Server Event Advent Calendar 2016

In 2013 we started this event...

In 2014 the Christmas House gave out goodies...

In 2015 the Polar Express (in oddly Hogwartian colors) delivered presents from the North Pole...

And now, in 2016, we are proud to announce...

The Collectible Christmas Town!

Every day from the 1st of December to the 25th, we will deliver a new holiday-themed trinket at the calendar. Each day will also see a new building or construct appear, until on the 25th when it will stand as a complete town.

To get there, simply go to /server nerdcrafteria and /warp advent!
We look forward to seeing you all there!

Winter Secret Llama 2016

As the days get shorter and chillier, it signals the beginning of Nerdcrafteria's Annual Gift Exchange: Secret Llama!

✲´*。.❄ How it works:

Secret Llama is like other Secret Santa gift exchanges with the exception that it all happens in-game on Nerdcrafteria! You will be assigned another Nerdcrafter to whom you will give 3 gifts to over the course of 3 weeks. Gifts can vary from chests full of renamed items, to substantial monetary endowments, intricate art or literary pieces, carefully crafted quests, to Buycraft packages, and so much more! And while you're secretly crafting presents for someone else, someone will be secretly creating presents for you!!

To participate, please follow these steps:

1. Fill out the nifty Secret Llama Registration Form, which can be found here -> by 11:55 PM December 9th EST.
Dec 9th - 8:55 PM PST, 10:55 PM CST
Dec 10th - 2:55 AM BRST, 4:55 AM GMT, 5:55 AM CET, 3:55 PM


Alola friends!

Will you (once again) be the very best like no one ever was?

With Pokémon Sun and Moon coming to North America this very Friday we're excited to announce the theme of our next Staff Auction:

(Who would have thunk?)

Knowing some of you (and us) will basically disappear for a few days after getting your hands on one of the new games, we chose the date for the auction to be on




So about two weeks from now.

Until then, tell us... which games did you play? What's your favourite one so far? Are you gonna play Sun or Moon or both of them? Do you Go? Valor/Mystic/Instinct? Get some PokéTalk going! :)

Even Pikachu is excited for the auction:

Don't forget to also save up money on main! Keep an eye out for money/warrior/gatherer boons or maybe activate one or two yourself. Gotta catch all the money for chests!

See you at the auction house!
~ The Auction Committee


General Auction Info:
  • The auction house will be moved to our main server soon. /warp auction will lead you there once the chests and decorations are set up.
  • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will make it...
Maintenance/Issues Buycraft Outage
Currently under investigation!

Please post a bug report if you've made a buycraft purchase in the last few days and didn't receive it. Be sure to keep your email receipt just incase we need more information.

Thank-you for your patience!

Howdy everyone~

The Minecraft 1.11 update has been officially released by Mojang! As usual, we don't have a concrete timeline on when the server will be switching over to 1.11, but this update is also on the smaller side so hopefully sooner rather than later! The main thing we always have to wait on is for the plugins we use to update to 1.11 too. As a reminder, if you are stuck on a Minecraft version and find yourself unable to connect to Nerdcrafteria, please read the information in this post:

If you want more information on the new and shiny things coming in 1.11, the Minecraft Wiki has a great compilation on the update:

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

Llamaaaaaaaas <3
Server Contest Halloween Followup
I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath for the results of Halloween! :eek: Well, don't scream just yet, for I present to you the winners of the various contests that happened!

[Pumpkin Guessing]
If you wandered around the carnival, you found a pumpkin patch with large pumpkins in it. Your goal was to guess how much the pumpkins weighed (in blocks). The total was 1,383. The 5 closest guessers received a special Base64 Jack o'lantern head.

The winners are:

Winners have already received their prizes. Congratulations! :D

[Trick or Treating]

All modreqs for candy counting were due by November 2nd. There were a total of 12 treats that players could receive from staff. Some candies were more elusive than others.

With a stunning 11 treats, FIREALLCAPS has won the special Halloween elytra!... not that they needed another one. :D


[Haunted House]
We received 4 very spooky haunted houses. It made it difficult to choose just one. Each build was unique.
We did eventually choose one, though.

Pagophilus entered a very spoopy, Victorian inspired Haunted House! It will be pasted onto the main map. When? Guess...
Important Updates VIP Packages are now live!

Lifetime VIPs now have access to /nick. You can do /nicky help for a full list of commands.

On the Hub Server, you can do /uc menu main to see the full list of all your new particles, pets, mounts, gadgets, and hats!

Kits have also been added to the main server! Use /kit to see the full list. Fly kit will give you 1 hour of flying time per day. Additionally, Monthly VIPs have access to the VIP Cria Kit while Lifetime VIPs have access to the VIP Llama Kit. Each will have their respective goodies, including keys for the new Crate de Awesome!

To use those new Crate keys, find the Crate de Awesome at spawn and right click on the chest for your rewards. Each kit will also have tokens to hand in for boons. To claim your boon, make a /modreq and ask for assistance on activating it on the server!

We are still having issues with voting and the new Tokens plugin for now, so the vote shop is still down at the moment. We are working as best as we can on getting it back up for you guys, so stay tuned.

Reminder that VIP World is closing next week! Get your Build Save Form in soon!

As always, if you notice anything that you think it's working correctly, please submit a Bug Report so we can take a look.

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Scheduled Server/Forum Maintenance Post Update News!
Hey guys!

We have now successfully updated to Minecraft 1.10! :D

There are a few housekeeping and plugin changes that happened. In preparation for the VIP Changes that'll be out on Monday, we have switched the Vote Shop plugin to BeastTokens. All your balances have been converted, however we are still having issues with voting on PMC and Minecraft Forum. Be warned we will still be tinkering with this for the next day or so. You will not be able to get new tokens for voting until this is fixed. The Vote Shop is also down until Monday when the new perks go live!

Changes will also be dropping in Buycraft on Monday, so stay tuned.

We have also updated LWC which locks your chests, doors, etc. Because of this, anything you had locked or password protected will need to be re-locked.

VIP World will come down on November 1st so get your save in here ASAP.

*clear throat* Polar Bears!


The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Downtime (Resolved) 1.10 Update
Hi everyone - the update to 1.10 is now in-progress.

All servers will be down while the update takes place, the should be back up with 1.10 later today.

Back up! Go read the update post here
:91:~Happy Halloween, Nerdcrafteria~:91:

Yes, we're a little early, but you can never have too much spoopy in your life! :eek:

There is a spooky forest that has appeared to the northeast of Nerdtropolis. What is contained within its shadowy clutches? And who exactly lives in that house on the hill? I would be wary, Nerdfighters. Spirits inhabit these dark woods. If you wish to brave the dangers, visit /warp halloween.

Venturing far enough into the forest one will discover a dance floor where the ghosts and goblins boogie! You may also find some staff hanging around.

As happened last year, staff again will be handing out candy for trick or treating. When they are available, they will be at this dance floor with music playing and the colorful discoball over the area will be lit up. To receive candy say in chat or /msg the mod saying "Trick or Treat!" Try to collect them all!
Some things to note:
-Staff will announce when Trick or Treating is happening. Please do not bother them about the activity. They will host it periodically throughout the day.
-The goal is to collect the most individual items. While you are welcome to collect multiple of one, your final count will only be unique candy items.
-Players are welcome to trade the candy amongst themselves, but cannot sell them. Anyone found selling the items will be disqualified from the event.

Trick or treating will be happening from now until October 31st.
Whoever collects the most candy will win a special Halloween Elytra!