Sep 21, 2017
  • Welcome to the Nerdcrafteria F.A.Q.!

    This page should answer most of the beginning questions that you may have about our Minecraft server, run by Hank Green!

    Starter Questions

    Who the eff is Hank?
    Hank Green is the owner of the server and is one half of the vlogbrothers Youtube channel. However if you listen to his brother, John Green, Hank is a sausage covered in cornbread batter and deep fried.

    How do I join Nerdcrafteria?
    The server’s IP is mc.nerdcrafteria.com. For more detailed info, please check out the Joining Nerdcrafteria wiki page.

    I've accepted all the rules now where am I? Where do I go from here?
    Welcome to Nerdcrafteria! After agreeing to the rules and pressing the button you'll be teleported to our Hub. The Hub is the main link between all the servers (worlds) and is where you will log into every time you join. From there you can do the command /server [name] to bounce between worlds or take a trip through one of the portals throughout the Hub.
    Nerdcrafteria - Nerdcraftera is our Economy portion of the server. Here you can visit various towns and buy a plot to build your dream home. There is also Mineworld (/mine) and The Nether that you can explore and collect materials from (return with /main). Just remember Mineworld resets every month on the 1st!​
    Creative - Creative world is a magically Creative place. Here you can claim a massive 256 x 256 plot for free (/plot auto) and build anything you can imagine.​
    Skyblock - Skyblock is a map in which you start out on an island and have to work to expand it. There are achievements, challenges, and a leader board. It's a race to the top!​
    Survival - Survival World is our only server that is a complete vanilla Minecraft experience. There is no Economy, plugins (warps and homes included), or even a protected spawn! Explore at your own risk.​

    How can I contact a staff member?
    If you need to report something to a staff member, we have an in-game ticket system that you can use. At the location of the problem simply type /modreq followed by a description of your issue. After that quickly do /modreq accept to finalize the ticket!

    Outside of Minecraft, if you have a question you can also contact a staff member by email or private forum message. You can find a list of our current staff and their email addresses listed here.

    Any Useful Commands?
    We got you covered. Besides the ones highlighted on this page, you can also check out Useful Commands.

    General Server Questions

    When will we update to the newest version of Minecraft?
    Nerdcrafteria relies on many plugins, all of which have to be updated to the newest version of Minecraft before we can update the server. Please be patient and enjoy all we have to offer! You can view the version of minecraft we are currently using on the Joining Nerdcrafteria wiki page.

    What is griefing?

    Griefing is defined as altering, stealing, destroying, or generally messing with property (builds, items, penned or named animals, etc) of other players without their permission. As the Code of Conduct states, griefing is not allowed on this server.

    Is PVP allowed?
    PvP is explicitly not allowed unless it is in clearly defined arenas/minigame worlds sanctioned by the server staff. Lava killing, creating death holes, trapping other players with hostile mobs, and other forms of killing players are all immediate grounds for being banned from the server.

    Help, I've been banned / muted! How do I appeal?
    If you've been banned or muted on the server and would like to appeal, you can fill out a punishment appeal form. Be honest and as articulate and clear with your appeal as you can. Any further questions you might have can be addressed within the form/appeal. It would also be a good idea to make certain you completely understand the rules outlined in the Code of Conduct before you appeal as well.

    Discord? What happened to TeamSpeak?
    After many years of using TeamSpeak we have switched over to Discord! To join you can click this invite link. For more info, links to download the application, and other Discord related rules, click here.

    How do I donate to the server? What is the FTDWS?
    There are two easy ways you can donate to the server. You can click the donate tab above that will take you to the server’s Buycraft page or you can type /buy while you’re in game. There are various perks, boons, items, and fun extras you can purchase! All money donated to the server is profited to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck (FTDWS), a charity owned in part by the Vlogbrothers.

    What is FBP?
    FBP, or Fishing Boat Proceeds, is a type of currency in Nerdcrafteria. You earn FBP by voting for the server on PlanetMinecraft or on the Minecraft Forum (clicking the Vote tabs above works as well). Try /token balance to see your balance in game. You can spend FBP on things like FTB access, Vanity Tags, spawn eggs, and more in the /voteshop. FBP can also be used to buy player heads via /modreq. To learn about other FBP commands and info, click here.

    How do I get a Vanity [Tag] next to my name in chat?
    Vanity Tags can be purchased two ways, by donating to the server (click the Donate tab above or /buy) or by spending FBP in the /vt shop in game.

    Nerdcrafteria FAQs (Economy Server)

    How do I earn llamas (money)?
    You can earn llamas by killing mobs or by selling various items to /warp ashop, /warp aenchant, and to player shops across the Economy server. To check the current amount of llamas you own try /money. For other money making tips, commands, and Economy related info click here.

    What are credits? What can I buy with them?
    When the map was reset players got to keep a percentage of their llamas as credits. You can use credits to purchase warps via /modreq or use them to make donations towards Player Towns.

    What are the different towns? How do I get to them?
    Currently we have three staff-run towns: Solara, Thistledown, and Nerdtropolis. There will be one more staff town in the future and a possibility of twelve player ran towns. You can visit the towns by warping to their spawns (/warp so, /warp td, & /warp nt) or by visiting the main spawn building (/spawn) and pressing any of the buttons.

    What are player towns? How will they work?
    Player towns are similar to the current staff towns on the server, except they will be built, managed, and run by teams of players. Every player town will have an official town council of 7 players, aided by a staff mentor. If you’re interested in getting involved with current town ideas check the world chat forum for town idea pages or try asking around in game. Check the Player Towns page for more info about town applications and guidelines.

    How do I buy/sell a plot?
    To buy a plot simply right click the for sale sign on the mailbox in front of the open plot. If you’re having trouble finding a free plot or apartment to buy you can try the /as find buy [max price] [town group] command. The current town groups are: nttown, tdtown, sotown, and emtown. For apartments use: nte, nts, nth, ntc, and ntl.

    To sell your plot you have two options: /as resell, while you’re standing on your plot, allows you to put your plot up for sale for players to buy. Using /as sell allows you to sell your plot instantly back to the server for 20% of the cost you paid. Note: /as sell will completely wipe your plot!

    Can I buy more than one plot?
    You are allowed to own 8 plots, one per town. You are also allowed to buy one apartment out of the six buildings at /warp apartments.

    My plot / apartment disappeared! What happened?
    Nerdcrafteria has a policy that if a player does not log on for three weeks their plots are subject to be reclaimed and wiped clean. The only way to protect your plots is by filing an AFK Form on the forums. This will protect your stuff, but please be aware there is a limit to how long you can be gone. You can read more about the AFK policy here.

    How do I keep my stuff safe?
    Need to protect your things in Mineworld? Simply lock your things with /lock and punch the object to protect it. Want friends to have access? Try using /cpassword [password] and give your friends the password. It costs 5ll for each protection. For a list of blocks you can protect and more info about privacy locks click here. Otherwise, buying a plot or apartment is another great way to store your items safely.

    How do I set a home?
    To set a home, use /sethome [home name]. Then to get back to your home, do /home [home name]. You can have a maximum of 3 homes (4 with a bed) at any time in Nerdcrafteria.

    I'd like to buy a warp. How do I go about it?
    At the location of your choice, as long as it's in Nerdcrafteria, /warp set [warp name] or /warp pset [warp name] (for a private warp) will allow you to place a warp. Warps cost 15,000ll to place instantly, or 10,000 credits via modreq. If you need to move your warp later, try /warp update [warp name]. Any edits or updates to warps you own cost 500ll. You can find a complete list of helpful warping commands on the MyWarp page.

    What's a mailbox and how do I get one?
    As a replacement for rented mailboxes, we have implemented Postal Service, a plugin that allows you to setup a mailbox on your own plot! To set a mailbox place an empty chest on any plot or apartment you own and type /mailbox set and then punch the chest. Simple as that! The interface in your new mailbox should be easy to work with and allow you to send mail, items, and even xp to other players!

    What are "Crate de Awesome Keys" and how do I use them?
    Crate de Awesome keys are a special item included in VIP kits or bought from /voteshop. They can be used by finding the Crate de Awesome at /spawn and right click/use block on the chest with the item in your hand. Mysteries and powerful items await!

    Shortcut Link: http://dftba.us/faq

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