Town idea "Withywindle Valley"

Discussion in 'Worlds Chat' started by M. Peach, Feb 26, 2016.

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    I guess I just want people to know that this idea is here, and still needs help, and not to forget it. You are right about the small pool of individuals who can help, and the particular kind we need right now, if they are involved in one of the other towns wouldn't be free for a very long time if ever. We need council members! They are not just done when the project is built. Actually about now is when it's easiest to get people who just want to build things because all of the big projects in the works are currently done. Actually at this point it's probably real life that interferes more than anything else. This is the long stretch before summer... I will still try to advertise when I can, which isn't a lot since I'm really poor and am just getting back into mine world (like sticking your toes into the cold water) since now I have nice armor (given to me by my secret llama last year), but am still terrified by monsters. The effort might just pay off though. You never know...

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