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By PerfectFlaw on Sep 2, 2017 at 8:32 PM
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    Emerald Falls
    The Ancient Totems have risen!

    What could it mean?

    Once imbued by magic, these Totems of Emerald Falls have appeared in the past to help guard the jungle (and all of its secrets).

    There doesn't seem to be an imminent threat now, so why do they appear?
    Perhaps they sensed a change in the neighboring lands and just want to make sure their sacred jungle is protected.
    Or maybe there are even bigger things happening, hidden in the ley lines.

    Whatever it may be, the Totems are back... and they brought gifts!
    As far as we know from the natives, this is a tradition for them.
    However it is different than before. Their magic seems to be lacking.
    The Totems usually move freely about the jungle - floating around and helping when needed.
    It seems now they are on Sentry duty. Watching specific areas of the land.

    For what? We have yet to find out...
    But we do have this:


    This is an archaeological reconstruction of an ancient artifact produced from scraps of parchment found near the totems.
    It refers to an ancient song of the native people, until now regarded as no more than a children's song:

    We are the Guardian Totems: Nja elm ak-eemai xaeuniemai-xu.
    We shall protect the magic of the jungle: Nja uβ xaeun ak-eshaxei enxi-xu.
    Often unseen, always vigilant: Ilinte enxi, iamte hariem.
    The people of the forest give us strength: Iemai ak-enxi-xu aguβna bouir.
    Together we can preserve the magic of Emerald Falls: Eminai, nja xaeun ak-eshaxei Ijhiemetsu-xu.


    Maybe you can help!

    Since their magic is weakened, the Totems need more protectors of this land.
    They petitioned the council to assist them, and a unanimous decision was reached.

    To recruit more protectors, plot prices have been slashed by 25% - now starting at $13,500ll.


    Additionally, there is a quest!
    Each Totem has a unique gift. If you collect all of them, the natives of Emerald Falls have figured out a way to use what magic they have to manipulate the Totems' gifts into a few select rare emblems of the jungle. The emblems are rare and of limited quantity. Act quickly to get the one you desire!

    Here are the details:
    Five Totems have appeared.
    Find them, and collect the gift they brought.
    Once you have all five gifts, visit the Magical Wares stall near /warp EM to exchange them for an emblem of your choice.

    Emblem options:


    If you find the Jungle as enchanting as we do, please join us as a protector.
    Help preserve what magic is left of this special place, by adding your own to it.

    Any of the Emerald Falls council members are happy to help you find unowned plots - just poke them on Discord/Forums/Mail/Etc.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Sep 2, 2017.

    1. ikilledrobot
      I knew the spirits were trying to tell us something! ;)
      Who will help us protect the magic of the jungle?
    2. Cat0Nine
      Question: Is it one emblem per person?
    3. ikilledrobot
      Thanks for asking, Cat

      And yes please - just one per person at this time.
    4. Xander_Fury
      has anybody actually found all five totems? I found the first four after an hour or so, but number five is freaking invisible! I've flown and walked over every square inch of EM a dozen times over the last couple days. somebody did one heck of a hiding job.
    5. Cat0Nine
      Yus, I found all five. I did get a hint for the one I was missing. There is a hint in the first post.Read it carefully ;)
    6. Xander_Fury
      Well that was just awesome! Talk about a crash course in the secrets of EM, exhaustively beating the bushes in search of something leads you to a wealth of other hidden treasures! I found a ufo crashed in a tree, a mountain climbers cave lurking behind a waterfall, and a masterfully obscured "Anvil of Hope". None of which I probably would have ever seen if I hadn't been peeking into nooks and crannys and holes in the ground.

      A most excellent quest EM council type people! thank you for the adventure! :D
    7. ikilledrobot
      Yay! Thank you Xander! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

      There are still more secrets too, if you ever want to explore more ;)
    8. Lawyerdam
      I need some MAJOR help, I have lime, yellow, and blue, but even after hours of looking, the last 2 are just lost on me!!
    9. ikilledrobot
      Hmm. Maybe the Spirits will whisper to you... ;)

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