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By verykirsten on Apr 14, 2017 at 2:42 AM
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    ~Happy spring everyone!~

    I know we're all hyped for the opening of Viridian Isles, but we've also got our Spring Event starting today!​


    In celebration of spring, it seems 8 magical fairies have appeared across Nerdcrafteria, and together they've built a quest just for all of you!

    Think you have what it takes to find all the fairies and snag the prize? Here's what you need to know…​

    • The quest starts with Navi in Hub. You can't miss her!​
    • There are fairies in every world, and each fairy will give a quest book that will lead to the next one.​
    • Each quest book will also have a riddle you will need to solve to get the next book, as well as a code letter.​
    • Some of the answers to the riddles are passwords, and sometimes you'll need an item. Which the solution is will be clear once you have found the fairy.​
    • While it is possible to find the fairies before getting their clue, the final code is random, so you will need to do the quest in order to make sure the code is correct if you want the prize. (Because you can't exactly bring the quest books across worlds, we highly recommend writing these letters down somewhere!)​
    • Once you have found all the letters, you'll be directed to modreq for your prize~​
    Something else that should be noted: giving out solutions to the riddles or the code letters (and their order!) will disqualify you from the event. Please do not do this even as a joke - what may have been easy for you to figure out may not be so for someone else, and joking about the answers or intentionally giving out the wrong ones can make a fun event very frustrating.

    The quest starts today, April 15th, and will last a week, ending on April 21st. We hope you guys enjoy, and that it doesn't distract you VIPs too much from building on your shiny new plots...​
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by verykirsten, Apr 14, 2017.

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