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    Welp, why have I not posted here before XD

    I am actually asked about my nick ingame as well sometimes, it is a mistranslated Hebrew word that is the subject of some speculation amongst bible scholars. (Note: I speak no Hebrew!) "Nod" appearently means "to wander", but could also mean the land Cain went to after he was exiled from Eden.

    ... it's also the name of the edgy faction in the Command and Conquer games, a faction led by a presumed immortal man called Kane. I used to be a big fan of the Noddies when I was in my teenage edgy years. :p Peace through power amirite?

    Yeah the source of the name is kinda goofy when I think of it but it has grown on me, the fact that the reference isn't clear and the name is both neutral and unique make it that I will stick to it. It's better than "liondarkknight94", isn't it?

    That's one thing I dislike about usernames, numbers. I wanted a username without numbers, and whilst in the early days or smaller communities of the internet that was easy, around the time I got Minecraft the simpler names were all taken. Nodred had been available for a while now but when I recently made a Reddit account I had to settle for a different name instead... ): And no, I didn't enter Nodred01 because imo that looks terrible, plus if anything is evident I'm not Nodred01, I'd be Nodred02.

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