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    Hello all,

    The staff and I have worked on this the last few months over Discord meetings, Google Docs, and marathon-long forum posts to hammer out the details and solve issues we’ve seen you guys run into over the last year or so. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me. All of it will end up in the Wiki and the Player Town section of the forums for easier reference moving forward.

    There have been some changes and clarifications to the life cycle of Player Towns. If you are part of a Town Council or are planning on submitting at some point, please read carefully. Sections are broken up into the following 4 stages below.

    1. Pre-Approval Stage
    During this stage, the council structure is forming, ideas are being generated, and concepts builds are made.

    Once solid progress is made on the concept, the town council will pitch the idea to their desired mod mentor. If the potential mentor believes in the idea and the team behind it, they will accept the pitch; if they do not, they will turn it down, and the council should either choose another potential mentor to pitch to or re-work their idea. Once the mentor accepts the pitch, they are then tied to the project. They can advise in the application and planning process, or even help build if they so choose. This process is to ensure that both the mentor and the council are happily invested in the concept and each other, and mentors can give more immediate help to pre-approved towns just starting. Once the mentor is on board, the builds are finalized for the Towns Committee to look over, and the lore is written, the Player Town application can be submitted.

    If there are some minor issues with an application, the Committee may ask a town to re-submit their application in another 3 weeks in order to fix it. An application that that is rejected outright will not be able to re-submit for 6 months.

    2. Funding Stage
    During this stage, the council is raising money through creative advertising and events.

    The council and mentor will be added to the Player Town Discord where the council will be able to call upon staff and existing Player Town councils for advice.

    The council will be required to raise 1 million llamas in 8 weeks through advertising and events. The maximum and individual player may contribute to a town is 35,000 llamas. Mentors are able to assist with managing and planning events, and can participate along with the rest of the council. However, the mentor cannot advertise for the town in their staff capacity - this must be handled by the player council.

    3. Building Stage
    During this stage, the town gets built and decorated and ready for opening.

    The council has 12 weeks to build the town. The mentor’s chief responsibilities will be to help draw out tasks and benchmarks to get the town fully completed per the Towns Committee recommendations. Mentors can also assist with building, and they can use WorldEdit for small adjustments and large builds schematics. However, the council should not depend on the use of WorldEdit entirely, and the number of schematics brought over from the concept builds in Creative will still be limited to 5.

    4. Post-Building Stage

    Once the town has been built, the council is responsible for any renovations, modifications, decorations, or anything of that nature. Mentors will be able to assist with the creative aspect if they like, but this is not required. Mentors are responsible for reclaims, which includes checking /seens, filling out the necessary documentation, and generally ensuring that reclaims are done on a regular basis.

    After the town is completed, the council may be expected to propose a list of at least 3 events to their mentor to generate or maintain interest in the town. In addition, it is requested that they design their town’s vanity tag, which will be cycled into the voteshop; the council will be granted permissions for this tag for free. The council will also get a new creative plot, under the name and management of the mod mentor.

    The council will also be granted access to WorldEdit on their personal creative plots once the town has been built. This will be managed by the mod mentor, and the mentor will teach the council how to use it. Please keep in mind that WorldEdit permissions are dependent on the council member not abusing them. It should not be used for any official server competitions. Should staff discover any council member abusing this tool, their WorldEdit permissions will be revoked.

    Council Member Activity

    Player Councils will now only be required to have 3 members minimum, 7 maximum - provided they are all active, as deemed by the Mentor.

    A council member is considered “inactive” when they are no longer meaningfully contributing to the town concept in some way. Activity can be difficult to define, but generating ideas and discussion in council chats can be just as valuable to the town as building and decorating. What is considered active and inactive for that particular council is up to the mentor’s discretion.

    Council members are also expected to be relatively active as players. A council member who is AFK server-wise without notice long enough to have their plots reclaimed (21 days) but is for some reason still active in their council chat is likely going to have a discussion about their council status with their mentor.

    Should a council member become inactive, the following process will be followed:
    1. The mentor will reach out to the inactive council member via PM. At this point, it is not necessary for the mentor to involve the council as a whole.
    2. If the inactive council member does not respond after 7 days, or increase their council activity in this time frame, the council will be notified, and a discussion held regarding whether the inactive member should be removed or contacted again.
    3. If the council chooses to reach out to the inactive member again, they are considered to be on a final notice. If the council member does not respond after 2-4 weeks after this final contact (thus making the total inactive time 6-8 weeks), the mod mentor has the option to remove the council member, regardless of the council’s wishes.
    Additionally, an application process will be created for players wishing to be considered for councils to apply. The mentors will notify their councils of new applications if they are looking for new members to consider and the council will contact candidates they wish to add to their councils.

    Leaving Town Councils

    Previously, if council members decided to leave a council (remember, they can be on up to 2 councils at a time), they were blacklisted from joining a new one for up to a year. This has now changed to 6 months instead.

    Tips on Assembling Your Team

    Several players have reached out to us regarding Council dynamics and various struggles some teams have had. While the Staff and I don't want to get into specific rules on how to run your own councils and build groups, we do have some guidelines that we believe will help your team run smoothly and work at its maximum potential.

    Explore all your options for how you want to organize the council. Many are tempted to go with a one leader structure, however if you talk it out from the beginning, there are many way you can democratize your team a little bit and not put so much pressure on one person to lead. You can have co-leaders. You can put voting guidelines in place. You can delegate certain decision types to certain Council Members. We encourage you guys to not have your towns live and die by one individual. This is a tough process and you all need each other.

    Valuing Builders
    Since you have a maximum of 7 members on your council, many will inevitably get more people wanting to help than that. It is the responsibility of the council to treat those that want to volunteer to help as part of the team. During Pre-Approval process and the final Building Stage, they can be valuable assets to your team and can even help improve your concept in the later stages.

    This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
    Once the final town is complete, your work is not over. You guys will be expected to nurture your town and continue make it a fun and inviting place for everyone on the server. Find people who are just as passionate about taking care of the town as they are about building it.

    Staff Town Committee Rubric

    In order to provide you guys with more transparency into the selection process, the Committee of Staff members that decides to approve new town applications is giving you guys access to the rubric they use. The Committee of five (occasionally rotating) members looks at these 3 things when deciding on potential new towns.

    (Does it feel different enough from other towns? Both current and former)
    Viability (Do you think it will have success as an actual player town? If not, why?)
    Aesthetic (Are the builds attractive? Well made? Do they complement the town theme?)


    I'm sure you all have questions. Feel free to ask below. We will be updating the Wiki and miscellaneous documentation very soon. Existing councils will get additional assistance in the Player Town Discord if needed and we ask for patience as we coordinate getting everyone's permissions sorted out as well.

    Thank you,
    The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
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