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    Happy Holidays, Nerdcrafters!


    Once again, we approach this magical time of year. Secret Llama is underway and Mineworld is riddled with chests and builds of all shapes and sizes.

    Don't worry, though, there is still another magical event going to happen!

    That's right! This spectacular event will be happening on December 22nd @ 8:00pm EST. And this year you will have /4/ teams to choose from:




    The winners will receive a snowball and $5,000 llamas!
    The losers will receive a commemorative snowball!

    You can sign up using this form . All submissions must be in by December 21st, 11:55 EST. Pick your team. Decide on a winner! :D

    The tournament will happen in 5 parts:

    1. 2 teams will play each other.
    2. The other 2 teams will play each other.
    3. Losing 2 teams play.
    4. Winning 2 teams play.
    5. Team brawl: 2 teams vs. 2 teams

    So, to recap:
    What: Snowbrawl
    When: December 22 @ 8:00 EST
    Why: Um, duh! It's fun!
    How: Sign up and pick a team!
    Where: Mainworld in a specially built arena

    Win $5,000 llamas and a snowball!

    The arena will be pasted in soon with a warp. A followup announcement will be made for the teams and practice rounds can be held. Watch out for future news!

    Good luck! See you in the arena!

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by flash_fire13, Dec 12, 2016.

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