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By flash_fire13 on Jun 9, 2017 at 8:53 AM
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    For those of us in the Northern side of the globe, it's finally summer! The sun is shining, the trees are green and the air has started to smell of BBQs and cut grass.

    And when it's summer.. it can mean only one thing CARNIVAL!!

    Now is the time to start planning. As with last year, everyone at staff would also love to join the players in creating an event to remember. So.. this is a post to recruit you all!

    Here's the details so far:
    • The carnival will last for the first week of July 2nd-10th! Our current projections have us building the majority of it throughout the weekend of July 1st-2nd, with the carnival's grand-opening in the afternoon of July 2nd.. Luckily, we have a bit of wiggle room, since we do have an entire month, so these can change to meet our needs.
    • We will have a channel on the Nerdcrafteria Discord Server to have discussions regarding the roles of certain organizations, planning, and expectations for the carnival.
    • We hope that player organizations, whatever type they may be, or simply new groups of players and friends, will come up with unique, fun events, games, and builds that will add to the fun of the carnival. These could be decorations, they could be games, they could be events... the possibilities are endless and we would love your ideas.
    How can you join us?
    • Single Players or groups (town committees, player organizations, etc.) are welcome to enter builds
    • Message PerfectFlaw or WildWitch12 on the forums if you wish to join. Include the following:
    1. Your Discord username (If you're not on Discord, follow this link )
    2. Organization title (unless you are a single player)
    3. Any members who will contribute to your project
    4. Your build idea! Again, this is anything! Decorations, games, rides! Anything! (Make sure to include if you are planning on handing out prizes and what they are if it is a game)
    • Build your idea in Creative. When finished, please notify Flaw or Witch. We will review and suggest edits for your build. Once it is fully approved, it will be copied and pasted into the carnival area during building. That means that you don't have to gather materials! How easy is that? :D All builds must be completed by June 28th.
    • We will talk in Discord about specifics of running games and expectations during the carnival.
    So... get brainstorming! This is a great way to show the server what you do, and what you're made of, all while having a lot of fun! If you want to help but don't feel like you can do it alone or have no idea where to start, send Flaw or Witch a message and get a dialogue going!

    NOTE: The representative who messages Flaw or Witch will be the representative throughout all of the planning. They will be expected to actively contribute to the conversation, relay information to all build members, and represent the views of all people within the group. Please keep this in mind! We'd appreciate if all interested groups could message within a week, though we won't turn people away if they come a bit later.

    We think that this is going to be an awesome opportunity for the server, staff and players alike, to come together and have a super fun summer extravaganza. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below and we will do our absolute best to answer them!

    Here's some common questions from last year:

    1. Can I build for the carnival without being a part of a player organization?
    If you are not sure, you may want to re-read this post. :p

    2. Can I get my town council to join as a player organization that can make something for the carnival to garner up support for our town? ;)
    Of course! This is a great way to build a fun activity for players to do while also subtly spreading word of your idea or town!

    The Nerdcrafteria Staff Events Committee

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by flash_fire13, Jun 9, 2017.

    1. QuestionTues_FTW
      If the carnival is a whole month, shouldn't it last the whole month? :thinking:
    2. flash_fire13
      No. The sentence is saying that "Because it is a month, the carnival will only be lasting the first week and NOT the whole month." But I will edit it for clarity.
    3. Tzaphqiel
      If we were to make a simple redstone-type game or stall (after verification that it doesn't violate server rules, of course) that didn't need supervision to be run, would that be possible?
      Also, in slight relation to that, would not having a Discord account completely disqualify someone from making a stall/submission?
    4. verykirsten
      I think it would depend on the nature of the redstone. If you could build it in Creative and then contact Witch and Flaw to give it a look over, we can look into your idea~

      As of right now, we haven't set up the discord channel for carnival things. I don't think not having a discord will disqualify you from helping, necessarily, but it will certainly be helpful when it comes to organizing the carnival. It shouldn't be too much trouble to set up if you don't mind getting an account~ (And you'll get to see all the discord shenanigans!)
    5. verykirsten
      A head's up friends, Flash is currently focusing on other projects, so if you're interested in contributing to carnival things, make sure you contact Perfectflaw and WildWitch12~

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