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By Elenna84 on Oct 8, 2017 at 2:07 PM
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    Time flies! 3 months has flown by and you may have noticed you can no longer access survival. That can only mean one thing - it's time for another survival reset!

    Excitingly, the nerdcrafteria medical teams are well on their way to curing all of the diseases in survival world (phew! Those illnesses had us worried..).
    In fact we're, proud to announce that we've made a new disease free space for you!

    Next time you log into survival, you'll wake up in The Safe Zone


    It's not very big at the moment, but as the season goes on, the quarantine will be slowly lifted so that your survival world will get larger and larger.
    By the end of the season, you'll have thousands of blocks of disease free space to enjoy. For now, we ask you to be patient and to work together to enjoy the small safe space that you have access to right now.
    [Remember you can lock your chests with /lock , the Code of Conduct still applies and griefing/theft is strictly forbidden]

    To celebrate our new disease free world, we also have a challenge for you to complete:
    We want you to work together as a team to collect every single block, then place it in block museum.
    Of course, you might have to wait a while for new biomes to make it into the safe zone - but we know you can do it! If you collect every block, expect amazing prizes. More details to come in comments.

    We'll also do everything in our power to help you adjust to life in an expanding mineworld. Our scouts about life outside the barrier will send regular diary entries on exciting things that will soon be uncovered as the world expands. Check this post comments for regular updates and there's lots of survival chat on the Public1 server discord.

    The Nerdcrafteria Medical Team

    PS Skyblock reset is coming on Nov 5th. Take screenshots now!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Elenna84, Oct 8, 2017.

    1. Dr. Parnassus
      Dr. Parnassus
      Every single block? As in one of every type of block or literally every single block we see?
    2. ikilledrobot
    3. Elenna84
      One of each type :D Every single block would be an interesting mineworld experience! (maybe a future season!)

      For exactly which blocks, you'll have to wait and see. In fact you may have to wait a few days to be even able to access the Challenge Hall - there's a nasty case of typhoid that refuses to be cured there, so it's *just* outside the safe zone for now. You might even be able to see it in the distance when the world opens.
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    4. Blazesong
      hmm sounds interesting
    5. Ellifaey
      I'm curious.

      How far did the first few hours get you? What personal "firsts" did you get so far? Anything you have seen in the distance you hope to reach soon?
    6. Ellifaey
      They really want to get out of there! XD


      Also: Remember to light up your roofs!!

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    7. Blazesong
      could i recomend people put two fences around sheep ,the wild wolves keep geting to them
    8. Elenna84
      The challenge hall is nearly open and Puffinlord has kindly put the first blocks in place!
    9. Elenna84
      Medical Team Update:

      We have now finished making the nearby area safe. We hope you enjoy the challenge hall! Looking ahead, you have some exciting things coming up soon - see our field map below with your safe zone as the current red box. Is that a mega taiga I see?!

      ScSh 2017-10-12 at 21.10.18.png

      Also, our southern team keep coming back with sunburn. Guess it must be hot down there!

      DFTBA and stay safe!
      The Nerdcrafteria Medical Team
    10. Miki
      Is it okay to share where we find new biomes on here?
    11. Elenna84
      Absolutely :)
    12. Miki
      I found a Mega Tiaga in the North east corner. There's a completely gorgeous Mountainous Savannah around -1903, 33. Just beyond the border around there is a dessert.
    13. Elenna84
      Has anyone made a map of survival yet? It would be awesome to see it.
    14. Miki
      I've been working on a small map around the area I set up for my home. nothing quite as big as the whole world though.
    15. Elenna84
      Hi everyone!

      How are you finding this survival world? Would you like more time or are you ready for reset?

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