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by Banesidhe at 6:13 AM
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After unexpected delays due to ninjas attempting to invade Blackguard Bay (that sounds so much better than I've been sick... ), the contest judging is complete and we have our winners.

First let me say that all the entries were very impressive and I was delighted with the quality of builds that were entered. We had ten participants and the judging was close and tough. Eight judges weighed in on each entry with a possible total score of fifty each, and then the scores were totaled and averaged out. The three highest were our winners! If you get a chance, please be sure to go check out all the entries in creative, they clearly worked very hard on them!

I'd like to thank my fellow judges for their assistance in picking the winners: Scribble, Socks, Kelseypolo, Qlick, Orange, ShadedRaven and Cogway!

Secondly, I'd like to thank all the players who entered the contest, in the order which their entries were submitted: Plarby, tacky998,...
by Islid at 9:56 AM
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So, after more testing and evaluation, we've found another candidate as a replacement for Essentials. The good news is, this one is far more comprehensive, and was actually built as a "response" to the Essentials Suite - RoyalCommands!

This plugin basically mirrors almost all of the functions of Essentials, and then on top of that adds a bunch of new tools and fun bits to use. We're hoping that it will prove to be an adequate replacement for Essentials, at least for the time being. Testing will be happening on the test server for a period of time, probably just a few days, and then we'll release more information on what will change in the context of your day-to-day interactions with the server and what you'll need to record.

As part of a preliminary evaluation of the plugin's capabilities, we expect that homes will be lost, so you might want to take this time to either find a warp around you that's near your home, move one of your own warps, or make some kind of other...
by CLyane at 10:34 PM
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Mojang (you know, the lovely people that created and keep creating Minecraft) are having some scheduled maintenance in the next few hours. It will take place Tuesday April 14th from 8am-12pm CEST*.

During the maintenance, you will not be able to log in to Minecraft or join any servers. The Minecraft website will also be down. Here is a link to their post about it.

Our Forums, Twitter, Tumblr, Steam, YouTube, ect., will all still be up. Why not check out some of that stuff? Maybe read a book? Finally clean the last of that fuzz out from between your toes? Or, if you live in the US, sleep? The server will be back when they're done with their maintenance!

Due to time zones being confusing, the maintenance actually starts one hour from this posting!

*Conversion times
PDT 10pm - 3am
EDT 1am - 6am
UTC 5am - 10am
AEST 3pm - 8pm
by RoryTheRoman94 at 3:23 PM
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Orange was spotted looking at the new pre-built houses for sale in Old Nerdcrafteria! Thats right people, pre-built houses! :eek:

Want to buy a plot but not sure what to build? Buy of of these and thank Orange for the cute designs! There are 8 of these pre-built plots, they are for sale for 6.5k. To get to them use /warp sunshine. Better hurry before people snatch them up!
by Orangeus at 2:07 PM
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We have been able to fix the cap back up to 100, so feel free to come on back!

Thank you all for your patience and consideration of others <3

After the daily restart, the server player limit set itself to 10 again. We're working on contacting the necessary people, so please be patient while we work on fixing this :)

If you are able to log on, please be thoughtful about how much time you spend on the server, so other people can have a chance as well. And like last time, if you have access to our FTB server, now might be a good time to enjoy a bit of ftb fun~