Filtering of queer-related words

Discussion in 'Player Grievances' started by tinzin, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. tinzin

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    I recently discovered that the word "lesbo" is blocked by the pwnfilter. while i recognize that it could in some cases be considered a slur (when used by straight folk at least), it's also an important word for my identity and in fact part of a direct quote from a very important comic:
    (this is basically a real life picture of me, btw)

    i think the solution to such issues as colloquial identity words potentially being used as slurs is not to filter the words but to ban the people misusing them, which i would assume already happens anyway. the word "queer" isn't filtered, for example, although in some regions and circumstances that too could absolutely be considered a slur. it's all about context, and i think abandoning nuance and leaving it to an automatic filter is a very bad idea.
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    Hey Fenic, posting here to let you know it has been seen, and brought to the attention of our Senior Admin of Player Affairs. Locking this until they get the chance to respond. :)
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    Hi Fenic,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this out and explain. Before I give you my answer, I want to let you know why we have this term filtered.

    One of the main “insults” trolls will use is attempting to insult someone’s sexuality or gender identity. They will use slurs, or shortened versions of identities, such as “queer” or “lesbo”. In the last few years, we have gone through our filter and removed some terms included in these typical insults as our staff and players have reclaimed them, including me. However, some terms will remain filtered because of this.

    I have decided to remove the term “lesbo” from our filter on two conditions:
    1. That you understand that Staff are not around 24/7. We have lives too. We try to be around as much as we can, but that does not always happen. We cannot constantly monitor chat (No matter how hard we try!) and may miss people using this in a negative light.
    2. If we notice or are informed that the term “lesbo” is being used as an insult, by trolls or by players, the word will return to being filtered. We want to keep Nerdcrafteria a safe space for everyone, including people who have reclaimed terms.

    In the future, if you notice a word that should not be in the filter or you think should no longer be in the filter, please fill out a bug report here so one of our Admins can take a look for you.

    I will be leaving this thread unlocked for 24 hours. If you would like to respond with questions or comments, please do so, otherwise, we will consider the matter handled.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention,

    Senior Administrator of Staff and Player Affairs
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