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    As you make your way to /warp auction, you see the building has changed. Gone are the quartz pillars and bright colours, replaced with dark woods and yellow accents. Each pedestal with a chest is surrounded by nature, arcane tappings, and other fascinating objects. The lights are redstone, mysteriously lit. The air is buzzing with power, and as you wander through the room looking at the chests, you see in the centre as you reach the back of the building, a tavern’s counter. Behind stands a half-elf, their purple eyes looking through you. “Welcome, adventurer!” They call, and a small blue dog behind them barks. “We’re having the RPG Class auction later. In the meantime, can I interest you in something?” They gesture to the signs on either side of the counter. The room slowly fills, voices buzzing around you. Other players, some you know and some who are new gather around, waiting for the event to begin.

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    We're happy to announce the theme and date of the next Staff Acution:


    Feb 25th

    at 5 pm EST
    (one hour later than usual!)

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    General Auction Info:
    • The auction house will be moved to our main server soon. /warp auction will lead you there once the chests and decorations are set up.

    • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will make it clear who you should message. Bids made in public chat will not be counted, and could put you at risk of receiving a mute.

    • Starting Prices will be 1000 ll for each chests. Bids must increase by 250 llamas per bid, with the increment growing to 1000 llamas per bid once we reach 40k. Please ensure you have the money you are bidding in your account at the time - if you can’t pay after winning, your chest will be sold to the next highest bidder.

    • If you plan on bidding as a team, please keep it to 3 players max. Realistically, there is only one special lore item per chest, and there isn’t going to be enough in the chest to split fairly between lots of people.

    • Think of your fellow players too. Don't buy more than 2 chests for yourself please.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Ellifaey, Feb 14, 2017.

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