Server Event The Great Fairy Quest!

~Happy spring everyone!~

I know we're all hyped for the opening of Viridian Isles, but we've also got our Spring Event starting today!​


In celebration of spring, it seems 8 magical fairies have appeared across Nerdcrafteria, and together they've built a quest just for all of you!

Think you have what it takes to find all the fairies and snag the prize? Here's what you need to know…​

  • The quest starts with Navi in Hub. You can't miss her!​
  • There are fairies in every world, and each fairy will give a quest book that will lead to the next one.​
  • Each quest book will also have a riddle you will need to solve to get the next book, as well as a code letter.​
  • Some of the answers to the riddles are passwords, and sometimes you'll need an item. Which the solution is will be clear once you have found the fairy.​
  • While it is possible to find the fairies before getting their clue, the final code is random, so you will need to do the quest in order to make sure the code is correct if you want the prize. (Because you can't exactly bring the quest books across worlds, we highly recommend writing these letters down somewhere!)​
  • Once you have found all the letters, you'll be directed to modreq for your prize~​
Something else that should be noted: giving out solutions to the riddles or the code letters (and their order!) will disqualify you from the event. Please do not do this even as a joke - what may have been easy for you to figure out may not be so for...
Server Event St. Llama's Day


The magical holiday of leprechauns, gold, and potatoes is upon us again. This weekend in mineworld you may notice some structures cropping up.

When it begins to rain, you might be lucky to find a large pot of gold at the end of a beautiful RAINBOW!

Feel free to take as much as you want. Do not stake claim on a pot of gold that you are not intending on taking right at that moment. If you do not have the time, please leave it for another player.

As we all know, it storms an awful lot here in Nerdcrafteria, so don't count on a pot of gold appearing every time it storms. The leprechauns would go broke if that were the case. However, when one does appear, you can bet you'll hear about it. ;)

Please do not bother staff about where or when pots of gold will be appearing.

Rainbows and pots of gold will appear starting today. The leprechauns will return from whence they came late on Sunday, March 19th. Pots that were not claimed during that time will remain until a player takes the resources or mineworld resets.


Have fun and maybe spread the wealth a bit if you find multiple pots!

~The Staff of Nerdcrafteria


Time sure flies, doesn’t it, friends? Seems like just yesterday we cut the ribbon on this shiny map of ours, but it’s already been a year! And on this momentous occasion, we’d like to celebrate by reflecting on our memories of the old map, and the new experiences we’ve had in the new.

We’re so hyped, we’ve got three special events going!

1. Nerdtropolis (Historic District) Build Contest

Want to be the architect of an official town build? Now’s your chance! We’ve got an empty space in the Historic District of Nerdtropolis we’d like to fill, and we’d love to see YOUR build take that spot!

The space is 50x30, and is located on the outer edge of Nerdtropolis’s Historic District. The purpur blocks pictured here are on the outside edges of the contest space strictly so you can get a visual, and are not included in the build space.


Given that this is in the Historic District, we’d like it if the build focused on the old map. New to the server? You can download the old map here and poke around for inspiration :)

The third place winner will receive a 1,000 llama prize, second place a 3,000 llama prize, and first place will receive 5,000 llamas and their build placed in Nerdtropolis!

This contest will be running until March 31, 11:55pm EST (entry form coming soon).

2. Skyblock Build Contest

This contest will show our current towns some love! You may choose to focus on one town in particular, or draw inspiration from multiple towns.

No, don’t panic - your submission does not have to be your entire island. However, please make it clear which part(s) of your island you would like...
The Viridian Isles are now officially open!
(see comments)

I'm sure many of you have noticed the islands slowly beginning to form on the southeast corner of the map. We are finally ready to announce to you all - Viridian Isles!

Viridian will be our exclusive, new VIP Town! Lifetime VIP players will have the opportunity to build on extra large plots with a variety of terrain and biome options to choose from.

The town will be officially open on April 15th!


I'm a VIP! How do I get one?

If you are a lifetime VIP, you can register for a Viridian Isles plot right here! Choice of plots will be in the order your application is received, so don't delay. If you are one of the few that purchased a VIP plot expansion on the old map, you will be given priority in your plot selection.

Do reclaim rules and other plot rules still apply?

Yes, they do. However, reclaims will be every 3 months for Viridian plots as opposed to the standard 3 weeks.


We have lots more exciting stuff coming over the next few months so stay tuned!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

P.S. If you are in the Boston area, please come say hi to TurnDowntheAC and me this weekend at Nerdcon Nerdfighteria! We'd love to meet you guys! :ftl: :hanklerfish:
Go forth and enjoy!! :D
▂▃▅▇█▓▒░۩۞۩ ۩۞۩░▒▓█▇▅▃▂


As you make your way to /warp auction, you see the building has changed. Gone are the quartz pillars and bright colours, replaced with dark woods and yellow accents. Each pedestal with a chest is surrounded by nature, arcane tappings, and other fascinating objects. The lights are redstone, mysteriously lit. The air is buzzing with power, and as you wander through the room looking at the chests, you see in the centre as you reach the back of the building, a tavern’s counter. Behind stands a half-elf, their purple eyes looking through you. “Welcome, adventurer!” They call, and a small blue dog behind them barks. “We’re having the RPG Class auction later. In the meantime, can I interest you in something?” They gesture to the signs on either side of the counter. The room slowly fills, voices buzzing around you. Other players, some you know and some who are new gather around, waiting for the event to begin.

▂▃▅▇█▓▒░۩۞۩ ۩۞۩░▒▓█▇▅▃▂

We're happy to announce the theme and date of the next Staff Acution:


Feb 25th

at 5 pm EST
(one hour later than usual!)

▂▃▅▇█▓▒░۩۞۩ ۩۞۩░▒▓█▇▅▃▂


General Auction Info:
  • The auction house will be moved to our main server soon. /warp auction will lead you there once the chests and decorations are set up.
  • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will...
Important Updates Skyblock and Survival Reset
Hello Nerdcrafteria!

I know it's been quite a while since our last resets of Skyblock and Survival, so without further ado here's the plan.

Saturday, February 18th sometime in morning EST - both servers will be brought down for while we reset the maps and test a few things. For Survival, we'll be doing a shorter reset cycle that will run for 5 weeks until March 25th. There will be a scavenger hunt/quest that will run throughout this time. After that, we will move on to our normal reset period with a themed map we are still finalizing.

In Skyblock, we will continue to use ASkyblock. This round will be doing the Nether Islands and added from Nerdfighteria specific challenges for you guys to enjoy!

Thank you and we hope you enjoy! :D

- The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Server Event <3 Be My Llamatine <3

It's that time of the year - Llamatine's Day is just around the corner,
and we want to help you celebrate!

That's why we've put together the Be My Llamatine exchange!
Now's the time to express your undying admiration for your fellow players
through cleverly crafted puns.

:tinyheart: How :tinyheart:
Simply select your gift (or gifts!) from the Pavilion of Adoration, and
then modreq to purchase and send them to the player of your choice!
Each gift costs
1,000ll, a steal of a deal for such a cheesy pun.

Don't like the puns we have available? Create your own! Modreq to
purchase, and ask for a custom llamatine pun.

Custom llamatines
will cost 2,500ll.

Please note that ALL transactions must go through staff.

When :tinyheart:
The Llamatine festivities will take place February 1st - February 14th.

:tinyheart: Where :tinyheart:
Check out /warp llamatine for your choice of delightful
and oh-so-punny gifts at the Pavilion of Adoration.
Happy holidays everyone! Since it's the holidays, us at Emerald Falls would like to give everyone a Christmas/holiday gift of sorts, whether they celebrate or not.

Deep underneath the mountain lie caves full of dazzling sights and hidden secrets, just waiting to be explored. With glowing mushrooms and hidden lakes surrounding you, everything about these caves is exquisite. In fact, plots themselves may contain untold treasures...
Said plots will be on sale for the next month to welcome in the New Year and celebrate the holiday season.
Check them out at /warp caves and enjoy!​

EM-Caves-2.png EM-Caves-3.png

What: A 40% discount on cave plots
Where: /warp caves in Emerald Falls
When: Today until January 25th

These plots are a rare breed! Which one will you get?
Hey guys, just wanted to let y'all know we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties and Creative, Survival, and FTB servers are currently down. Thank you for your patience while we get them up and running again. :)

Edit: Everything is back up and running~