Code of Conduct

Jun 7, 2017
Code of Conduct
  • Nerdcrafteria Code of Conduct/Server Rules

    By logging into this server, using these forums, or using any other method of communication or gameplaying of any kind provided in part or completely by the staff and administration of Nerdcrafteria, you implicitly agree to this code of conduct and agree to uphold it to the best of your ability at all times. Additionally, the staff administration reserve the right to change these rules at any time for any reason and also have the ability to define exceptions to these rules.

    Rule #1: DFTBA! Respect other players and the staff of the server.

    Don't Forget To Be Awesome is the Golden Rule that Nercrafteria abides by.

    Harassment, discrimination, antisemitism, religious intolerance, racism, threats, spamming, flaming, trolling, avoiding the filter, posting personal information about other players, and disrespecting staff which is not limited to talking back, insults, slander, impersonation, and ignoring requests and instructions, is NOT allowed.

    Nerdcrafteria is proud to be family friendly so please aim to keep content (text, post, links, etc) shared or created on the server PG-13. Additionally, only English is allowed in main chat, across all Nerdcrafteria servers, worlds, and any affiliated websites or methods of communication. This rule was specifically laid down by Hank himself, and given that the vast majority of the players and staff speak English as their first (and maybe only) language, it would just be logistically impossible to moderate and enforce our rules if an official language is not designated. Players are more than welcome to speak to one another in others languages in private messages in-game, on the forums, and even in the designated “Babel” channel in Discord.

    Embedded in this rule is our set of animal rules for Nerdcrafteria (the Skyblock server has its own animal spawning configuration and is therefore exempt), as these serve to make sure the number of entities in the world does not make it overly difficult for players with slow computers to actually play!

    • No more than 12 captive animals of any kind in a single chunk, anywhere, on any world.
    • No more than 6 captive animals total, of any kind, in a city plot.
    • No more than 30 animals captive within viewing distance of other livestock.

    Rule #2: Griefing and player killing is not tolerated.

    Griefing is defined as altering, stealing, destroying, or generally messing with property (builds, items, penned or named animals, etc) that isn't yours. Killing mobs such as golems, villagers, horses, wolfs/dogs, and ocelots/cats will net you a hefty fine (except in Survival world) because these mobs are worth more alive than killed. Overbreeding is unwelcome and random culls by staff looking to limit lag may occur if you are not careful about controlling your numbers. See Rule 1 for specifics.

    PvP is explicitly not allowed unless it is in clearly defined arenas/minigame worlds sanctioned by the server staff. Lava killing, creating death holes, trapping other players with hostile mobs are all immediate grounds for being banned from the server.

    Rule #3: No advertising other Minecraft servers.
    Nerdcrafteria is not a billboard for other servers to advertise on. Mentions of other Minecraft servers, through IP addresses or by name, will not be tolerated on our forums, in-game chats, Discord, or Tumblr. Our IP/link detector is able to catch server mentions through PMs as well.

    Rule #4: No clientside hacks or bug abuse.
    Attempts of hacking, bug/glitch abuse, and using a cracked client is not tolerated. This includes DDoS attacks, attempting to trick server administration into OPing you, using server lag or permission delay to "fly" or get to areas normally accessible to VIPs only, taking advantage of inventory or item duplications, and other similar actions. Rewards can be given to people who report possible bugs or game abuses therefore it is in your best interest to report bugs and glitches to the staff. Programs that record or download schematics of builds off of our server are a permanent banning offense.

    A list of explicitly allowed and disallowed clientside modifications can be found here.

    Rule #5: No mob or block generators in any world except Skyblock and Survival. Be cautious with automatic redstone machines.
    Mob farms/traps/grinders are defined as planned out builds/contraptions with the purpose of making gathering, manipulating, and killing mobs, and perhaps even gathering their subsequent drops, extremely easy and danger free for the maker. This includes creating dark rooms for mobs to spawn continuously, trapping mobs in holes/fences to make culling them or collecting their drops danger free, automated setups in which mobs are spawned, killed, and their items gathered without any player interaction, and other related set ups. AFK pools are also not allowed.

    Similarly, block generators are setups designed to make gathering and collecting heaps of a certain block completely automated or to greatly remove the effort, danger, and time normally required to do so. Some examples include duplication glitch generators, obsidian generators, and cobblestone generators. If you have a question about whether what you've created violates this rule, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member.

    All farming needs direct input from the player, regardless of the involvement of redstone devices.

    Semi-automatic crop farms, smelters, and brewers are allowed on the Mainworld server provided they comply with the following:

    Automatic smelting, brewing, and sorting systems are allowed, with very specific, strict limitations.
    1. The process has to be manually started and stopped. No BUD switches, timers, or other clock like mechanisms can be used to activate the system.
    2. The system can either auto feed items in, or auto remove items, but it cannot do both.
    3. The system cannot cause noticeable or excessive lag. A system can be completely legal and still cause issues. Please be considerate and small scale in your building. We have sorting plugin installed SPECIFICALLY to avoid issues with lag from sorting systems!

    Automatic farms are allowed, with very specific, strict limitations. This does not include tree farms, which fall under the normal automated redstone rules.
    1. No more than two levels of crops can be be visible above ground. Any other above ground farming levels must be enclosed from view. This applies to ALL farms, automated or not. This limitation does not apply to Mineworld or the Nether.
    2. The process has to be manually started and stopped. No BUD switches, timers, or other clock like mechanisms can be used to activate the system.
    3. Harvesting:
    • The system can either auto-plant, or auto-harvest, but it cannot do both.
    • The system, per plot, must auto-plant/harvest no more than 5 stacks of combined produce with a single farm*.
    • If you choose to hand plant/harvest any additional farmland in that farm/plot that is allowed. The system cannot cause noticeable or excessive lag.
    4. If you are not sure if your automated system meets these limitations, please feel free to submit a /modreq in game standing near the system and we will have a staff member check it out for you and let you know.

    *A single farm, in this case, means all farmland in a plot.

    Rule #6: No real-world trading. Account sharing is allowed, but not recommended.
    Selling anything you "own" on Nerdcrafteria for real life money is not allowed. This could be plots, llamas, builds, Ranks, special items, and so much more. Not only do we disallow this, but doing so could also be against Minecraft's Terms of Service. Additionally, gambling on Nerdcrafteria, with real life money or with llamas, is not allowed unless the staff makes a specific exception. If you choose to engage in these sorts of deals, you are completely at your own risk if you get scammed and there is nothing we will do about it.

    You are ultimately responsible for what happens on your account. Saying “my sibling/friend/whomever was the one who did that stuff not me!” is not a valid defense in the event that someone uses your account to break our rules. It was YOUR account that did it, regardless of who was actually playing. Furthermore, using another account to ban evade is immediate grounds for both accounts being banned without appeal.

    For in depth rules and regulations regarding our in-game Economy on the Economy Server, please see the Wiki page Making Money.

    Rule #7: Use the plots you claim in the worlds you play in.
    Plots are a finite resource and players are expected to use the plots they own in a meaningful way. Plots left untouched or unfinished for 2 months or more can be reclaimed with notice after being warned and logging on. Reserving a plot for a friend or on an alt account is also not allowed as this keeps the plot out of the hands of people who can actually use it. Finally, plot flipping, defined as buying a plot and then trying to sell it at a much higher price without actually making the price hike justified, is also not allowed.

    If you go AFK for more than three weeks, you need to submit an AFK form response using the "Forms" button, letting us know you'll be leaving for awhile. Not doing so means your plot is eligible to be reclaimed and risks you not only coming back to a complete and total lack of stuff, but you also can't get any compensation for it!

    Builds made with the sole intent of religious worship or exposure are discouraged in public areas, and we do ask that you please comply with a staff member if they ask you to dismantle your build. This is so that players with beliefs that do not align with what the build is trying to convey do not feel like they cannot avoid the structure and its message, if say, it’s built at the immediate entrance in the Resource world. This is NOT because of religion in and of itself. We will allow small religious references on personal plots, provided that these references are within private spaces within the plot, AND we will allow builds that do have religious connections but are also of deep architectural and historical importance provided the build is not also full of religious iconography. Furthermore, generalized temple and altar builds made to some unnamed deity are also permitted. Finally, Nazi builds/imagery/symbols/skins are grounds for an immediate permanent ban with NO chance for appeal.

    It is nearly impossible to lay out every single example of every little thing that would be in violation of the spirit of the rules. Even if something is not specifically listed as illegal, but is against the intent and spirit of the rule, it is probably not allowed. We try to cover broad terms, but if you're not sure, ask FIRST, rather than regret LATER. Any staff member is more than willing to help clarify an issue for you.

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