It's July 2nd! As Mineworld is reset, countless server organizations have begun building their exciting activities and games for the grand opening of the Carnival. It's currently set to open up on The grand opening will be tomorrow, July 6th, at 2pm eastern time! We're planning on having a parade throughout the Carnival, followed by a fireworks display! It should be a great way to open up this fun, month-long event! Stay tuned to this thread for the announcement of the timing of this opening. :D

As we begin building, we will inevitably find that we did not gather enough materials throughout our preparation. There is a donation station at /warp Carnival in the blue trailer so that any person who wants to help can donate some much-needed materials. Things that we will more than likely need include:
  • All types of wood
  • Rails
  • All colors of wool, glass, and clay
  • Stones
  • Redstone
If you come up with a build that you would like to contribute to the Carnival, go ahead and message me here on the forums or on Discord, and we can talk about your build, where it should go, etc. We ask that you do not build without asking first, because a group may have plans for an area that seems to be available.

A new addition to the carnival this year is the Staff Arcade! Throughout the month of July, Staff will continually add new mini games to this every-expanding area! As you play games, you will earn tickets that can then later be cashed in for various prizes, each with a unique worth and ticket quantity required for purchasing it. More detailed information will be available at the various games and the ticket booth of the arcade. We think that this will be a fantastic addition to the sure to be exciting Carnival!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below! We will continue to update this thread with new information as we get...
Greetings, fellow nerds! For most of us, summer is upon us; the sun's rays warm the air, a slight breeze rustles beautifully green leaves, and we sit inside and play minecraft all day! Ahhhh, summer, how we love you.

And, when it's summer, it means that it's time to start planning the carnival. Unlike past years, where the entire project was purely player-built, we staff folk have decided to add a little bit of fun to what always is a great project - but more on that later. ;)

For now, I am here to recruit! Like previous carnivals, we want this to be something that encapsulates the spirit of the server through having multiple player organizations participate in the planning and building. Here's what we know so far:
  • With month-long Mineworlds, the carnival will last throughout the entirety of July! Our current projections have us building the majority of it throughout the weekend of July 1st-3rd, with the carnival's grand-opening on July 4th. Luckily, we have a bit of wiggle room, since we do have an entire month, so these can change to meet our needs.
  • We will have a channel on the Nerdcrafteria Discord Server to have discussions regarding the roles of certain organizations, planning, and expectations for the carnival.
  • We hope that player organizations, whatever type they may be, will come up with unique, fun events, games, and builds that will add to the overall appeal, aesthetic, and fun of the carnival. These do not have to be planned events, although they could be - the possibilities are endless!
So, yes, organizations! Get brainstorming! Start gathering materials! This is a great way to show the server what you do, and what you're made of, all while having a lot of fun! When you have an idea that you think is suitable, or if you can't think of one but know you want to help with the project, have a representative send...
As some of you know a part of Howl's Moving Condos disappeared recently. While moving is part of the apartment buildings name it's very rude to just leave without any word to the rest of the building. Fortunately we were able to convince the missing part to come back!
On its journey it might have lost a few of your things though. If you happen to own an apartment that was hit by this unfortunate glitch, please check your stuff and bug report here on the forums if you are missing something important so we can try to replace them if possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Downtime (Resolved) Creative Server Issues
Creative is up and running again!

Hello Friends!
Unfortunately, as some of you may have already noticed, we are experiencing some problems with creative, namely when some players travel to that world the server has a tendency to crash cause it doesn't like their last registered location thus the world boarder and overall plot number has been limited. This is due to Plotsquared playing up.
We are currently looking into the issue and seeing about submitting a ticket to the developers. So be advised that yes we do in fact know about the issue and are working towards getting it fixed.

If there are any changes or further updates we will inform you here.

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Important Updates 2016 Server Tour!
Excited to share our brand new server tour video with you guys! Thanks to @Sky_Pirate_Girl for filming and editing this together as well as @LuvianBlue for the thumbnail image. Check it out below!

Server Event Summer Staff Q&A!!
Howdy everyone! While the Town Hall Meetings have been great, we also wanted to open up another conduit of getting player feedback, giving explanations to various things, and generally being transparent with y'all. SO, there is now a new and shiny Staff Q&A Submissions form in the..uh, well..Forms!! We'll probably keep the form open for a week or two so there will be plenty of time to think about what you would like to ask and get it in. I will also update this post with an exact date and time that we're going to close submissions, and then approximately a couple days later we'll post our answers in a huge News Post!

We're looking forward to seeing what gets sent in!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria


Summer Secret Llama 2016


Howdy everyone! The hotter and longer days signal the start of this year's Summer Secret Llama!!
How it Works:

Secret Llama is like other Secret Santa gift exchanges with the exception that it all happens in-game on Nerdcrafteria!

To participate, please follow these steps:

1. Fill out the nifty Secret Llama Registration Form, which can be found here by 12:00 AM (Midnight) June 13th GMT.
PDT Sunday, June 12, 2015 at 5:00:00 PM
CDT Sunday, June 12, 2015 at 7:00:00 PM
EDT Sunday, June 12, 2015 at 8:00:00 PM
BRT Sunday, June 12, 2015 at...
Important Updates Goodbye!
@CLyane and I decided to put together a little bit of a chat we had with one another, reminiscing about some things on the server and reflecting on our time here. It doesn't follow any special format or anything, it's just an informal podcast-type chat we figured you guys might enjoy listening to.

WAV File (for those who like audio quality).

MP3 File (for those who don't have the bandwidth for a 420MB file).

It's been a blast, folks. We'll see you on the other side. :)

For the last time, most sincerely,
Scheduled Server/Forum Maintenance Wiki Temporarily Unavailable
The wiki is being taken down from public view temporarily while we work on finalizing the updated entries and new layout.

We hope to have this done within a week, two at the most, and will be happy to present a newly updated Wiki when it's done.

Remember, you can always ask questions of staff through the various other means we have available.

For reference, in the meantime, I am copying the Code of Conduct into a Server News post for easy access.
Scheduled Server/Forum Maintenance *COMPLETED* 1.9 Update
Hey guys,

It is finally here! We are ready to update the server to 1.9! We will be bringing down and whitelisting the server sometime Saturday morning for a few hours in order to update and test all of our plug-ins. We want to ensure a smooth transition before we open it back up to you guys. The staff will also be using this opportunity to swap out our voter token plug-in with one that is Bungee-compatible, and add few new ones that have been mentioned recently. I will update this post when we have an exact time scheduled. :D

We will bringing down the server Sunday, June 5th at 7:00am EST to update. Once we've got everything loaded and squared away, the server will be on whitelist for a few hours (possibly more if stuff breaks more than expected) while the staff tests every plug-in on the server. I will be updating here periodically on Sunday. Thanks!

See you guys on the other side!

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

This is now in complete - the server is open!