Update 4:30pm EST All Servers down for maintenance

Due to unforseen technical difficulties VIP, Survival, and Creative are currently offline until further notice.

On top of that the /modreq system is currently not working. If you got an issue, try to pm a staff member about it.

We are working on gettng this fixed again as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Update 11:40 EST:
Modreqs seem to work again.

Update 3:15 EST
All Servers appear to be back up, however Modreqs are down again.
Howdy all,

I have a couple of things for you guys this evening. First of all, the staff and I have taken a closer look at the current cap rate for the amount of credits a player can contribute to a player town, and we have decided to raise it to 25,000cr per player. This means that those who've donated the maximum amount to the Emerald Falls folks so far may increase their donation by 10,000cr if they so wish. I'd also like to clarify that we will be issuing credit refunds to players if the town they've supported fails to raise the required amount in their timeframe. There was some miscommunication on that earlier and I do apologize. To reiterate, credits will be used for town fundraising up until we deem that the majority in circulation are gone. After that time, player towns will be funded by llamas going forward.

On a related note, please keep those town submissions coming! We've had several good ideas pop up so far, but please make sure you and your fellow council members are 100% happy with what you submit. This post by Jinx has several great things to keep in mind before submitting your applications.

Some quick announcements~
  • JentheGeek has been hard at work on our very own FTB pack! :eek: She has done an outstanding job putting this all together for you guys, so don't miss out this season.
  • The Town Hall meeting is set for Sunday, May 1st @ 4:00pm EST in Discord. I'll talk a little about my first week so far as Head Admin as well as new donation options, VIP perks, and more!
  • Our first Disney Princess auction is...
Important Updates A New Era Begins!
Howdy Nerdcrafteria!

First of all, thank you all for your warm welcome so far. These past few days have been a whirlwind, and I'm very excited to get started to continue to grow and improve upon our awesome server! I feel so honored to lead this community. I did want to take this opportunity to also thank our outgoing Head Admin. @Islid has given so much to this server the past 3 and half years. We would not be where we are today without him, so thank you my friend for all you've done for us.

Just a quick announcement for you guys as I get settled in here. The Town Hall Meeting has been postponed until next Sunday, May 1st @ 4:00pm EST. There are a couple of items that I definitely want to cover, but this weekend has turned out to be not the best timing for me to properly prepare for you guys. I will be covering new VIP Perks, Player Towns submissions, the new Mini games world, and a new donor option! Please start thinking about what you guys want to see going forward. I'm here to get your feedback so come prepared.

That's all for now. DFTBA~

Your Head Administrator,
Heyo Everybody!

With the latest Captain America movie coming out this week, we have organized a few events for you! With some awesome prizes to be won!

On Saturday the 7th of May at 4pm EST we want you to find Captain America's Shield...Steve lost it in the survival world and you can help get it back by remaking it, there will be a demo version for you to copy. To get to the building site just press a button at survivals spawn and you will be teleported there.

Later that day at 7pm EST
you need to choose your side! with SNOWBRAWL.. Will you help Captain America or Iron Man? Registrations start today and close on the 5th of May 11:59pm EST. To Register click here. Team will be posted on the 6th asap. To get to the arena do /warp Civilwar. When competing in the event remember to not have anything in your inventory..that includes armour!

There will be 3 matches, which ever side wins the most matches will win the tournament and get their own Captain America or Iron Man helmet! + 500llamas! The losing side wont walk away empty handed and will also receive a Captain America or Iron Man Helmet!

Rules for Finding Captain America's Shield:
Do not bring anything with you to the competition, no armour, food, or anything else! All the materials you get must be gained while doing the competition.
1 person per plot. 2 people cannot be allowed to work on the same plot.
No making a stash of items to get before the competition starts!

Any player found breaking these rules will be disqualified from the event and further punishment may happen!

See you there! :D
Important Updates The End
For all of the last three and a half years, I've watched this server grow from a mere concept, thought of one day during some of Hank's precious downtime, all the way into the glorious representation of Nerdfighteria (in all of it's wonderful humanity and complexity, of course) that it currently is today. So, it is with great regret (and a little bit of mirth, sorry) that I must finally announce that I, Islid, will be retiring from the staff of the server.

Hold on, now! Don't set off the fireworks yet, keep the champagne corked a little longer, it's not going to happen immediately. However, it will be taking place fairly soon. On May 31st, 2016, I'll be formally tendering my resignation to Julie (our liaison with Hank) and stepping out of the Head Administrator role for Nerdcrafteria. The server won't be shutting down, I'll explain below. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which I can discuss, some of which I can't. I don't believe I should paint it all rosy if it isn't though, so I'll try to start there.

A large part of it is, honestly, that I have found it difficult to get the same level of enjoyment and fulfillment I once did from managing this server and seeing it succeed. That's not to say I don't want the server to succeed, but rather, that it now takes too great an emotional toll on me to see it come to pass. I've been working in some capacity managing gaming servers of various kinds, from stints on private WoW and RuneScape servers all the way through a string of Minecraft staff positions. Managing this server, while certainly one of the most intriguing staff experiences I've had, has been nonetheless extraordinarily stressful nearly from day one. The community has such differing needs and desires from communities on other servers, and I'm sure I don't need to point out that at least a few times this has led to some serious misunderstandings on my part about how you guys would collectively operate as a...
UPDATE: Town Hall Meeting has been postponed to Sunday, May 1st @ 4:00pm EST

Folks, it's been a little while since we've had ourselves a nice Town Hall meeting to talk about the goings-ons (going-ons? goings-on?) of the server, and I figured we ought to rectify that! So, we're going to have ourselves a town hall meeting just like we did a month or two ago to have ourselves a bit of a chat about a couple of specific issues, and then open up the floor for discussion of anything you'd like.

Some of the things I'd like to talk about:

- The upcoming Minigame world!
- Options for the VIP rank perk replacements!
- The new Caches donor option!
- The recent town idea submissions!
- A new staff town idea!
- Some special event ideas!
- And more!

This will probably last a couple of hours, at least, like it usually does. I'll try to get through all of the specific things within the first hour or so in order to offer a decent amount of time for the open floor at the end. And yes, that's right, just like last time there will indeed be an open floor time for anyone to bring up any topic they'd like to discuss. The staff obviously reserves the right to refuse to comment on certain things (usually because we need to keep SOME surprises for you...) and discussions about things like recent punishments and whatnot are not welcome.

The good news is, because this is in Discord, there is no person limit! Literally as many people as we would like to include can make it, including all of the staff who can pop in. Because of this, what we'll likely have to do (to prevent people from talking over one another constantly since there'll be a few dozen people at least) is to simply mute everyone who isn't staff, and have people who wish to speak either type in the Grand Central Station chat or ask to be unmuted for the purposes of the discussion. We'll...

Since the new map has been open now for almost two months, we thought it was time to bring back one of our most loved player events.

Coming soon to our beautiful new auction house based in VIP world, will be not one, but two

Disney Princess themed auctions!

gothique page break.png
~ auction one ~


4pm EST


~ auction two ~

4pm EST

gothique page break.png

Feel free to gather at the auction house (/server VIP then /warp auction) and check out the updated auction guidelines, and get excited to bid! The staff will be making plenty of announcements on the days of the auctions, so there will be no confusion as to when to get yourself down there!

  • Even though the auction house has moved to VIP world, winners will be awarded their chests on the economy server. Money will be deducted from your account there. There will also only be 6 chests per auction for the Disney Princess auctions.
  • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will make it clear who you should message, and bids made outwith pms will not be counted and could put you at risk of receiving a mute.
  • Bids must increase by 250 llamas per bid, with the increment...
Hey, folks, I apologize for the extended delay on this but it seems organization is not my strong suit over the last couple of weeks and it got away from me quicker than I anticipated. But, worry not, for the new rules for the prevention of over-breeding are here for you to review!

As expected, pretty much all servers can be relaxed much more than the temporary measures we put in place a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly, we have little issue with the way we were running before, but I want to stop short of saying "just go nuts" because of local patches of lag becoming a problem and players with slow machines running into rendering issues even if the server side is running fine. Therefore, the following new rules apply to ALL SERVERS except Skyblock (which has it's own pre-defined strict spawning rules, and is therefore exempt):

1. No more than 12 captive animals of any kind in a single chunk, anywhere, on any world. If you wish to hold more than 12 animals, you must ensure your holding pen extends across an appropriate number of chunks so that the ratio of animals per chunk falls within the 12:1 range. However, if you do extend your farm to cover more than one chunk (you can see what chunk you're standing in and determine borders by using F3) then you are permitted more animals within that fenced in area without needing to explicitly cordon them off per chunk.

2. No more than 6 captive animals total, of any kind, in a city plot. The city is not for housing your farm, it's for building, decoration, design, and creativity. Your resource collection worlds are for just that - resource collection. You may keep a few pets there for fun, but that's all you should have.

3. No more than 30 animals captive within viewing distance of other livestock. This one is particularly important - you can very easily overload weaker systems by holding large numbers of livestock within a few chunks of one...​
Update #3: The update went wonderfully! Everyone seems to be enjoying things. There were a few things we didn't quite get taken care of, but they'll be dealt with tonight. :)

Update #2: Apologies for the delay! Ironically enough, it seems that creating a spawn for the AcidIsland season is what is taking us the longest... the server will reopen within 10 minutes!

Update #1: Maintenance has begun! We'll see you on the other side, folks!

Due to the errors with the last attempt at conversion (primarily in communications about what exactly would be lost) the transition of RoyalCommands to Essentials has been rescheduled for 2 PM EST on April 6th. This transition process is scheduled for three hours, but I do not anticipate using all of that time. During the maintenance period, all of the following will be done:

- ALL servers (except Hub, which is already done) will be converted to EssentialsX. RoyalCommands will be removed.
- Skyblock will be reset.
- Survival will be reset.
- Several minor plugin updates will occur in preparation for the upcoming 1.9 update. (yay!)
- The merchants at the Solara dock will be departing for warmer waters and a new set will be coming in soon to trade their wares.
- There will be a different selection of discs offered for trade by Nicole at the DJ booth.
- The Admin Shop's item selection will also rotate.​

Because it was not made as clear as it needed to be in the earlier posts, I need to spell out exactly what will be wiped during the course of this transition:

Inventories will be wiped in the following worlds:

- Main world (all maps)
- Creative
- Skyblock
- Survival
Backpacks will be wiped in the following worlds:

- Main world (all maps)
Homes will be wiped in the following...
Unfortunately, due to a communication oversight, the transition from RoyalCommands to EssentialsX did not go quite as planned. We were not made aware of the issue until after the transition was made and partial data loss had occurred as a natural result of the process we were planning to go through with, necessitating a 5 1/2 hour rollback. The Mineworld and Nether worlds have not been reset, but will be within the next 24 hours (ideally). Skyblock and Survival have also not been reset, but also will be as soon as possible.

Essentially, nothing has changed, as we have to reschedule the transition and include information which we didn't realize was not made as clear as it could be. A news post will be made soon that explains the transition process with more clarity than the prior one did, and in theory we should be able to transition fully to EssentialsX within the next week.

My sincerest apologies for the rollback, I did not anticipate the problem we ended up having. I hope that the rollback does not affect you too strongly. I will be personally donating for an Ancient's Boon post-reset as a thank-you for everyone's understanding through this rather tiring process.

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria