Hey, folks, I apologize for the extended delay on this but it seems organization is not my strong suit over the last couple of weeks and it got away from me quicker than I anticipated. But, worry not, for the new rules for the prevention of over-breeding are here for you to review!

As expected, pretty much all servers can be relaxed much more than the temporary measures we put in place a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly, we have little issue with the way we were running before, but I want to stop short of saying "just go nuts" because of local patches of lag becoming a problem and players with slow machines running into rendering issues even if the server side is running fine. Therefore, the following new rules apply to ALL SERVERS except Skyblock (which has it's own pre-defined strict spawning rules, and is therefore exempt):

1. No more than 12 captive animals of any kind in a single chunk, anywhere, on any world. If you wish to hold more than 12 animals, you must ensure your holding pen extends across an appropriate number of chunks so that the ratio of animals per chunk falls within the 12:1 range. However, if you do extend your farm to cover more than one chunk (you can see what chunk you're standing in and determine borders by using F3) then you are permitted more animals within that fenced in area without needing to explicitly cordon them off per chunk.

2. No more than 6 captive animals total, of any kind, in a city plot. The city is not for housing your farm, it's for building, decoration, design, and creativity. Your resource collection worlds are for just that - resource collection. You may keep a few pets there for fun, but that's all you should have.

3. No more than 30 animals captive within viewing distance of other livestock. This one is particularly important - you can very easily overload weaker systems by holding large numbers of livestock within a few chunks of one...​
Update #3: The update went wonderfully! Everyone seems to be enjoying things. There were a few things we didn't quite get taken care of, but they'll be dealt with tonight. :)

Update #2: Apologies for the delay! Ironically enough, it seems that creating a spawn for the AcidIsland season is what is taking us the longest... the server will reopen within 10 minutes!

Update #1: Maintenance has begun! We'll see you on the other side, folks!

Due to the errors with the last attempt at conversion (primarily in communications about what exactly would be lost) the transition of RoyalCommands to Essentials has been rescheduled for 2 PM EST on April 6th. This transition process is scheduled for three hours, but I do not anticipate using all of that time. During the maintenance period, all of the following will be done:

- ALL servers (except Hub, which is already done) will be converted to EssentialsX. RoyalCommands will be removed.
- Skyblock will be reset.
- Survival will be reset.
- Several minor plugin updates will occur in preparation for the upcoming 1.9 update. (yay!)
- The merchants at the Solara dock will be departing for warmer waters and a new set will be coming in soon to trade their wares.
- There will be a different selection of discs offered for trade by Nicole at the DJ booth.
- The Admin Shop's item selection will also rotate.​

Because it was not made as clear as it needed to be in the earlier posts, I need to spell out exactly what will be wiped during the course of this transition:

Inventories will be wiped in the following worlds:

- Main world (all maps)
- Creative
- Skyblock
- Survival
Backpacks will be wiped in the following worlds:

- Main world (all maps)
Homes will be wiped in the following...
Unfortunately, due to a communication oversight, the transition from RoyalCommands to EssentialsX did not go quite as planned. We were not made aware of the issue until after the transition was made and partial data loss had occurred as a natural result of the process we were planning to go through with, necessitating a 5 1/2 hour rollback. The Mineworld and Nether worlds have not been reset, but will be within the next 24 hours (ideally). Skyblock and Survival have also not been reset, but also will be as soon as possible.

Essentially, nothing has changed, as we have to reschedule the transition and include information which we didn't realize was not made as clear as it could be. A news post will be made soon that explains the transition process with more clarity than the prior one did, and in theory we should be able to transition fully to EssentialsX within the next week.

My sincerest apologies for the rollback, I did not anticipate the problem we ended up having. I hope that the rollback does not affect you too strongly. I will be personally donating for an Ancient's Boon post-reset as a thank-you for everyone's understanding through this rather tiring process.

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Server Event The Great Egg Hunt!

The event has ended! Congrats to all who won a prize!

The answer to the word scramble was Basket Of Love. 15 people answered correctly and won 1,000 llamas each!

The Trivia questions were as follows:

Question: What does "FTL" stand for?
Answer: French the Llama

Question: What country did John Green recently visit?
Answer: Jordan

Question: What was the name of Hank Green's Dog?
Answer: Lemon

The locations of the Eggs are listed below.

Thank you all for participating! See you next year!


The Easter Bunny has scattered 12 egg 'baskets' across Nerdcrafteria's Mainworld and has challenged you to find all of them and win some prizes in the process! At each 'basket' you will find a sign with a single letter on it. At three of these eggs, there will be a button! Pressing it will deposit a trivia question book into your inventory that will have a trivia question related to Nerdfighteria, the server, or a popular Nerdfighter fandom in it! There are 4 eggs per town and one trivia question for each. The baskets can look like:

ss+(2016-03-20+at+12.50.32).jpg ...​
Plugin Issues (Resolved) Punishment/Warning Transfer
Hey, folks! I just wanted to give a quick shout and let people know that we are currently in the process of shifting our punishments over to the BanManagement warning system over the next couple of days, allowing us a much greater degree of control over how punishments are applied and tracked both in-game and out using some metrics that will hopefully allow us to see the average distribution of various methods of punishment! We're constantly on the lookout for methods to determine if we're properly leveraging the tools given to us to reduce issues while avoiding being heavy-handed, so a new system to help us with that is just the trick!

Additionally, we've also revamped our own back-end method of tallying various warnings that result in specific punishments. Specifically, we've significantly reduced the number of instances where we'll need to do a ban until appeal (usually resulting in a permanent ban, most simply choose not to appeal) and increasing the number of verbal warnings, mutes, and fines we issue relative to the particular punishment in question.

While we cannot disclose the specific values of each type of punishment, as that varies wildly based on circumstance, we can tell you that the threshold for a permanent ban is now 25. Additionally, you will be able to check your own assigned warnings with the command /bminfo -w in any world. Doing /bminfo by itself will also show you your past bans, kicks, and mutes.

A rare few of you will have crossed the 25 point threshold based on our new evaluation of punishments. This is more of a clerical issue than anything else, but you will likely be temporarily banned until we can sort it out and reduce points on the appropriate punishment. This will require involvement from the moderator who handled your particular punishments as well as an admin to figure out the most optimal solution. You might want to take note if you are close to that 25 threshold, as from this point on (after the warnings are fully...
Hey, folks, just got a whole myriad of small updates to make here so I figured that I'd put them all in one post instead of making a news post for each one and flooding the board. Without further ado, here we go:


A few months ago, some of you might remember that we cleaned up our CoC considerably in response to player concerns about it being unreadable and unlikely to capture the short attention spans of some of our younger players, thus leading to incidents where players break well-known and understood rules amongst the community simply out of ignorance. In an effort to avoid that, we implemented the new ToS plugin (requiring all people who log in to actively agree to the Code of Conduct before they can ever do anything on the server) and simplified/streamlined things so that people who wanted to just get the surface level understanding of our rules could know what we were about with a minimum of reading. The idea was that by reading only the main points of each of 7 rules, the average player would have a 75-85% grasp on the rules of the server across the board. Any specifics per server they'd need to do some finer reading for, but if all they wanted to do was hang out quietly in mineworld for awhile then they wouldn't need to worry about much.

However, it turns out that in an effort to reduce the redundancy of those older rules, we inadvertently threw out some specifics which we assumed were totally ingrained into the server's zeitgeist, so to speak. In particular, the rules governing overbreeding have confused some folks lately who may not totally grasp how impactful entities can be, or where those limits are even if they do understand it. Therefore, we'll be adding in some clarifying text to Rule #1 of the CoC (DFTBA!) and explaining some of the particulars about how farms can best be operated to avoid causing undue stress on the clients of our players with weaker computers and internet connections.

Within the...
UPDATE: This has been resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience. /mine and /nether will work once more, as well as the Ancient's Boon. :)

Heyo everyone,

Unfortunately at the daily restart an error happened with Royal commands making it not load on the economy server. We are trying our best to fix it but that will take a bit of time and patience, In the mean time have pizza :pizza: .

What missing Royal Commands mean is /homes /mine /backpack /fly (from the Ancient's Boon) will not work. To get to mineworld and the nether please use /warp mine and /warp nether.

We will keep you updated

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
New Plugin PostalService!
Heyo! So, in our continued effort to replace functions of RoyalCommands with better plugins, we have our new mail plugin - PostalService! It's a neat little plugin that adds a whole bunch of new functions to the existing mail setup, including the ability to mail each other payments (to keep receipts!), experience (to collect for enchantments!) and even items (to exchange equipment or pass out newsletters!)

The plugin is super simple to use, so I'll go over the basics here and let you guys figure out the more intricate stuff yourself. Don't worry, the help system and GUI is very intuitive!

1. First, find yourself a regular ol' chest of any kind, single, and place it somewhere that you can build. If you place it on a plot you don't directly own, be warned that you won't be able to get to the chest later should you be removed and there's nothing we can do about it.

2. Type /mailbox set, and then immediately click on the chest you set down. This turns that chest into a registered mailbox for your account! You can register up to 5 mailboxes (so you can have them at your main plots) and you use these to access the PostalService GUI.

3. Explore the options! You can create your own mail of any type, store things in your dropbox for sending in a package (note: when you send a package, everything in the dropbox gets sent at once, not just one or two items you select!) or explore your own inbox. The plugin developer is even working on a trading post-type setup that will allow players to advertise their businesses, so keep on the lookout for that!

I'm sure you guys will get the hang of it really quickly. Other players can't access your chests to get to your mailbox, it'll just appear as a standard chest to them, so you're safe there. Some nice commands:

/mail timezone {timecode} will set your mailbox times to your own timezone, if you so desire! Use GMT format (GMT+8, GMT-5,...
Important Updates Credits Available!
Sorry about the delay, folks, but I'm glad to say that credit balances have finally been worked out and are now available for you guys to access whenever you need to. Now, you can query balances (they won't be in-game, you'll need to make a ticket) and plan for how you'll spend those credits on your favourite town ideas.

Just so that everyone is aware, there are some pertinent pieces of info you guys might want to know:

1. There are approximately 12m credits in circulation right now across all accounts from the old server. The credit conversion rate was actually a tiered setup in the end, with successively higher tiers having fewer of their credits converted. We elected to use a system similar to the tax brackets in the US tax system, except vastly simplified and with reversed percentage increments (smaller increments in higher brackets means fewer credits got converted). There was a hard cutoff at 8.5m llamas simply to prevent a total imbalance in the hands of a single individual, but everyone else received the full conversion value of their former balances. No, I will not post the bracket values, that's just opening a can of critique worms I'd rather not have a debate with tonight. :p

2. As a result of the modified system, towns will need to raise a somewhat higher amount of credits for a successful town idea - 500,000cr. The individual cap has been lowered in reponse, with each player being able to contribute a maximum of 15,000cr to an individual town idea. There is still no cap on how many town ideas you can support.

3. Credits can be shared between players, but not simply given. If sharing occurs, it has to be for a specific event - players must give consent in the presence of a staff member (or another staff member if one of the people sharing credits is a staff member themselves) saying that they want their portion of credits to go towards a specific thing. Make a ticket to do this,...
Important Updates New Voting Site!
In preparation for the deluge of new voting options that will be coming out soon, we wanted to open up in advance a new voting site for you guys to earn TWICE the amount per day of voting tokens that you normally do!

Hosted on, this server list is a fairly well-known collection of higher echelon servers looking for good, solid community members to join their ranks. With luck and a bit of elbow grease, I think we can accelerate Nerdcrafteria into the top levels of this list and get ourselves some more nerdfighters who haven't yet heard of the server!

You can vote by going to our page on the site right here:

The vote, just like from PMC, will give you the equivalent number of voter's tokens in-game, meaning voting on both PMC and MFC allows you to earn TWICE the normal amount of tokens than you were able to earn before. Get on that, folks! :D

We will be opening up a brand new set of voter's only perks, including some new unique tags, a nickname option, and some minor versions of the new boons that have been released over the last few days. Looking forward to the fun!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria