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    The Staff of Nerdcrafteria proudly present our final staff-managed town for the map - Scythian Peaks!

    The town is located in the icy region on the Northeast side of the map. The name and architecture is heavily influenced by early Russian and Central Asian cultures fused with some modern steampunk elements. It will be co-mayored by our own @Theo da Kaffei and @flash_fire13! Check out a sneak peek of the town's fantastic lore.


    Long ago the village of Ryba sent out a team of brave explorers to roam the Scythian mountain range in search of diamonds and other valuables believed to be hidden amongst the icy peaks.

    The explorers went happily, proud to have been chosen to bring such riches and honour to their humble town. Three months came and went with no word from the group. Six months passed. Seven. Eight. A year.

    The community of Ryba assumed the explorers to be dead, and deemed the mountains of Scythia too dangerous for anyone to approach. Rumors of wild beasts and monsters quickly began to spread.

    Many generations passed. The Ryban explorers became a historical legend. Ryba transformed culturally and technologically becoming the booming fishing port that we know today.

    Eventually a new team of Ryban miners ventured to the mountains, overcame their fears and faced the myths of the dangerous beasts lurking there. They set up a small settlement outside the site of the old mine entrance, naming the settlement after their home city in an attempt to cling onto what little comforts they had out in the seemingly uninhabited wilderness.

    Or so they thought ...


    Plots will be available beginning on June 24th at 4pm EST!

    There will be two main types available - modern-style cave plots and traditional village plots.


    We look forward to celebrating with you guys soon!

    -The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Kelsey, Jun 9, 2017.

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