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by Islid at 1:34 PM
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Hey, guys! We've got a whole host of spooky new updates to the texture pack for you to go along with the season...


- A whole mess of new paintings, which can be used to decorate your haunted manors and give your house a stately, antiquated feel.

- Decrepit, broken blocks of various types (planks, logs, wool, stone, etc.) intended to assist in making more run-down builds.

- A new sun and moon, both with their own ghoulish appearances...

- A TON of new music to temporarily replace the normal pieces and give you a number of fun and funky songs to party with your friends with:

  • 13 - This is Halloween, from The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • cat - Disney's Grim Grinning Ghosts
  • blocks - Come Little Children from Hocus Pocus
  • chirp - Ghostbusters Theme
  • far - The Monster Mash
  • mall - Autumn, from Vivaldi's Seasons
  • stal - Addams Family Theme
  • strad - Toccata, Johann Pachelbel
  • ward - The...
by Islid at 9:00 PM
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Due to a mixup with billing on our account, the Buycraft setup we have has been temporarily demoted to the free account. This has resulted in us having to disable most of our packages and things of that nature, but within the next few days that should be resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
by Qlick at 6:38 PM
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The results are finally in!

~Before I begin announcing, I feel it is important to say a thing or two about the contest.
The judges and myself would agree, there were some truly incredible builds entered.
The creativity, both structural and conceptual was downright impressive!
As I went through and checked out all of the builds, I found myself chuckling
at the cleverness behind the ideas.
As a result, it made it pretty hard for us to determine...
by Banesidhe at 8:40 AM
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The Lost City: Finally Revealed and Open!

There is a sprawling desert in the world of Nerdcrafteria. Since the server first was born, there were rumors of things out in the desert, and the shifting sands would reveal and hide such mysteries until such time as they were ready to be discovered. First there was a tower, full of old pharaohs and kings, guarded by eternal flame. Then the magical djinn revealed a lost Sphinx, huge and terrifying. Over the last year, more and more of an ancient civilization has emerged and attracted secrets and mysteries within its imposing walls.

The brave staff of Nerdcrafteria, led by the intrepid Snikkidoo, have been working diligently to clean out the broken pottery and skeletons and make the place habitable for players. For the past few months, Professor Snikki and her team of archaeologists have found that the city had much more to offer and explore than they ever thought possible....
by Islid at 1:02 AM
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So I got bored and did the Forum Permissions ahead of schedule during the quiet part of the evening. I tested and vetted as much as I could, but inevitably I'm going to miss SOMETHING somewhere.

In addition to the permissions edits, the following things happened:

- Staff now have a dark box around their text in every post they make. This is a way to quickly and easily distinguish when a staff member is posting versus when a player is posting. Along those same lines, staff usernames have changed color to the respective rank they correspond to in-game (roughly).

- Bug reports can now be filed by going to the Bug Reports forum and clicking the button that would normally allow you to post a thread in the section - instead, it will direct you to the bug report form to fill out a report!

- The AFK section does the same thing as the Bug Reports section.

- Lifetime VIPs may notice that their rank has disappeared, and they've been demoted down to Nerdfighter again. In order to...​