Random bit of a metal song I've been writing

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    I am no musician by any stretch of the imagination, but I do sometimes write lyrics when boredom strikes. I have been working on this song for a few months now, here and their for an imagined metal band. It's kind of like doom metal...sort of. This it so far:

    Aftermath’s Champions

    The road ends on the path of plight
    Billions had lived
    through spirits that died

    You agree, all without a single reason

    [Short Synth Instrumental]

    We are not the killers of your parasitic legion
    but you will die under fate’s crushing reason

    time shifts to conclude all your mortal treason
    destiny pangs for the birth of our everlasting season

    Reject the death, turmoil, and corruption
    Forgo the prophetic logic seeding your destruction

    [Short Synth Instrumental]

    [Whisper Section]
    Do you not understand?
    Do you not see fate?
    [End Whisper Section]

    Too Late!

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