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By Kelsey on Aug 22, 2017 at 10:27 PM
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    Have you ever wanted to build something, but didn't quite know how to start? OR are you a good builder that's always wanted to way to help others?

    Introducing the Nerdcrafteria Builder's Guild!

    Thanks to the collaborative efforts of @Pagophilus and our staff - we have created an organization that aims to help everyone have the plot or build of their dreams. Pago will be joined by @TurnDownTheAC and @SquiggleTag as our inaugural members.

    What is the Builder’s Guild?

    The Builder’s Guild is a collaborative player-staff organization made up of talented, passionate builders in Nerdcrafteria. The Guild’s main goal is to provide build assistance and materials to those who need it.

    I am a builder who likes to help others - how do I join?

    There will be two ways in which a person can be accepted as a Builder’s Guild member. The first will be a nomination of someone within the Guild. The second method will be an application found here on the forums. Once someone is nominated or has applied, the Guild will take a week to make their decision. If you apply and do not hear anything back after a week, do not be disheartened! You may re-apply after a month waiting period along with new build samples attached to your application.

    I need help - how do I send a request to the Guild?

    Requests can be sent using this form. Once a request is received, a Guild member or members will contact you to schedule time to assist. Depending upon volume of requests and availability of Guild members, a request could take a few weeks for a response.

    If you need materials, the Guild can also help with common materials like wood, stone, clay, glass, quartz, sandstone, and wool. Less common and more valuable items will need to be provided by the requester. Material donations to the Guild will be accepted at /warp guild.

    We're very excited to see what you guys think! Let us know down below. :D

    - The Staff of Nerdcrafteria (and Pagophilus)
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Kelsey, Aug 22, 2017.

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