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  1. Oranges13

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    Bug Report - oranges13

    In-Game Username: oranges13

    Date of Glitch: December 18, 2017

    Location of Glitch/Bug:

    Any Mailbox that I own, currently checked on mailbox at nt068 and em055 (-1647, 77, -416)

    Nature of Glitch:

    Expected behavior: click on mailbox, receive mailbox interface to send and receive mail

    Actual result: Click on mailbox, opens chest interface

    Additional Details:

    I noticed this after the upgrade to 1.12 but I haven't been online a lot to verify that it was working before the upgrade or not.
  2. verykirsten

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    Unfortunately PostalService didn't agree with our update to 1.12 D: We had to remove it. Sorry we didn't announce that!

    We're currently on the lookout for a replacement, so bear with us. :)

    Not a bug, plugin being rude. Thread locked.
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