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By Ellifaey on Jun 1, 2017 at 7:17 AM
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    "The next time someone asks you why LGBT Pride marches exist or why [LGBT] Pride Month is June tell them 'A bisexual woman named Brenda Howard thought it should be.'"
    ~Tom Limoncelli

    Hello Nerdcrafteria!

    Today is the start of June, a month also known as Pride Month that has been declared a month of overcoming prejudice and discrimination.

    To celebrate this month on the server we decided to have a bit of fun with some of the colorful pride flags that represent sexual orientations and gender identities.
    So I'm happy to announce a new month long event:

    ture The Pride Flag!

    Throughout this entire month, you will be able to collect 10 different colors of berries to complete pride flag related sets and get prizes. Of course we can't inculde all variations of pride flags in this so we limited it to 6 of the more common ones. We didn't entirely forget other identities though. At /warp prideflags, MOGAI, an active player organisation founded to support acceptance of sexual and gender idendity varieties, and staff members worked together to create a lovely pride viallage that will include a few more flags and an explanation of what they represent.
    Which kinds of colors you need to complete a flag will depend on the flag's colors and will be slightly simplified. That means for example that royal blue, light blue, and cyan will all be represented by blueberries and pinkberries will also be used for magenta. To claim the prize for a set you need to right click the trade siigns at /warp prideflags with the appropriate number and kinds of berries in your inv. Should you be able to complete all 6 sets, you can /modreq to get a special extra prize!

    How to get berries:
    • Hunt monsters:
      Starting today, mobs will drop colored berries. Different mobs drop different kinds of berries with varying probabilities.
    • Get [Color Crate] keys:
      Rainbowberries will be available as a special vote shop offer this month. It also seems like some mobs got their hands on them too. These Rainbowberries will get you 5 random colors of berries if used on the crate in our little pride village.
    • Win them at the staff auction:
      Related to this event there will be a special **PRIDE MONTH THEMED STAFF AUCTION ON JUNE 10TH AT 4PM EDT!**. The chests will be themed around some of the meanings behind the colors of one of the first versions of the LGBT pride flag. You can find more information on auctions in general at the bottom of this post.
    If you pay attention while on the server maybe you will be able to find a few other more secret ways to get berries too.

    What to do and not to do with berries:

    • Share them with friends.
      You are allowed to join your efforts and collect the brries as a team. However, you will have to share the prizes you get. You won't get doubles.
    • Trade them.
      You are allowed to sell them in your shops or trade them directly with other players. The grumpy old man living on the Viridian Isles might be interested too.
    • Use them as a Secret Llama gift.
      With those two event happening parallel to each other, berries, especially rarer ones, might make a great SL gift. Keep an eye on your assigned Llama to see if they are collecting and what they might need.
    • Enhance your hunting experience with Averice's, Ancients' or Warrior's boons.
      While the drops won't get more common with boons or looting swords, you can of course increase your chances to fight more mobs and get more reward by increasing your mobilty, strength and money drops. That way you might even earn some money to bid in the auction.
    • Plant them...
      but don't expect to be able to harvest more berries that way. They will act as normal seeds when planted.
    • Wear them as a hat.
      I... uhm... yes, I guess you could do that too...
    • DON'T try to snatch away item drops from other hunters. That's just forgetting to be awesome.
    • DON'T kill other player's pets in attempts to get berries. It's against the CoC and will get you in trouble.
    • DON'T try to get them from Horses, Llamas, Sheep, cavespiders, or golems. They won't drop berries.
    We hope you'll have fun collecting!

    This event will end with mineworld reset on July 1st.

    General Auction Info:
    • /warp auction will lead you there once the chests and decorations are set up.
    • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will make it clear who you should message. Bids made in public chat will not be counted, and could put you at risk of receiving a mute.
    • Starting Prices will be 1000 ll for each chests. Bids must increase by 250 llamas per bid, with the increment growing to 1000 llamas per bid once we reach 40k. Please ensure you have the money you are bidding in your account at the time - if you can’t pay after winning, your chest will be sold to the next highest bidder.
    • If you plan on bidding as a team, please keep it to 3 players max. Realistically, there is only one special lore item per chest, and there isn’t going to be enough in the chest to split fairly between lots of people.
    • Think of your fellow players too. Don't buy more than 2 chests for yourself please.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Ellifaey, Jun 1, 2017.

    1. Lawyerdam
      I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm ready to grind mobs XD
    2. palinalif
      I see what you did there ;) ;) ;) ;)
    3. Mijna
      I was curious and did some adding and I want to start off with the most impressive number. It will take 1,088 berries to get all 6 flags. There are 10 colors and I will list them and the amount needed for all 6 flags: Red(32), Orange(32), Yellow(32), Green(160), Blue(224), Purple(176), Pink(192), White(144), Gray(48), Black(48).

      Using one day of voting (assuming both sites are working), gets you 5 berries so if you used all 30 days you would get 150 but still need 938. So either grind a ton of monsters or hope you get a bunch in the staff auction, I suppose.
    4. Elysha1995
      I think that you could knock it out over in the month from just mobs alone, yesterday I was on for awhile yes but I wasn't just grinding mobs the whole time and I got 71 berries. I was also exploring setting up shops, I whole heartily believe that its possible to get them all from mobs. Just have to keep at it :)
    5. Mijna
      I must have been doing something wrong yesterday. Over lunch I spent 30 minutes flying around killing overworld mobs and 30 minutes killing guardians at a water temple and don't know that I got but around 15 berries. Gave me the impression of them being super rare.
    6. AnorakTheClever
      Is there a dedicated mob farm somewhere or some better way to corral mobs so that it isnt a battle out in the open?
    7. Banesidhe
      Mob farms aren't allowed on the main server.
    8. Xander_Fury
      I don't know how the loot tables were adjusted, but the looting enchantment seems to be effective. Drazisil and I were killing guardians for about 45 minutes today, we got 2 stacks between us. I also notice guardians dropping 3 berries on two different occasions after both Draz and I had smacked them with our looting 3 swords. I don't know if that's coincidence though. There are also a looot of endermen out at endge town. They seem more plentiful than at the main end island. I got half a stack of berries there in maybe forty minutes work. As of the end of today, June third, I have about 8 stacks of various berries, having focused on mob fighting for a few hours each night since the reset. This is absolutely doable in a months time. probably many times over in fact. And hey if it were too easy it wouldn't be as rewarding!

      I'd also like to say how much I appreciate the allegory, battling the monsters in the name of Pride, That's pretty frikkin awesome :)
    9. Ellifaey
      Quick reminder that the staff auction will happen

      TOMORROW, June 10th
      4pm EDT

      The themes of the chests are now revealed at /warp auction. Each of them is linked to one of the colors of the rainbow flag and is meant to represent the meaning that was chosen for each color on one of the first versions of the flag.

      The chests are:
      Art and Harmony
    10. Ducomors
      Is it possible to make suggestions for the pride flags area? I found the Aro section sadly lacking.
    11. Ellifaey
      Of course you can make suggestions! If you find me online I can arrange that you can add to the area in creative and I will transfer it. Maybe after the auction later today?

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