Server Event Esther Day! <3
Esther Day 2017!

On August 25th 2010 Esther Earl,
a beloved member of the
nerdfighter community, sadly passed away.

In her memory we celebrate August 3rd (Esther's Birthday) as Esther Day.
A day in which we celebrate the types of non-romantic love that often get taken for granted.

For some this means telling a friend / family member you love them.
For us here on staff it also means showing you, the player base,
just how much we appreciate you.

So in honour of Esther, and in the spirit of Esther Day,
we would like to show you all our appreciation by announcing the following.

TSWGO / Esther Day Vanity Tag

A special vanity tag!
No need to spend anything on it, this one's on us ;)

Special Esther Day Server Boon
A special boon of healing, flight (and other boon goodies),
will be active on the server for a full 24 hours.

That's right ... 24 hours!
(8am EDT August 3rd - 8am EDT August 4th)

Esther Day Gift Giving Area


In mineworld there will be a special area set up
where you can set up chests & signs with
lots of notes & gifts for your friends.

We hope you all have a fantastic Esther Day.
Thank you for making this server the awesome place it is
Important Updates Updated CoC
Hey all,

Just wanted to point your attention to the recently updated Code of Conduct found here and on a new tab at the top of the forums for easy access! :D There were no major changes to any existing rules, however @Stormy very kindly went through and made sure to clarify a few sections that weren't clear.

The biggest change of note was the split of Rule 5 into what is now Rules 5 and 6 in order to better delineate Lag & Redstone rules from Mob Farms & Block Generator rules.

Rule #5: No mob or block generators in any world except Skyblock and Survival.
Block generators, mob grinders/farms, or fish farms are allowed in Skyblock and Survival only, as long as they do not cause lag. Any generators or farms must also have player input - meaning you must actively be there in order for the farm, grinder, or generator to work. AFK farms are not allowed. This includes using macros or taping down a button or key.

Mob farms/traps/grinders are defined as planned out builds/contraptions with the purpose of making gathering, manipulating, and killing mobs extremely easy and danger-free for the maker. This includes creating dark rooms, trapping mobs in holes/fences, automated setups in which mobs are spawned, killed, and their items gathered without any player interaction. Similarly, block generators are setups designed to make gathering and collecting large numbers of a certain block completely automated or to greatly remove the effort, danger, and time normally required to do so. Some examples include duplication glitch generators, obsidian generators, and cobblestone generators.

Rule #6: Beware of lag! Be cautious with automatic redstone machines. Keep the number of entities on your plots and farms in-check.
Regardless of how your machine is set up - if...
Server Event Carnival 2017

Carnival 2017

The most anticipated Nerdcrafteria event of July 2017 is upon us: it's carnival time!
Step right up to see the games and activities we have in store for you! Over at /warp carnival, you can compete against your friends in the Staff Arcade, play games and explore in the Player Arcade, and even win tokens that can be spent on cool prizes!

When can I carnival?
Our carnival will be open from July 4th to July 14th.

How do I win tokens?

Win tokens by winning games! Some games will give out tokens automatically, others will require staff members to be present to hand them out.

Where do I get my prizes?
Check out the prize tent in the Staff Arcade! This is where tokens can be traded for fun prizes. Will you get a random treat for 1 token, or save your tokens for an even bigger prize?

Um... My token is broken?
Do not despair! Some games may give you broken tokens, or they may be dropped by some of our spooky and undead friends. Three of these can be traded for whole tokens in the prize tent!

We would like to give a special thank you to all of the players and player organizations that helped contribute to the Player Arcade. The carnival wouldn't be the same without your hard work!

And with that, go forth and...
Important Updates Survival is open!
*cough* We tried to save it. *cough* We really did! When we installed that new plugin in survival, we thought it would help. At first, all was going well... and then disaster struck!

There were large barrels... and we open-- oh, it's everywhere now! It's seeping into the server. Why do I feel warm? *cough* And why-- *cough* do I have this -- *cough cough cough* horrible cough?

If you wish to enter, proceed with caution. Dangers may aw-- oh, good! The hazmat team has arrived.

Find the book. Stay safe. Stay healthy. You know what they say about an apple a day right? I'm not sure if that's going to work this time around. Just stay alive!

In the following weeks, we hope that we can get some help before it turns into a worldwide epidemic... that is... if anyone is still alive.

Screenshot 2017-06-27 06.44.28.png
Survival world's new season is now open! We hope you enjoy the changes! Look for events to improve your odds of survival in the next few weeks. ;)

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
The new skyblock season is here! It will run until late October.

In addition to the islands you know and love, we have 3 new starter islands!
- A super easy one with lots of biomes to play in
ScSh 2017-06-25 at 12.38.08.png
- A super hard parkour one
ScSh 2017-06-25 at 12.34.19.png
- An under the sea art island!
Play the classic
ScSh 2017-06-25 at 12.36.05.png

Two islands?! ScSh 2017-06-25 at 12.36.10.png
Super hard
ScSh 2017-06-25 at 12.39.37.png

You have 10 island resets, so you have enough lives to explore them all.

There are new nerdfighter challenges, access to all the blocks(!) and a new minishop to keep you busy.
We will also announce a new skyblock build contest soon! So start gathering blocks.....

One known glitch. Some of the islands don't light properly at first. If you put a torch nearby, all the lights will poof into action (inc glowstone and sea lanterns). If your villager dies of zombie before you can reach them to light their islands, modreq and we will replace.

Survival is coming in a few days.... we promise it's worth the wait!
Another skyblock season is over and the islands were B-E-A-utiful :)
And here are your results.

The final top 10 islands were......

Darcera 1722
abros_vii 1295
DuckieNya 1279
MollyGrue 1209
Gloindin 1003
aquaarmor23 trumpetcows and trombonecows 836
sliz_ 695
daisytheslayer & starelements 673
lionwholived hawthornepaws 370
OEBlaze Zeboym Blazesong 315

Check out our competition winners from our build contest here

And a few more screenshots of beautiful islands here - see if you can spot yours!
ScSh 2017-06-24 at 23.48.20.png ScSh 2017-06-24 at 23.48.08.png ScSh 2017-06-24 at 23.47.58.png ScSh 2017-06-24 at 23.47.46.png ScSh 2017-06-24 at 23.47.37.png

Flash's island was true to his namesake. Put on some sunglasses as you view it or you might be blinded!
ScSh 2017-06-24 at 23.46.05.png

ScSh 2017-06-24 at 23.47.58.png
Just a heads up that our host provider will be performing routine maintenance on our boxes tomorrow morning. This may affect accessibility to the server and forums between 5am and 6am, but any downtime we experience should be brief.

Thank you,
The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

Take your screenshots and finish your islands... Skyblock and Survival resets are on their way! Reset will be happening on Sunday, June 25th
Get ready for new islands! new nerdfighter challenges! new mini-shop! new contests!
As for survival... be afraid.... be very afraid........
ScSh 2017-06-22 at 10.56.35.png

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria proudly present our final staff-managed town for the map - Scythian Peaks!

The town is located in the icy region on the Northeast side of the map. The name and architecture is heavily influenced by early Russian and Central Asian cultures fused with some modern steampunk elements. It will be co-mayored by our own @Theo da Kaffei and @flash_fire13! Check out a sneak peek of the town's fantastic lore.


Long ago the village of Ryba sent out a team of brave explorers to roam the Scythian mountain range in search of diamonds and other valuables believed to be hidden amongst the icy peaks.

The explorers went happily, proud to have been chosen to bring such riches and honour to their humble town. Three months came and went with no word from the group. Six months passed. Seven. Eight. A year.

The community of Ryba assumed the explorers to be dead, and deemed the mountains of Scythia too dangerous for anyone to approach. Rumors of wild beasts and monsters quickly began to spread.

Many generations passed. The Ryban explorers became a historical legend. Ryba transformed culturally and technologically becoming the booming fishing port that we know today.

Eventually a new team of Ryban miners ventured to the mountains, overcame their fears and faced the myths of the dangerous beasts lurking there. They set up a small settlement outside the site of the old mine entrance, naming the settlement after their home city in an attempt to cling onto what little comforts they had out in the seemingly uninhabited wilderness.

Or so they thought ...


Plots will be available beginning...
For those of us in the Northern side of the globe, it's finally summer! The sun is shining, the trees are green and the air has started to smell of BBQs and cut grass.

And when it's summer.. it can mean only one thing CARNIVAL!!

Now is the time to start planning. As with last year, everyone at staff would also love to join the players in creating an event to remember. So.. this is a post to recruit you all!

Here's the details so far:
  • The carnival will last for the first week of July 2nd-10th! Our current projections have us building the majority of it throughout the weekend of July 1st-2nd, with the carnival's grand-opening in the afternoon of July 2nd.. Luckily, we have a bit of wiggle room, since we do have an entire month, so these can change to meet our needs.
  • We will have a channel on the Nerdcrafteria Discord Server to have discussions regarding the roles of certain organizations, planning, and expectations for the carnival.
  • We hope that player organizations, whatever type they may be, or simply new groups of players and friends, will come up with unique, fun events, games, and builds that will add to the fun of the carnival. These could be decorations, they could be games, they could be events... the possibilities are endless and we would love your ideas.
How can you join us?
  • Single Players or groups (town committees, player organizations, etc.) are welcome to enter builds
  • Message PerfectFlaw or WildWitch12 on the forums if you wish to join. Include the following: