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Oct 22, 2017
App Process
  • Player Towns: Application & Process:

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    Player Towns are towns on the Economy Server that are founded, created, and run by players. Player towns are a very LARGE time commitment and an immense server responsibility. As such, there is a long process to both procure the approval and funding to create a town on the map. Players interested in creating a council and founding a town should read this page over carefully and more than once. Councils who fail to take all aspects of this prospect into consideration risk their concept being rejected. There is no rush, take the time to create a quality, fantastic concept before you submit to the staff for approval!!


    The application to apply for a town can be found in the Forms section of the forums. The person who submits the town should be either the person who originated the idea, or whomever is leading the project, aka the Project Lead, and is thus in the best position to address any questions, or clarifications the Towns Committee may need answered during the application process. Read the application carefully so you know what is expected.

    Minimum Requirements and Rules:

    Every town idea WILL have to fill out and submit this new application. Towns that were previously approved under the old system will unfortunately have to go through the process again. However these towns can choose to reuse previously made town builds, any created lore/backstory, etc.

    There must be 5-7 people on the town council when the town’s application is sent and throughout the town’s lifetime. If someone must leave the town council, the other members must find a replacement in a timely manner. As noted in the application, the list of town council members CAN be different from the list of people who will help build the town, but the town council members will be responsible for sticking around after the town has opened and attending to its daily responsibilities. The founder or person in charge of the project is considered the Project Lead, but there is NO Mayor position, all council members have equal say in things.

    Players can only be on 2 councils at any time and must wait 1 year before joining another council if they leave their current council.

    The town should have around 100 plots, with only a very small deviation from that (e.g. 95-105-ish). The maximum plot size will be 30 x 30 with a maximum vertical space of 128 blocks. We won’t be instigating a strict minimum plot size, but towns should be reasonable here. To give this some perspective, server apartments will be a minimum size of 5 x 5 x 5 and if your town’s plot sizes aren’t more attractive than simply buying a server apartment, it likely won’t be successful (“why should I buy this plot when it’s smaller than an apartment??”). Furthermore, towns cannot have any apartments, it must all be plots.

    There will be no maximum or minimum size that a town must physically be, but the town should not have blatantly unused space within its borders (e.g. land that has not been touched AT ALL). When submitting coordinates for your town region, it will be far easier to expand the region when you KNOW you need more space, rather than to claim more land than you ended up needing.

    Finished town builds submitted on the town application should be, as the name suggests, FINISHED. These should NOT be concept builds! These builds will be copied as is and pasted right onto the Mainworld map. A few tweaks will be allowed, but the town idea that was pitched should be strikingly similar to the finished product. Experimenting with build styles and block palettes should happen way before a town application is submitted. Adding or editing builds during the review process without direction from the Towns Committee or your mod mentor is not allowed.

    The town council must create a backstory or lore for the town. Length will be completely up to the council, but this will be a great opportunity to get players excited about your prospective town and give it some life in the world of Nerdcrafteria. The backstory can be in the form of a narrative, a factual excerpt, etc. You have the liberty to be as Creative here as you want! Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling will be expected however.

    The initial 2 letter warp to the town (/warp nv, /warp ef, etc) will be provided free of charge. Further warps will have to be purchased by the town council or by donated funds.

    Once approved to start fundraising, a town idea will have 2 months to get the funds it needs. Towns will need 500,000 credits/llamas per idea. Players can support max of 25,000 credits to a single town idea with no minimum amount and no restriction on the number of ideas they can support.

    Once reaching its fundraising goal and the land has been regioned, a town will have 12 weeks to finish building and open to the public.

    Town construction will occur in a similar manner as to how Hogwarts was decorated:

    The town’s mod mentor(s) will manually grant Creative mode to town builders whether they’re officially on the committee or just associated workers. Therefore, you must schedule building time with your mentor(s). Additionally, a person’s inventory must be completely empty before and after working on the town in Creative mode. Persons attempting to abuse this will be met with very harsh punishments (likely a permanent ban from the server) and they also risk jeopardizing the staff approval of the town getting revoked.

    Builders can elect to work on the town in Survival mode using their own materials if desired. Scheduling time with your mentor will not be necessary if you are building in Survival mode. Builders can also request that their mentor use WorldEdit to shift things around.

    Schematics will generally NOT be imported onto the server. IF done so, it will be done at the discretion of the Head Administrator and Town Committee, and there MUST be a substantial reason to do so.

    Town Council Responsibilities and Powers:

    1) The town council will have the power to create their town’s plots to their own vision and specifications. However, we expect this to be done so within reason. For example, there should not be any unnecessarily odd shaped plots. Try to avoid polygon shaped plots.

    2) The council will be able to set the prices of plots within their town. Again, within reason. Plots should not be priced exorbitantly and arbitrarily. (Note: The money from plot sales goes directly to the server, it does not go to any members of the town councils or staff members.)

    3) Councils will create and maintain the Wiki entry for their town and will notify their mentor when something needs to be added, changed, or updated.

    4) The council will attend to their town’s Google sheet and make sure that ownerships of plots are kept up to date and that town residents with valid AFK forms are noted. They will also notify their mentor when reclaims need to be done.

    5) The council will also have the power to advertise when some plots have become available for purchase or advertise for their town in general.

    6) The mod mentor will region the major town builds and add the council members to said regions so that seasonal décor or updates can be made at any time. Requests to change minor town builds can be made through the town mentor.

    7) Finally, the council will be able to propose and add new town builds.

    Town Failure
    Town failure can happen a number of ways, assuming it is not during the application project and initially rejected:
    1. The town fails to be built and opened (e.g. FINISHED) within 3 months of getting building approval.

    2. The town fails to have more than 50% of its total plots occupied for a time span of 4 months.

    3. The town council becomes extremely inactive and fails to find new members that will be more active, OR the council fails to uphold their responsibilities.
    In the event of a town failure, the Staff Town Committee will vote on what to do with the town: either shut it down and restore the land to its original state if the town has just been woefully unpopular, or if relatively successful but just suffering from an inactive council, convert the town to a staff town (in which case a mayor will be chosen from amongst the committee). The Town Committee will not make a decisions such as these lightly and mod mentors will be instructed to make as much effort to keep control of these player towns in player’s hands. They will be there to assist in finding new council members if necessary and perhaps give small prodding reminders to the council.

    If a town application is rejected at any point in the process before being fully built and opened, the idea is blacklisted for 6 months and the persons who participated in the team that submitted the idea must wait that long before resubmitting or joining another council.

    Note: The majority of these requirements were first introduced to the player base during the Town Hall meeting on Jan 15th, 2016, a recording of which is provided on this forum thread.
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