Aug 25, 2016
  • Cricket (Moderator/Help Requests)

    Immediately report problems on the server to the staff.
    Don't hesitate, ask our team to moderate.

    If you encounter an issue on the server you wish staff to respond to you may use /modreq [your message] and then /modreq accept. If you have a quick question you can often use /msg [name] [question] to contact a staff member. When completed ticket reminders show up in your chat window, you can click it to mark it closed.

    • Stand in the place where you encountered the issues and run the command /modreq [your issue] so that staff can go to the coordinates.
    • Within 30 seconds of submitting the modreq, run the command /modreq accept to open the ticket.
    • Submit just one modreq. Staff will see your modreq no matter what time you submitted it and whether or not you are logged in.
    • Please be as specific as possible. However, if the problem cannot be described in the space provided in the modreq, either advise them to pm for details, or consider whether or not your issue would be better addressed and explained on the forums. Common places to submit server issues are bug reports and player grievances.
    • If you are asked a question by a staff member, please respond using /r, /msg [name], or /tell [name] and not through another modreq.
    • Please do not use /modreq to carry on a conversation.
    • Repeated abuse or spamming the /modreq system will result in a player's ability to /modreq being revoked.
    • If you have been griefed in Mineworld (build destroyed or altered without your permission or had a chest stolen from). **Please stand at the site of the problem when submitting your /modreq.**
    • Have a fire lit on your plot.
    • Need help talking to another player about an issue.
    • If you or another player are being harassed in chat (please be sure to take screenshots of chat to show the staff if they need it). PLEASE do not hesitate to report if someone is making you uncomfortable or being inappropriate in their messages to you or others!
    • If you see someone spamming, going around the swear filter, or otherwise being disruptive in chat (again, take screenshots).
    • Report a death hole
    • Report player using illegal generator or doing other illegal things like griefing (take screenshots).
    • Complex issues that can't be answered in the space provided. Please submit the issue to the bug report or player grievances sections of the forums, or to another appropriate section of the forum.
    • Questions about how to play Minecraft. Please instead refer to the Minecraft wiki:
    • Ask for WorldEdit or to be OP'd. You will not be granted WorldEdit powers. Only Admins are Ops.
    • Asking why someone was banned. If your friend/family member was banned, they will get a message as to why they were banned when they try to log in. They can always appeal the ban using the ban appeals form in the forums.
    • If you are asked a question by a staff member please respond using /msg [name] or /tell and not through another modreq.

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