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    The FTB Server is: OPEN

    Our attempt to upgrade to 1.10 obviously had not been working out well. Far too many users haven't been able to access it at all, let alone reliably. So we've decided to dig out the time machine and head back to the 1.7.10s! Now we have refined the 1.7.10 pack and it should be better than ever.

    Why did you upgrade in the first place?
    The short answer is - a few of the backend plugins we use to manage the servers were no longer going to support 1.7 (Can't imagine why, it's oooonly 4 years old). As well many mod makers had moved on from 1.7 and were also no longer updating their old content.

    So what does downdating mean?
    Other than a word we made up to be the opposite of updating; it means a few things are going to have to be done far more manually.
    Buycraft: We will no longer be able to have packages redeem immediately upon purchase. What will happen instead is once you purchase your package either let a mod who is currently on the server know, or PM one of us on Discord. If no one is available right away, leave the coords for where you'd like it left. EDIT: This is almost at the point where it is automated but not yet, stay tuned for info.
    Accessing the server: This unfortunately will also be more complicated, in order to make sure everyone has equal access. We will be attempting to streamline this in the future, but for now detailed guidelines are in the how to join thread.

    Here is a link to the twitch instance you need to import in order to access the server.

    If it's old, is it still awesome?
    Ooooh buddy is it ever. Not all mod makers made the jump to 1.10, so there's actually a few new ones that you probably haven't seen before!

    PLEASE make sure to read the suggestions, guidelines, and rules threads - there is important info there!
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