Filing a Grievance? Read this first!

Discussion in 'Player Grievances' started by Kelsey, Aug 11, 2017.

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    First of all, thanks for feeling comfortable enough to make a report here in the forums for us to take care of something. The most important thing you should be aware of is that any report you make will be reviewed as impartially as possible.

    What this section is for:
    • Issues with a staff member
    • Issues with a staff policy or rule
    • An event involving both staff and players
    • An ongoing technical issue that has not been resolved
    What this section is not for:
    • Reporting rule breaking
    • Creating an open floor debate with players on a policy or rule
    • Calling out fellow players
    • Bullying
    • Ban appeals
    Unless otherwise permitted or specifically named in the Grievance, only the person that filed the grievance and Senior Administration may comment on the Grievance in order to facilitate a constructive and succinct dialogue.

    When filing, please include as much information as you possibly can that you think might be remotely relevant to the problem at hand.

    Suggested Grievance format:

    1. In-Game Name
    2. When did this problem occur? (time and date)
    3. Other players involved (if applicable)
    4. Description of the problem
    5. Relevant screenshots
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