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New Plugin Creative Reset

We've finally replaced our creative plugin to Plot Me! This is a much better
plugin, as the old one was too buggy and just giving everyone issues.

This new plugin brings a lot new features for you guys to check out – but before we get into that, you’re going to have to get yourself a plot first! We’ll provide a button for you to be able to get a plot easily, or you can just type the following command:
  • /plotme auto
When joining creative world and you want to claim a new plot, you don’t have to run the automatic command to assign you one. If you and a couple friends would like to fly around and find an available you can simple stand on the plot you would like and type the following command:
  • /plotme claim
You’re able to easily teleport to your plot and any friends plot and you don’t have to be added using these commands:
  • Your Plot: /plotme home
  • Friends Plot: /plotme home <ign>
Eventually we plan on allowing more than one plot, but this command can also be used for the plots you’re added to build on:
  • /plotme list
If you stand on your plot, this command would provide information regarding your plot, such as the plot ID, owner, biome, expiration date, finished, helpers on the plot, etc.
  • /plotme info
Are you checking out other creative plots and they look really awesome, but the owner isn’t online and you would like to comment on it? Well this plugin has a comment feature! Stand on the plot you’re checking out and do this:...
Important Updates Creative Reset in 24 Hours
We're finally to replace our current creative plugin(s) InfiniteClaims and InfinitePlots with a better and more stable plugin and we'll post more details about it once we're live.

In 24 Hours (6 PM EST) we're are going to unload the creative world and start up the new plugin for the momentary of downtime the server will possibly will be white listed.

The purpose of the 24 Hours if for NerdFighters to claim a chance to post their coordinates in the forum post in order to save your creative plot.

As of right now we've copied all up to FishBoatProceeds yesterday, so if there are any updates added to them after last night, Sorry but your changes are going to be lost, It's creative! Shouldn't be hard to fix. :)

Current Schematics (Search for your in-game name):

Hey guys, Bukkit was awesome enough to be able to put out a 1.5.1 build for us, so the server is now running on version 1.5.1 :D

Note: 1.5 is backwards compatible with the server and if you don't use any mods (Optifine and such), I wouldn't mind recommend updating for a few days until all the mods have been fully been updated.

Make sure you update your Minecraft client before logging in

That's about it!

In celebration of Nerdcrafteria hitting $20,000 in donations, and updating to Minecraft 1.5, we wanted to give something back to you guys for being so AWESOME!

So starting today and lasting until Friday (this week), if you purchase any of the "Starter Packages" from and you use the coupon code nerd15 you will receive 50% off the total price of the package!

These packages include:

  • Stone Tier Package
    * 1 month of VIP
    * 10,000 Llamas
    * 1 Full stack of logs, stone, coal, raw chicken, and a full set of iron armor with an iron sword.
  • Iron Tier Package
    * 2 months of VIP
    * 20,000 Llamas
    * 2 Full stack of logs, stone and coal, 1 stack of cooked beef, and a full set of diamond armor with a diamond sword.
  • Gold Tier Package
    * 3 months of VIP
    * 35,000 Llamas
    * 3 Full stack of logs, stone and coal, 2 stacks of cooked beef, and a full set of diamond armor with a diamond sword enchanted with 'Sharpness III'.
  • Diamond Tier Package
    * 6 months of VIP
    * 50,000 Llamas
    * 4 Full stack of logs, stone and coal, 1 stack of 'Healing' II potions, and a full set of diamond armor with a diamond sword enchanted with 'Knockback' II and 'Sharpness' IV.

And remember, all proceeds go to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck!
Hey, guys! Been awhile since I've been able to sit down and make a full news compilation update for you guys, but it seems the other staff members have hopped in to fill in the blanks for me while I've been elsewhere. For now, though, let's get down to business.

This will be in the traditional summation style, so there will probably be some things you've already heard about - I've separated it into sections like before, so you know when the next section begins.


1. Creative world is obviously one of the biggest things on people's minds - and for good reason. Being one of the main thorns in our side for the longest time, we've just gone through all sorts of messy business just trying to get the thing functional! And then, guess what? The plugin's developer gives up working on it in an effort to merge it with some other plugin!

So, we said, forget it. We're going to move to an ENTIRELY NEW plugin. One that's more stable, more trustworthy, well-updated, and probably hopefully almost definitely won't cause any chunk corruption issues, which was what was plaguing us most of this second world generation.

That being said, moving to a new plugin entirely is obviously a whole bit of work in itself. We'll have to be moving plots with worldedit again, so there will be a new application process for that, which will be set up properly on the forums once I get a moment to sit down and breathe. For now, though, you can access that post right here, and PLEASE keep your posts concise and to the point!

If you have questions about the reset, please post them here, but know ahead of time that we only know a few things ourselves, and we give you guys as much information as we can possibly get ahold of. If something is missing here, or seems unclear, it's pretty much...
Important Updates Holy Geeze! Even more updates!

Nerdcrafteria is now running on Minecraft version 1.5!

With everything going on and all the upgrades, We've performed. Cory has been promoted to Senior Admin.

When you open your Minecraft client (as I'm sure you're all aware) say yes when it asks you to update.

The servers texture pack has also been updated to 1.5. If the server doesn't ask you to download it when you login, then you can download it from HERE

Here's a few videos on the new features in Minecraft 1.5

Hey guys, it's been a productive day here at the Nerdcrafteria Offices

We've installed an arcade here on the forums! We've added a handful of classic arcade games like "Snake" and "Asteroids" with more to come in the future! Check up above on the navigation bar for the "Arcade" button ^

Also Pixelmon has been given a facelift :D We've added the BukkitForge mod (which you've seen recently on FTB) which allows us to use Bukkit plugins on the Pixelmon server!

The new commands will be the same as on FTB:

/sethome - To set your home
/home - To get there
/warp list - To see the list of warps
/warp (name) - To go to a warp (once they're setup)
/spawn - To go to spawn (also the pc, trader and healers now work at spawn)
/modreq - To fill out a help ticket for the Staff to look at
/who - To see who is online
/msg - To message another player
/away - To go AFK
/money - To see your Nerdcrafteria balance
/mail - For sending and checking your mail

Hope you guys enjoy the new features! and DFTBA!

Important Updates FTB Updated to 8.2.0
Update: 13-March-2013 3:30pm Pacific
The day has arrived, folks! We're officially updating UPDATED to FTB MindCrack 8.2.0! Feel free to re-join the server!

When starting your FTB Launcher, you can now choose the "Recommended" option in the launcher menu, and say "YES" to "Do you want to upgrade?":

Expect some minor server re-starts today as we tweak config files and confirm that all plugins are functioning correctly.

Chunk Loader Limit Coming Soon!
With the new 8.2 Mindcrack, there is a way for us to configure and control how many chunks each player is able to load. Given the growing popularity of the server, and some of our lag issues at certain points, we will be implementing a restriction soon - 200 chunks per player.

- For now (immediately following 8.2 server upgrade), all players will have a default restriction of 1000 chunks. This is just so you can clearly see how many chunks you are loading with chunk & spot loaders right now. Educate yourself, but do not abuse this limit - it only hurts lag and the entire server populace.

- To check how many chunks you are actively loading right now, just right click on any chunk loader you own, and you will see a new counter at the bottom of the GUI display, which tells you: "Total xxxx/1000 Chunks".

- I recommend all players to begin to look at how they could better utilize chunk loaders (eg. at your bases, in the nether, Twilight, etc.), and begin to reduce your loaded chunks to <200. Personally, I was able to reposition two chunk...
Hello everyone! For those of you who do not know, I am Ugra, the former moderator reborn as Ugra the White! Er, I mean, Ugra the Admin! I look forward to doing the same thing I've always done with a shiny new title!

1) Minecraft 1.5 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday the 13th. While this is very exciting to many people due to all the new items and changes being implemented, there are a few downsides. The server will not be updating right away as we need all the proper plugins to update as well. This can take anywhere from a day to several weeks. If you wish to keep playing on the server, you cannot update your client to 1.5.

-------Do Not Update!-------

If you do wish to play 1.5, you can always make a 2nd copy of your minecraft.jar file to have one updated and one that is not. You can do this manually or use a separate launcher. This will allow you to play with us on the server, and still be able to play 1.5 in single player. In the end,

2) We've have a recent change in mayor-ship for some of our staff towns. Please Welcome Banesidhe as the mayor of Agloe and Sarahsfast as the mayor Green Hills! With the recent influx of new mods, some player towns have undergone a few changes as well. Blackguard Bay has become a mod town, and is retaining Scribble as their mayor. Laketown is now being run by Shelithia, and we wish her the best of luck!

3) There will be some changes going around all the admins towns in an effort to clean up the plot names and locations. What does this mean for the player? Not much really. There will be periods where certain admin towns cannot be built in as we work on them. Your plots will not change, rather just the number associated with it will. At the moment, Lighthouse Point is being reworked and should be finished within the next day or two. Agloe and Green Hills are undergoing some quality of life changes all around...