Server Event The Dragons are Approaching! (Drakerberg Player Town Event)

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    The Dragons are Approaching!
    Events and Town Update

    Greetings from the Northern Seas! As the funding for Drakerberg moves closer towards our goal, the Council of Drakerberg has prepared some Dragon-themed festivities for you to enjoy. So keep reading for news and may your wings always fly full!

    Fly With the Dragons! (Saturday, October 14)

    Have you ever wanted to fly with your dragons? Love soaring through the skies as you race towards your goal? Does your desire for llamas match a dragon’s desire for gold? Then this is the event for you! On Saturday, October 14, we will be hosting several Elytra races on our very own Creative plots.

    Elytra races around the Archipelago
    Saturday, October 14, 2017 4:30pm EDT and 8:30 EDT
    Creative Server /warp drakerberg
    Either reply to this post or contact a Drakerberg Council member in-game or on Discord!
    This is in Creative, so you only need to bring yourself!
    1st place: 5000ll and an Elytra
    2nd place: 2000ll
    3rd place: 1000ll

    *Sign-ups will be available up to 15 minutes before the first event.*

    *Fireworks are forbidden.*

    The course layout and teams will be given upon arrival for your meet, but feel free to stick around after to explore the islands and fly the skies!

    How to Build Your Dragon! (October 14-November 12)

    As any good Viking knows, “A Viking is only as good as their Dragon”. So here’s a chance to build your own and have it featured on the island! Starting the same day as the Elytra Races, the Drakerberg Council will be accepting submissions of your best dragons! Simply build your ideal dragon on your Creative server plot, or the plot of your Dragon Wingmate, and send us a picture of your build and a server coordinates where we can find your creation. Builds cannot exceed a 20x20x20 cube. A post will be going up once the competition begins to accept your submissions, so keep an eye out for that! All winning builds will receive a cash prize and will have their dragons featured in the Archipelago! Results will be announced on Nov 19th, one week after submissions close.

    1st place: 5000ll and a Dragon Head
    2nd place: 2000ll
    3rd place: 1000ll

    A Viking’s Hoard!

    We’re still looking for funding to bring our town to life, and we need every Viking’s help! Search your hearts, and your dragon’s hoard of riches, and donate up to 35,000 ll towards Nerdcrafteria’s newest player town, DRAKERBERG! You can use the link below to donate until the full goal has been reached. And feel free to check on our progress!

    A Viking’s Job Is Never Done

    We hope that these events have piqued your interest and you find yourself looking forward to Drakerberg’s launch as much as we are. But even after fundraising, the job is just getting started! If you find yourself wanting to do more than just donate, then feel free to check out our info center at /mine or contact one of the Drakerberg Council Members to get involved on the build team! We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Ellifaey, Oct 6, 2017.

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