Happy Birthday Nerdcrafteria!

You're cordially invited to celebrate 4 years of the Nerdcrafteria Server!

Starting today through the rest of this week, it's party time in Nerdcrafteria! We've got tons of cool stuff planned for you guys, so buckle up and put on your party hats!

Elytra Giveaways!

Throughout the week, we will be giving away several chances to win your very own set of special wings on social media. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr so you don't miss out!

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Free One Week dFTBa Trial!
Ever wanted to give dFTBa a try but wasn't sure you wanted to commit to it? Now's your chance! As part of the birthday celebrations we'll be offering a free One Week Trial of FTB. We are currently running a modded version of skyblock, so is the perfect time to try your hand at different parts of the FTB experience. Head on over <here> to find out more information on how to join, and some tips to get started. There's almost always someone around, so head over to the donation page to start your FREE trial!

September 16th!

Our actual birthday is Friday,...
Once there was a verdant land. People came and they farmed and they built and they mined. And when they mined, deep within the bones of the land, they found an abundance of precious ores.


More people came. They cut down the forests, they dug up the land, they tore open the rock to get at the ores. And as the people worked, a hunger grew. The people began to fight, and to steal, and to divide themselves. And then the hunger divided itself from them.


And as the people fought, it ate. And as the people hoarded, it ate. And as the people stole, it ate. And as it ate, it grew ravenous. It rooted itself in the land and devoured all it could. Crops withered, plants died, and the land was no longer quite so verdant.


The people abandoned the land and fled, but the ravenous hunger followed, devouring anything in its ever growing reach. Finally, in desperation, the land was sundered to contain its spread.


The ravenous hunger found itself trapped, but no less hungry. It turned back to what little land it had left and ate all it could. It ate the grass and swallowed whole trees. It drank the rivers and lakes dry. When it had none of those left, it gnawed down the mountains leaving little but dust. Some resisted it. Some mountains repelled it, some trees held fast, some lakes remained. Try as it might, some things would not be taken by the hunger. As it fought it grew exhausted. Finally it settled deep beneath its dusty wasteland and slept.


Ages passed. New people found themselves within this land. They began to...
Emerald Falls: Finally Open!


The Story of Emerald Falls

Captain Lemon glanced at the men shuffling around the ship’s deck. All looked weary and worse-for-wear, though they had good reason to be. They had been sailing for months with no sign of any land since leaving their home. Their provisions were running low, but Captain Lemon feared that returning to their industry-stripped homeland with no news would be the end of the Emerald Trading Company and everything she held dear. As her heart was sinking with the setting sun, the captain happened to notice that the rays appeared to be bending slightly. Despite countless crushed hopes, she once again scaled the mast to the crow’s nest, and pulled out a spyglass. Peering through it, she felt her her sorrows melt away - land! “Land ho!” she cried to her men below, and grinned at the shocked expressions on their faces. Instantly the tired crew sprang to life and bustled about the deck, adjusting the sails and rigging to put them on course towards the discovery. It took them several hours to draw near enough to the island to see any real detail. As they got closer, they began to notice that what they had originally believed to be hills were in fact giant trees! Every once in awhile, they would see massive shapes swoop up out of these trees and stain the dusk sky an inky black, blotting out the stars, before diving back down into the...

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We love you :tinyheart:
Server Downtime Skyblock Reset: Part Two
Hi guys,

We're really sorry about this, but due to some people being less than awesome at spawn while WorldGuard protection was off, we had to restart the Skyblock game to be fair to everyone else who has played fairly. This means that all maps, inventories, and player data has been wiped.

Obligatory reminder that if you think something is a bug, please send us a modreq! Don't forget to be awesome!

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Great news everyone!

Skyblock and Survival are now open with brand new maps! For Skyblock we've gone back to ASkyblock this cycle. You'll have to option of three different island types and you'll get 5 restarts total. Many thanks for @flash_fire13 and @keeko4 for working very hard on our spawn this season. They've included tons of helpful tips to help everyone succeed!



For Survival, we've gone Western! A little throwback to Cactus Gulch. We have a great map for you guys to test the elements! Many thanks to @LuvianBlue, @Ellifaey, and @Theo da Kaffei for also helping set this up.




Have fun everyone! :D

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
It's now August 1st and you may be wondering what to do with all the tickets you amassed during the Carnival. Fear not, for the the Carnival Ticket Trade-In Tent has been re-created in Mineworld! Just go to /warp carnival and you can peruse all of the lovely prizes we have for all those Guess Who games & Archery Contests you won.

The prizes are marked with signs stating ticket prices- there are tons of prizes costing either 1, 2, 3, or 5 tickets apiece. Once you've figured out what prize(s) you want- and made sure you have enough tickets for them- please modreq and a helpful staff member will hand them out whenever they get a free moment.

This tent will stay set up in Mineworld for the next two weeks, and will be taken down on August 15th- so make sure you trade in your tickets before then.

If you have any questions, please ask below! Thank you all for a fun-filled Carnival, and a special shout-out to all of the players, player-organizations, and staff who spent so much time making it all come together for an absolutely magical month.
Howdy all,

Survival and Skyblock are now offline for reset. Staff will be spending a day or two getting spawns set up and testing out any potential config issues. Both will be open Monday, August 1st around 4pm EST. Get excited!!

I'd also like to announce that the server texture pack has finally been updated to 1.9! @JentheGeek worked really hard on this. She also added back our custom Nerdfighter music pack featuring Madisyn Bowen, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Queen, Star Wars, and of course Hank Green! The direct download link can be found here. You can also fill out this form if you have any suggestions for future updates.

Thank you,
The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

After a short break to make way for Summer Secret Llama and the Carnival, we are back with another auction!

Get hyped, 'cause this time our theme will be





Feel free to gather at the auction house (/server VIP then /warp auction) ahead of time to check out the updated auction guidelines, and get excited to bid! The staff will be making plenty of announcements on the day of the auction, so there will be no confusion as to when to get yourself down there!

  • Even though the auction house has moved to VIP world, winners will be awarded their chests on the economy server. Money will be deducted from your account there. There are a total of six chests up for grabs.
  • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will make it clear who you should message, and bids made outwith pms will not be counted, and could put you at risk of receiving a mute.
  • Bids must increase by 250 llamas per bid, with the increment growing to 1000 llamas per bid once we reach 40k. Please ensure you have the money you are bidding in your account at the time - if you can’t pay after winning, your chest will be sold to the next highest bidder.
  • If you plan on bidding as a team, please keep it to 3 players max. Realistically, there is only one...
Hey everyone!

Our Skyblock and Survival Worlds will both be resetting on August 1st, with slight changes to each. Our Skyblock server will be going back to the more traditional game set up with ASkyblock. And over in Survival, we will be resetting the world and adding a little Wild West flair to it. Expect a little more desert than you normally see :D So saddle up and grab your horses!

Additionally, we have a small change to announce about Player Town Councils. Previously, there was a hard limit of seven players. We are now making the requirement 5-7 players for each council. Hopefully, that helps meet the requirement for some of you!

That's all for now! (More coming soon..)

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria