ashop are also located in Nerdtropolis.


    /spawn: Economy Server's spawn

    /warp apartments: Main warp for the apartments
    /warp ab: Agra Bazaar
    /warp es: Eldergleam Sanctuary
    /warp ds: Dragon's Slumber
    /warp hmc: Howl's Moving Condos
    /warp sm: Sakura Manshon
    /warp gt: Gamington
    /warp yt: Youtubulous
    /warp ashop: Admin Shop
    /warp auction: Auction House
    /warp faq: Information Station
    /warp station: Twilight Town Station

    Price Range:
    Apartments: 150ll

    Youtubulous & Gamington: 4k
    Historic District: 4.4k

    Shortcut Link:
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