Sep 10, 2017

    So much to build

    What is Creative?

    The Creative server is a superflat world which runs Minecraft in creative mode. You can fly, you won't receive damage from anything, and you will also have access to an infinite supply of all of the blocks and items in your inventory. Creative plots are 256 x 256 x 256 blocks, giving you a lot of room to build whatever you like.

    The Creative server is reset once to twice a year, but don't worry, you will be able to get your plot(s) saved! Announcements will be made prior to the reset both on the server and on the forums, and instructions on saving your creative plots will be posted on the forums when a reset is imminent.

    Creative Commands:
    Creative currently uses the plug-in PlotSquared. This plug-in gives players a number of commands to allow them greater freedom in creative world. Below is a list of Useful Commands for creative world, a full list of PlotSquared commands can be found using /plots help

    How to get to Creative from other servers:
    /server creative

    How to get a creative plot:
    Find a plot:
    Use /plot auto to be teleported to the next available plot and instantly claim it or
    Fly around until you find an unclaimed plot. Use /plot info when you are standing on the plot to determine if it's unclaimed.
    Claim a plot:
    Stand on an unclaimed plot and do /plot claim
    How to get back to your plot:
    Do /plot home. If you have multiple plots, add the number of the plot you wish to visit, /plot home [number].

    How to visit someone else's plot:
    To find another player's plot do /plot visit [username] or . If someone has multiple plots, do /plot visit [username] [number] to get to the additional ones.

    How to find information on plots:
    Use /plot info over a plot to view information on the plot such as owner and biome. Use /plot list to find lists of plots that fit certain criteria:
    /plot list mine lists your creative plots
    /plot list shared to find the plots to which you are added
    How to add/remove people on your creative plot:
    add someone who can build only when you are online:
    /plot add [player]. Do /plot remove [player] to revoke their build rights.
    add someone who can build anytime:
    /plot trust [player]. To remove someone from your plot do /plot untrust [player].
    How to comment on a plot:
    Love a plot? Now you can comment on other people's plots! Just stand on the plot you want to comment on and use /plots comment [owner or public] [your message]. To see if someone has commented on your plot, use /plot inbox to view your messages!

    How to change the Biome on a plot:
    Make a /modreq with which biome you would like your Creative plot to be.
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