Unresolved Bug Report - by Psykenthrope

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    Bug Report - Psykenthrope

    In-Game Username: Psykenthrope

    Date of Glitch: 12:10 GMT. August 9th 2018

    Location of Glitch/Bug:

    the end portal. -1953, -429

    Nature of Glitch:

    Occasionally when traveling through the end portal, rather than landing safely on the obsidian platform in the end, you fall into the void.

    Additional Details:

    If you teleport back to safety after falling, then travel into the portal again, the glitch persists. But reloging seems to fix the problem. This is superbone18 filling out a bug report on behalf of Psykenthrope, because it happened to him most recently and I didn't take down the time and date it happened to me on. I recall one other player having this problem, but i forgot the username, so this is a recurring bug. I don't know of a way to reliably reproduce it.
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