Joining Nerdcrafteria

Nov 9, 2017
Joining Nerdcrafteria
  • Joining Nerdcrafteria


    Welcome! We look forward to having you join us! Don't forget to read and understand the Code of Conduct completely before playing!

    How to connect to the server:
    1. Copy the IP Address of our server ( into your clipboard (Ctrl+C or Command+C).
    2. Start Minecraft in build 1.12.x with your own Mojang account (check the Code of Conduct for rules on sharing accounts).
    2.a. If you aren't running 1.12.x, see this page on how to change your Minecraft build.​
    3. Click Multiplayer and then Add Server. There should be two boxes, Server Name and IP Address. The server name does not matter, but we suggest calling it Nerdcrafteria.
    4. Move your cursor to the IP Address box and press Ctrl+V or Command+V to enter the IP.
    5. Confirm your entries by clicking done.
    6. Back on the list of servers, the server should appear with green bars on the right as well as the number of players currently online.
    7. Click this server, click Join Server (or hit the triangle that appears over the server icon). Normally, you should be brought directly into the server. If you are not, read your error message and come to the forums for help.​
    When you first join, you will begin as a Guest. In order to experience everything our server has to offer, you need to get promoted to a Nerdfighter!

    Getting promoted to Nerdfighter:
    1. If you have server textures enabled or agree to the prompt(under Edit on the Multiplayer page), the texture pack will download. This could take a bit, so be patient.
    2.The first time you join, you will start in a little house with information about our server. Make sure to read all of the signs as you walk through it.
    3. You will find 4 books in your inventory that you should read. Your inventory is different if you switch to another server, so you have to read them while still in the Hub.
    4. You must accept the server rules by typing /rules and then /iagree.
    5. Hit the button once on the wall at the end of the house to get promoted from Guest to Nerdfighter!
    It will probably still list you as a Guest in the Tab list for a while, but your name will be tagged in chat as what rank you really are (Guests will be listed as [G], Nerdfighters as [N], and VIPs as [V]).

    You will spawn in our Hub world (/server Hub); in order to play, switch to another server (click here to learn about our servers). We have several servers to choose from that each have their own play style!

    In order to see what commands are available to you on the server, check out the Useful Commands page. There is a lot of information available on the Wiki in general, be sure to use it!

    It's a good idea to create a forums account here in order to keep up to date on server news and to keep in contact with other Nerdfighters. You will have to create an account if you ever need to fill out a form such as a bug report or an AFK form.

    Again, you must read the Code of Conduct, and ask questions of a staff member if you have them. Ignorance will not give you an easier punishment; the rules apply whether or not you've read them!

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