Buycraft / Donation Perks

Apr 19, 2017
Buycraft / Donation Perks
  • Buycraft
    Donate to charity and receive cool in game stuff.

    What is Buycraft?
    Buycraft is a plugin that allows players to purchase a variety of fun in-game things. These perks may change from time to time as we do our best to offer new things players will enjoy and to comply with the EULA regulations set forth by Mojang.

    Where does my money go?
    All donations
    go to The Foundation To Decrease Worldsuck, a US-based charitable organization that distributes the money donated to it to non-profits selected by Nerdfighteria and the YouTube Community through the Project for Awesome.

    What can I purchase in Buycraft?
    Server Boons - Grants everyone online with a selection of different status effects and abilities, dependent of the package, for period of 2 hours.

    FTB - As well as white-list access to our "FTB" server, there is also a whole variety of kits and items available. These tend to change from season to season, so make sure you keep coming back to see what new things are added.

    Fun Extras -
    • Player Heads - Handy for decorating!
    • Vanity Tags - A variety of different tags to put at the end of your name. They cycle out monthly, so be sure to keep checking back to see what new tags become available.
    • Particle Effects - Coming Soon! Choose from a list of different particle effects to make every step you make magical!
    • Vanity Pets - Coming Soon! Many different pets for you to choose from!
    • Vanity Pet Effects - Now your pets can have cool effects too!
    • Nickname changes - Tired of spending FBP on one time nickname changes? With this option you can have the ability to change your own nickname, as many times as you wish!

    Limited Edition -
    This section will contain limited time or limited quantity donation offers that we might provide from time to time. If you see something here, get it quickly, because you'll miss it really easily otherwise!

    VIP - Lifetime and Monthly VIP can be purchased. Monthly VIP lasts for 30 days, and Lifetime VIP does not expire. The perks for both VIPs can be found on Buycraft!

    How do I use it?
    Step 1)
    • Online - Simply click on the "Donate" tab at the top of the page, and enter your Minecraft username.

    • In Game - type /buy, browse and select the package you want to purchase, and click the link that appears in chat.
    Step 2)
    Once you have the package(s) that you want selected, click the blue shopping cart icon at the top of the page, and fill out the "Your Details" section.

    Step 3)
    Then, after agreeing to the 'Terms and Conditions', click on the PayPal button and follow the instructions on screen.

    After the transaction is complete you should receive an email to confirm, and your package should activate in game within a few minutes.

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