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By flash_fire13 on Jun 27, 2017 at 6:48 PM
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    *cough* We tried to save it. *cough* We really did! When we installed that new plugin in survival, we thought it would help. At first, all was going well... and then disaster struck!

    There were large barrels... and we open-- oh, it's everywhere now! It's seeping into the server. Why do I feel warm? *cough* And why-- *cough* do I have this -- *cough cough cough* horrible cough?

    If you wish to enter, proceed with caution. Dangers may aw-- oh, good! The hazmat team has arrived.

    Find the book. Stay safe. Stay healthy. You know what they say about an apple a day right? I'm not sure if that's going to work this time around. Just stay alive!

    In the following weeks, we hope that we can get some help before it turns into a worldwide epidemic... that is... if anyone is still alive.

    Screenshot 2017-06-27 06.44.28.png
    Survival world's new season is now open! We hope you enjoy the changes! Look for events to improve your odds of survival in the next few weeks. ;)

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by flash_fire13, Jun 27, 2017.

    1. flash_fire13
      Some pages have been recovered from Dr. D. Seaze's book. If you felt like it was incomplete, feel better now! Here are the missing pages:

      Stay tuned as our hazmat team looks into the situation in survival.
    2. flash_fire13
      The hazmat team has been hard at work cleaning up the... *ahem* accident. So far it hasn't been too bad. While we are striving to ensure your safety, we cannot account for every situation. Please make wise choices while traversing the deadly terrain.

      However, we do have some assistance for you. Medical teams are being assembled and prepped for dispatch around the world. To make their move into the area easier, we need your help! There are 3 types of teams with 3 different sizes of hospitals. Each team can perform a certain task. The larger the team the greater the task and cost for the team to operate.

      How can you help? I'm glad you asked! Below are listed amounts of resources you need to gather in order to make it possible for the team to set up.

      This medical team can keep an area quarantined from diseases. If you are in the hospital, you will be immune to all effects of terrain and assault from the environment.

      If you wish to have this team arrive, you will need to collect the following:
      1 Stack of Ice
      1 Stack of Packed Ice
      1 Stack of Bandages
      1 Stack of Splints
      1 of Each Cure (Shears for the Arrow Wound; not including the bandages and splints)
      1 Soothing Potion
      1 Stack of Glass Bottles
      1 Stack of Syringes

      This medical team has the ability to heal your wounds. Due to the small size of the team, though, it will take some time. Stand in the hospital and the team will come to your aid. When they are finished, you will be notified.

      If you wish to have this team arrive, you will need to collect the following:
      3 of each required item listed above

      This medical team has the ability to cure you instantly! Walk into the hospital and they will heal you in the blink of an eye.

      If you wish to have this team arrive, you will need to collect the following:
      5 of each required item listed above

      We do have a few doctors on hand that we can also lift to the area. They have the ability to cure you instantly. If a medical team seems too costly, we can send a singular doctor. They do, however, come with a cost. Doctors have to make a living.

      In order to employ a doctor, gather either 2 stacks of diamonds or 32 blocks of gold. (Told you they were expensive)

      Gather all items in a chest or chests and place them where you want the hospital to go. When you have done this, please PM our lead hazmat technician flash_fire13 with the coordinates of the chest. He will mobilize the doctor or team within 24 hours and get a hospital set up.

      We know it's not much. But we hope it helps until we can find a permanent solution.
    3. Ellenistic
      That's going to be tricky considering how hard packed ice is to come by. Has anyone even seen an ice spikes biome?
    4. Ellenistic
      Sorry, rude internet. Duplicate post.
    5. flash_fire13
      Guess you'll have to explore. :D
    6. TilDeathDoUsArt
      Can anyone tell me where I can find a new diseases book?

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