Alright, now that that's out of the way...

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the brand new Nerdcrafteria Forums! This is the OFFICIAL forum for the website, and as you'll see, all of the administrators and moderators in-game are also on here. Make sure you tell them hello!

My name is Cory – I’m an Admin for Nerdfighteria, I have a lot experience with Bukkit Plugins, Forums, Coding and Linux/Windows. If you have any issues with the forums don’t hesitate to contact me via PM.

Now, as you know, this server is Nerdcrafteria - the Nerdfighter-centric server started by the famous vlogger Hank Green (along with a little help from friends) and it is managed by the head admin, Amsterdom, and his crack-team of staff (including myself).

Such a fantastic, AWESOME server certainly can't just rest and be happy with it's own existence though - we're going to make it even better! That's why we're setting up a new Plugin and Donation System where you, the nerd fighters, will have the opportunity to donate directly to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck (a foundation that countless numbers of you are undoubtedly familiar with) in exchange for various benefits, such as a special VIP rank, a whole host of privileges, and even another, special VIP-exclusive world all to yourselves! More details about that will be released very, very soon, so we'll keep you posted.

The server has been on for awhile now, and despite a lot of bumps and jumps as we move down the road, we're quickly progressing closer and closer to the stage of moving past Beta and into full server swing. We REALLY appreciate you guys hanging around and being so patient with us while we work out all of the kinks - obviously, losing all of your items on a near-daily basis, combined...