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Discussion in 'Player Advice & Discussions' started by verykirsten, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. verykirsten

    verykirsten Collector of Purple Things Staff Member Senior Administrator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    1) I read Turtles All the Way Down. Can confirm that it's fantastic!
    2) Pizza. 10/10
    3) Not gonna lie, that huge list of questions was quite daunting when I joined staff. Never took the time to answer All the Things. :p
    4) England I think? There's lots of cool stuff there I want to see.
    5) Why does it have to be fizzy? Why can't we just be satisfied with regular water?
  2. Kelsey

    Kelsey Professional Blanket Burrito Staff Member Head Administrator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    1. :p <3
    2. Star Wars: A Certain Point of View - awesome collection of short stories I highly recommend for any Star Wars geek
    3. Anything with carbs and cheese
    4. Yes, lol
    5. New Zealand
    6. Against
  3. SquiggleTag

    SquiggleTag YouBert's Pet Human Staff Member Moderator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    - I haven't really read many books lately, but i'm 3 chapters into Turtles All The Way Down and its pretty good so far.
    - Pizza? Mac 'n' cheese? hm... i'm not sure i can pick just one favourite :p
    - I don't, but you can always post it again ;)
    - South Korea, or possibly somewhere in the US if any of my friends wanted me to come visit them.
    my thoughts exactly
  4. Banesidhe

    Banesidhe Floofy Lifetime V.I.P.

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    If you could only recommend one book for people to read, what would it be?
    What is your biggest regret?
    What thing are you most proud of in your life, accomplishment or otherwise?
    What do you feel is your best personality trait? Your worst?
  5. tomsk31

    tomsk31 Pig Jockey Lifetime V.I.P.

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    Just one question for the moment:
    What is the worst/funniest mistake you've made in your time as staff?
  6. verykirsten

    verykirsten Collector of Purple Things Staff Member Senior Administrator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    Geez Bane, asking the tough questions!

    1) The Book Thief. It's 10/10, will definitely make you cry.
    2) I think not working much in college. It allowed me to focus on my classes, but it made things a bit harder after I graduated.
    3) This might be silly to say, but I'm very proud of my dog, even if he's a brat sometimes :p He is very sweet to every new person he meets and he's a happy pup all around. I was terrified when I got him that I wouldn't do a good job taking care of him, but he's become an absolute ray of sunshine in my life.

    Oh, and also my degree, I suppose :p Ooh, and over the past year or two I've managed to save up enough money to buy a car! A+ adulting, me.

    I guess that's three things I'm proud of, so take your pick, lol.

    4) I'm very good at organizing things, mentally. (Physical things, not so much). I'm able to keep a list in my head of things I need to do, appointments, etc, without having to write them down. Helps a lot with getting stuff done!

    As for the worst, I'm extremely introverted irl. Makes it difficult to make new friends, or hold a conversation. I'm also very impatient in traffic.>>

    I was culling someone's overbred farm once and accidentally killed all the animals in Mineworld. Oops.

    rip us
  7. Stormy

    Stormy Alpaca Lord Staff Member Senior Administrator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    1. Alanna: The First Adventure and hope that gets them hooked on Tamora Pierce. Her characters are strong, resilient, and diverse.
    2. Might sound cheesy, but not leaving my ex before I did.
    3. Growing and learning to be me again after being in an abusive relationship.
    4. My best personality trait would probably be my enthusiasm. My worse would be my tendency to get scared easily.

    I mean there was that one time where I couldn't manage to stop my girlfriend from crashing FTB so many times Islid stopped helping...
  8. SquiggleTag

    SquiggleTag YouBert's Pet Human Staff Member Moderator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    1. I'd probably advise people to get a cookbook. I don't read much, so i cant confidently pick a piece of fiction to read, but cookbooks make cooking fun and interesting :D
    2. My biggest regret is choosing to study art at college and not a subject i actually excelled at in high school (like science or math)
    3. My proudest moment was when i learned how to make pancakes (without messing up whilst trying to flip them) :p
    4. My best and worst personality trait is my need to make others happy. Sometimes its a really good thing, but sometimes it comes at the expense of my own happiness.

    • I've probably made a world edit mistake once or twice, but luckily i was able to undo it again before anyone noticed :p
  9. TurnDownTheAC

    TurnDownTheAC Cave Explorer Staff Member Moderator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    1. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't read all that much recently, but the last good thing I read was probably "Ignition!" which is a pretty great history of rocket science/propellants.

    2. Hmmmmmm, this one is tough, but there's an amazing Thai place near where I used to live and they had the besssst Pad See-Ew (really though I like all food).

    3. Nope, definitely didn't pretend I never saw it so that I wouldn't have to answer it.

    4. I've realllly been wanting to go to Japan sometime soon, so definitely there.

    5. It is the worst and I hate it so much.

    1. Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace) for sure, with A Man Without A Country (Kurt Vonnegut) as a close, and much shorter, second.

    2. Definitely being a huge slacker/general jerk in high-school. It hurt my college opportunities and I lost some great friends.

    3. Maybe the hardest question so far, because I'm not sure I'm where I want to be just yet. I still have a long way to go before I feel like I can really be proud of much yet, but I'm getting there!

    4. Jeeze, too hard Bane... My best trait is probably the fact that if we're friends I will basically do anything I can to help when you're down, and I'll just generally always be willing to go out of my way for the people that I care about. Worst? It has to be that I cling too much to specific people and end up suffocating them, which hurts the people I care about and isn't healthy for me either :p

    I have a habit of finding all of the ways to make Worldedit mistakes that I can't undo, usually related to filling things. Like when I accidentally turned half of the SP mountain into a giant cube of stone... (Before it was a town so I didn't destroy any important builds at least XD)
  10. Star.5

    Star.5 Cave Explorer Staff Member Moderator Lifetime V.I.P.

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    - Because I only read two things recently, I'm gonna say both cause they're both pretty good: The Help and the Elemental Trilogy.
    - Chicken Alfredo or Calzones
    - Yes. I use to read that thread and like to read the long replies lol
    - Hm.. Maybe London.
    - Haven't tried it in years that I forgotten what it tasted like.
    - Looking for Alaska
    - I don't know what my biggest regret is exactly, but something I regret is that I was (and still can be) not very nice to my family.
    - I don't think I reached the point where I can say I accomplished something I'm proud of. Hopefully I can say I am when I reach next summer.
    - The worst is that I get irritated easily which leads me to snapping at family or close friends I see as family. I also get stressed easily which leads to the irritaion. I don't know what my best trait is. Maybe that if there is a goal to something, whether it be helping someone, a job or something personal, I'll try and push to get to the goal. Though it's also a flaw because sometimes I'll keep pushing so much that I burn myself out to the point where I loose motivation and stop trying or I'll get tired/lazy that I'll just stop.
    I haven't really made any very rememberable mistakes so far. I did once assign a ticket to the user I was helping instead of to myself...

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