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    Esther Day 2017!

    On August 25th 2010 Esther Earl,
    a beloved member of the
    nerdfighter community, sadly passed away.

    In her memory we celebrate August 3rd (Esther's Birthday) as Esther Day.
    A day in which we celebrate the types of non-romantic love that often get taken for granted.

    For some this means telling a friend / family member you love them.
    For us here on staff it also means showing you, the player base,
    just how much we appreciate you.

    So in honour of Esther, and in the spirit of Esther Day,
    we would like to show you all our appreciation by announcing the following.

    TSWGO / Esther Day Vanity Tag


    A special vanity tag!
    No need to spend anything on it, this one's on us ;)

    Special Esther Day Server Boon
    A special boon of healing, flight (and other boon goodies),
    will be active on the server for a full 24 hours.

    That's right ... 24 hours!
    (8am EDT August 3rd - 8am EDT August 4th)

    Esther Day Gift Giving Area


    In mineworld there will be a special area set up
    where you can set up chests & signs with
    lots of notes & gifts for your friends.

    We hope you all have a fantastic Esther Day.
    Thank you for making this server the awesome place it is
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by SquiggleTag, Jul 16, 2017.

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