Aug 25, 2016
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    A place between worlds

    What is the Hub?
    Hub is the welcome center and navigational portal for the rest of the Nerdcrafteria servers. It’s where you appear the first and every time you log in, and a place you can use to jump to any of the other servers (you may also use /server [server] if you prefer, from anywhere). In the middle of the Hub you will find the names of the servers with buttons that will take you to portals to them.

    The Hub server has limited commands. You cannot break anything, and you cannot drop anything from your inventory. Commands like /warp and /tp are not available from hub to another server. There are no boons currently available for Hub, nor is there a currency or any form of Economy.

    It is mostly used as a starting/connecting place, but is also nice for games like hide-and-seek that do not require tools or special commands. Hub also has global chat, so you can use it as a safe spot to hang out while chatting.

    Hub Inventory Items:
    Hub is where you can read the 4 books you received when you joined the server:
    Greetings! – a welcome by Hank Green, our founder and one half of the Vlogbrothers on YouTube.
    Code of Conduct – a brief overview of the Code of Conduct or rules for the server. You must both read and understand the rules, so if something is confusing to you please ask a question. Always DFTBA (don’t forget to be awesome)!
    Beginner’s Guide – Quick start handbook, with some commonly used commands for the server, and explanations of how and when to use them. You can also see Useful Commands for more info.
    Nerdy Handbook – frequently asked questions, answered by staff. See the Nerdcrafteria FAQ for more.
    By using the Enderchest labeled “Cosmetics” that you have in your inventory, you gain access to hub-specific perks like pets that you unlock by donating money to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck (here).

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