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    Time sure flies, doesn’t it, friends? Seems like just yesterday we cut the ribbon on this shiny map of ours, but it’s already been a year! And on this momentous occasion, we’d like to celebrate by reflecting on our memories of the old map, and the new experiences we’ve had in the new.

    We’re so hyped, we’ve got three special events going!

    1. Nerdtropolis (Historic District) Build Contest

    Want to be the architect of an official town build? Now’s your chance! We’ve got an empty space in the Historic District of Nerdtropolis we’d like to fill, and we’d love to see YOUR build take that spot!

    The space is 50x30, and is located on the outer edge of Nerdtropolis’s Historic District. The purpur blocks pictured here are on the outside edges of the contest space strictly so you can get a visual, and are not included in the build space.


    Given that this is in the Historic District, we’d like it if the build focused on the old map. New to the server? You can download the old map here and poke around for inspiration :)

    The third place winner will receive a 1,000 llama prize, second place a 3,000 llama prize, and first place will receive 5,000 llamas and their build placed in Nerdtropolis!

    This contest will be running until March 31, 11:55pm EST (entry form coming soon).

    2. Skyblock Build Contest

    This contest will show our current towns some love! You may choose to focus on one town in particular, or draw inspiration from multiple towns.

    No, don’t panic - your submission does not have to be your entire island. However, please make it clear which part(s) of your island you would like to have judged. You may work in groups of up to 3 people, but each person may only be attached to one island submission.

    Get creative! Skyblock has limited resources, but that’s part of the challenge!

    As with the Nerdtropolis build contest, there will be first, second, and third place winners. Winners will receive a valuable chest of resources to assist them for the remainder of the Skyblock season. In addition, the first place winner(s) will receive an exclusive vanity tag.

    The deadline for this build contest is also March 31, 11:55pm EST (entry form coming soon).

    3. The Great Chest Hunt

    Are y’all ready to go exploring?

    We’ve hidden no less than 16 chests around our new map, one for each of our old towns (and Hogwarts). Those towns are:

    Blackguard Bay
    Cactus Gulch
    Green Hills
    Lighthouse Point
    Lost City
    Old Nerdcrafteria
    Otoh Gunga

    Don’t worry about trying to find them tucked away in sneaky nooks and crannies - we know that’s a lot to hunt for, so we didn’t hide them too well, if you catch our drift. Each chest will have its respective town banner (as well as a helpful sign for those new players who wouldn’t recognize them!) so they should be relatively easy to spot. Once you find a chest, send a /modreq, and you will be awarded your prize! Please also make sure to stick around the prize chest until your modreq is handled, and to have enough space in your inventory - each prize chest will have 5 items that follow that town’s theme.

    Chests will not be found in any towns - you will need to explore the lovely wilderness!

    For ambitious players who find all the town chests, you will also be awarded a special item~

    This should go without saying, but giving out the coordinates for the chests is against the rules and will result in you being disqualified from the hunt. Do not give hints about where chests may be - that would be very unawesome and it spoils the fun.

    That being said, you can keep an eye on our Twitter and Tumblr throughout the event, as we may be posting some helpful hints now and then…

    The Great Chest Hunt will end on March 9th.

    Happy map anniversary everyone! Hope you all enjoy the festivities~

    -The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by verykirsten, Mar 4, 2017.

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