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Apr 30, 2017
Vote Shop
  • Vote Shop

    Extra rewards for voting for your favorite server!

    Each day you'll have the opportunity to earn yourself cool rewards for voting for the server! Each time you vote, you'll earn what's called Fishing Boat Proceeds, or FBP, as a form of currency. You can earn up to 40 FBP daily from voting for Nerdcrafteria on both PlanetMinecraft and Minecraft Forum. Using the Vote Shop plugin, you'll be able to turn that FBP into things like Spawn Eggs, XP, FTB Whitelist access, and more!

    Exclusive Vanity Tags will be rotated in and out of the shop monthly and won't be available anywhere else during their run, so be sure to check out what's in stock each month!

    Spawn Eggs give you the one time chance to spawn in an animal or pet of your choice. Please keep in mind that they only currently work for players in Mineworld on the Economy Server. If you want one spawned in the Main World, please submit a /modreq and a staff member will collect your egg and spawn the animal in for you.

    FTB Whitelist will give you a token with a special name, enchantment, and some lore that you will be able to use as a physical representation of the package's benefits. Simply /modreq to have it exchanged and a staff member can get you set up. These items can be traded between individuals, so you have the opportunity to buy FTB whitelist access for a friend if you'd like using vote tokens.

    *Important* Please make sure you are (1) on the Economy server at the time of voting and (2) use your full Minecraft username on Planet Minecraft and Minecraft Forum and not any nicknames you may have in game.


    /voteshop - Shows the Shop GUI (similar to the one above) which has all of the different things you're able to buy with your FBP.
    /token pay {username} {amount} - Allows you to transfer FBP between yourself and another player.
    /token balance - Shows your current balance of FBP.

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