Emerald Falls

Aug 19, 2017
Emerald Falls
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    The Treaty of Emerald Falls
    Signed upon their meeting on May 14th by Captain Lemon, leader of a group of Old Nerdcrafterians whose ship crashed near the village at the Emerald Falls, and Alchesay, Olori of the village.

    We, the people of the village of Emerald Falls, do hereby initiate a relationship with the people of Old Nerdcrafteria, in order to provide benefit for both of our peoples.

    Original treaty in Ixhta’ilinedai, the language of the people of the village at the Emerald Falls, Fifth Year of Alchesay.
    [If you are curious about the language, feel free to contact a council member, particularly OZG1001]

    Emerald Falls is a beautiful jungle village with abundant resources. We primarily harvest cocoa from the grand trees and fish from the sparkling rivers. The culture of Emerald Falls is deeply rooted in sustaining our forest to provide for ourselves, our children, and the many creatures that share our home.

    This treaty affords for the share of lands surrounding the Emerald River, extending from the Northern bay to the Western bay. The people of Old Nerdcrafteria are welcome to immigrate to this area, so long as they do not destroy the forest, and instead work to sustain it for future generations.

    The people of Emerald Falls will be represented and governed by their Olori - Alchesay.

    The people of Old Nerdcrafteria will be represented for the purposes of this treaty by Captain Lemon. They will be governed by a council of esteemed members of their community:

    As a show of good faith, we would like to include the tale of how this treaty came to be in the language of the people of Old Nerdcrafteria, so that all who read this document for years to come may understand the plight of the people of Old Nerdcrafteria, and the benefit this treaty provided.

    [Captain Lemon glanced at the men shuffling around the ship’s deck. All looked weary and worse-for-wear, though they had good reason to be. They had been sailing for months with no sign of any land since leaving their home. Their provisions were running low, but Captain Lemon feared that returning to their industry-stripped homeland with no news would be the end of the Emerald Trading Company and everything she held dear. As her heart was sinking with the setting sun, the captain happened to notice that the rays appeared to be bending slightly. Despite countless crushed hopes, she once again scaled the mast to the crow’s nest, and pulled out a spyglass. Peering through it, she felt her her sorrows melt away - land! “Land ho!” she cried to her men below, and grinned at the shocked expressions on their faces. Instantly the tired crew sprang to life and bustled about the deck, adjusting the sails and rigging to put them on course towards the discovery. It took them several hours to draw near enough to the island to see any real detail. As they got closer, they began to notice that what they had originally believed to be hills were in fact giant trees! Every once in awhile, they would see massive shapes swoop up out of these trees and stain the dusk sky an inky black, blotting out the stars, before diving back down into the canopy. They skirted around the edge of the forest until they came upon what appeared to be an inviting inlet to dock for the night. Captain Lemon shouted her orders, and the men turned the ship once more to guide it in. When they were barely half a league from shore, panicked shouts suddenly emanated from the front of the ship. The Captain sprinted forward, only to see a great wave racing towards the ship from the bay, followed by a dark shape…

    ...The crash echoed through the jungle, shaking leaves from the proud trees and startling creatures from the brush. Viveca woke with a start, but rolled and tried to go back to sleep despite the scurrying of tiny feet past the wall of her home. Soon enough, though, she heard Lokela approach her door and call out her name softly. She slid from beneath the covers and dressed in her soft woven pants and tunic, and bound her hair back from her face. When she stepped outside, she saw that Lokela’s face was drawn with worry. “Come with me, you’re needed” he said, then led the way towards the center of their village along one of the wide stone paths. She heard a baby crying, doubtless awoken by the clatter, as they wound their way between the trees and past the glowing flowers to the base of the old Temple ruins. There, she saw the leader of their village, Alchesay, standing at the head of a group of villagers. He was a powerful man, dressed in a long green tunic and emerald necklace that had been passed from leader to leader as each was elected. It was his fourth term as their Olori, or leader, and he was so well liked and respected that he had been unchallenged each time. Thus, as she pressed her way to the front, the villagers whispers instantly fell silent when he raised his hand. “We believe,” he said, his voice booming over the clearing “that a ship has been attacked by the great manta that makes its home in the Western bay. We will be sending a party to survey the wreckage, and determine the fate of any survivors. No action on behalf of the village will be made until all have been consulted. Please return to your homes, except those who are willing to depart on this party.” As the villagers dispersed, he selected Viveca, Lokela, and a few other men and women from those remaining to go on the mission. By the time plans had been made and weapons gathered, the first light of dawn was beginning to leak through the leaves…

    ...Captain Lemon awoke blinking in the blinding sunlight. She shifted, and realized that her hair and clothes were stiff with sand and salt. By some miracle, she had managed to land on the beach. Slowly she hauled herself into a sitting position, and looked around. The remains of her great vessel had been dashed against the shore, but that was the least of her concerns. She rose to her feet and began walking between the men and women strewn across the beach. Somehow all were alive, although many had sustained injuries that would take some time to heal. She began formulating plans to keep her crew safe, as that was her job. She assigned the few who were the most able bodied into two groups - one to find fresh water, and one to help her pull what they could from the wreckage. By evening, they had a small camp set up on the edge of the jungle, made from fallen trees and chunks of the ship’s hull. They shared some of the provisions they had obtained from the ship, and discussed what to do next. They decided that the next morning they would begin further exploration of the jungle, as those who had gone in search of fresh water had reported seeing pieces of what appeared to be paths and structures. They stifled the fire using water from the ocean, then each chose a place to sleep beneath their makeshift shelters…

    …”They seem peaceful, and in need of our help” Viveca reported. She was seated at a table of the eldest men and women from the village, along with those from her exploration party. “There are approximately thirty of them, men and women. Their leader appears to be a young woman.” One of the elders, a woman named Silea who ran the ceremonies in the village spoke up “My only concern is that these newcomers will attempt to destroy our way of life here. How can we trust that they will respect what we hold dear? How do we know that once they recover from their shock of loss they will not try to destroy the jungle we hold dear?” Alchesay spoke then, his deep voice rumbling throughout the room like the thunder in the summer rains. “The only way to protect ourselves from this is to teach them the value of this place. To show them how it can not only provide for itself, but for us as well. Tomorrow morning, if all are in agreement, I shall lead a party down to their camp and extend a welcome. If they do not wish to learn how to live with us, we will aid them in rebuilding a ship and gathering provisions for a return journey” He looked solemnly around the table for any disagreement, but even Silea seemed content with this compromise…

    …”Rise” The deep voice jolted Captain Lemon from her sleep, and she sprang up, clawing for her sword, only to slow when she heard a good natured chuckle. “There is no need to fear,” said the massive man in front of her. “I am Alchesay, Olori of this forest. I am here to help you and your crew. Wake them, then ask them to follow me.” Captain Lemon did so, and when the crew had assembled, they began a trek through the forest, skirting around the edge of a massive mountain and crossing several rivers. Captain Lemon was amazed at what she saw; the forest was massive and teeming with giant wildlife like nothing she had ever seen. Eventually, they all arrived at a large clearing. Alchesay began speaking again. “Welcome, Captain Lemon, to our village of the Emerald Falls. We, as the elders and leaders of this village, want to understand why you are here, and how we can help you.” With that, Captain Lemon began to explain everything. How their homeland had been stripped of any resources following a great mining boom, their Economy was in tatters, and their people needed somewhere to go that they could be safe, happy and prosperous. Alchesay considered her for a long time, before saying “I understand your dilemma, Captain Lemon, and myself and my people are prepared to offer you and your people asylum here in this jungle. We have an abundance of emeralds here, which I believe you mentioned you traded in previously, and our land is rich in natural resources. We have learned how to harvest these things to use in trade and Economy, with the emerald itself as the base of our monetary system. We ask that anyone you bring here learn our ways with regards to this jungle. I believe this to be a mutually beneficial offer, as neither of our peoples wants to see this land destroyed in the way you say yours has been.” Captain Lemon readily agreed, and after briefly consulting with the crew, accepted their offer.

    Over the following weeks, plans were made and a newly built ship was sent back to their homeland to spread the news and prepare people to journey to this new land. Captain Lemon and her crew worked hard to learn all they could about this new sustainable way of life, allowing the villagers to show them how to mine to allow the magical waters to replenish the emeralds within the stone, and how to collect wood without destroying the jungle. They learned about how the villagers sang to the cocoa beans in thanks for all they provided, as the cocoa beans grew massive from the magic waters, and could provide food and drink and medicine from their flesh. They also learned that while fish were abundant and delicious, they were also a key part of the jungle ecosystem. The fish would spawn upstream and then swim down, picking up seeds from trees and flowers and dispersing them throughout the waterways. Soon Emerald Falls expanded from the small village it had been, to a great city. The townspeople, native and newcomer alike, built a large blue temple as a place where they could all meet to vote on important issues facing the new town. They also built a port with a marketplace inside a large ocean cavern to allow the Trading Company to help foster a trade market of emeralds, cocoa and saplings, in the hopes that the old land could also replenish and reach this level of prosperity and peace.]

    As Olori of the Emerald Falls people, I have read and understand the terms above, and do agree to them for my people.


    Information and Locations

    Emerald Falls is divided into four areas: the main town, the outer islands, the temple, and the mining caves. There is also a dense and mysterious jungle located to the west. Exploration is encouraged; there is much to be discovered!

    The town can be navigated by foot or by using one of the warps listed below:
    /warp EM
    /warp EmeraldFalls
    /warp Caves
    /warp Emtown
    /warp Manta
    /warp Mountain
    /warp Ships


    The Temple

    At the top of Emerald Falls’ towering mountain is an ancient temple… rumors abound of a quest hidden deep inside. If one decides to explore this area, questions can be directed towards any of the council members listed above.

    Shortcut Link: http://dftba.us/emtown