Server Event Map Anniversary Build Contest Winners!

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    We are very proud to announce the winners of our Skyblock and Mainworld build contests. Thank you all for your submissions~

    Skyblock Build Contest
    This was a very, very close, and we were blown away by the quality of the entries. Our winners put hours of work into their builds that beautifully reflected the nature of NC's towns. You can also warp to the winner's islands to take a look yourselves :)

    In third place, we present aquaarmor23!!
    -who wins a basket of impossible-to-get Skyblock blocks! Aquaarmor's Emerald Falls themed build contained an awesome (and hilarious) maze which we loved exploring. Judges' comments:

    "Super cute and creative!"
    "A+ use of humorous signs and a very fun and engaging build"
    "Made me laugh out loud"
    "The maze idea is pretty original and the signs are cute"
    Here's some screenshots for you all:

    In second place, we present Gloindin and Tomsk31!!
    -who win a large basket of impossible-to-get blocks! Their Thistledown themed island was large and beautiful, and definitely captured some of that Thistledown magic! Judges' comments:

    "Lovely build of an extremely grand scale"
    "Really impressive tree, super pretty"
    "Soo much work must have gone into this"
    "This little mini TD was really well done. I love how they had an example of all three plot types"
    "The build looks amazing, and it was really close for me."
    Some screenshots below:

    And our overall winner is....... Darcera!!

    -who wins a giant basket of impossible-to-get blocks plus an exclusive vanity tag! The scale and detail in this island was incredible - it felt like being inside Emerald Falls! Judges' comments:

    "Incredible, their entire island is just so amazing"
    "I'd believe it could be a section cut out from EM and pasted into the world."
    "Amazing rebuild of the docks and temple"
    "Darcera's attention to detail was stunning and warmed my little EM heart. <3"
    "It's nicely done and has a variety of builds."

    Some screenshots of her breathtaking entry:

    Nerdtropolis (Historic District) Build Contest

    Two players submitted entries for the Nerdtropolis build contest:


    We loved Pago's varied buildings that cutely captured the essence of so many old map towns. We also loved Cat's idea of making a museum for the different towns so that new players can learn more about the old map. In fact, we loved both ideas so much that we award both entries joint first place!

    When we bring the builds into Main, we would like to merge the two ideas - we believe that Cat's museum furnishings and gardens would work well inside Pago's build :)

    Here's some screenshots of their entries:

    We hope you enjoyed the map anniversary, everyone!

    -The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Elenna84, Apr 19, 2017.

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