Important Updates FTB Season Change
Season 7 of FTB is officially concluded. We will now be taking the server down for approximately 24-36 hours to get Starmade set up properly on the server, so we can prepare to begin the space adventure!

You may notice that it's online, but the whitelist will be active until we give the notice that it has been opened to players. In the meantime, keep an eye on the news for a notice, and make a ticket after we open the server to get yourself added and start playing!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Important Updates BIG NEWS - A Whole New World
As some of you may remember from our Survey this last summer, we proposed the idea of resetting the main map. We’ve read what you all had to say about the idea and we’ve discussed what needs to happen for Nerdcrafteria to continue on, and as such, we have a very big announcement for you all.

On February 29, 2016, we will be retiring the Nerdcrafteria Main Map we have been using for the last 3 years and opening up a new world to become our Main Main Map.

As such, this December we will be loading the New Main Map alongside our Old Map, though the New Map will not be able to be edited by players initially. Before December, we’ll be releasing some new Player Towns Rules so that you guys can start helping to build our new world!

Because of the problems outlined over in my post in the Command Prompts, we can’t bring over ANYTHING from the Old Map; that’ll just bring our problems into our New Map. This will result in the loss of every build on the Old Map. We have external backups of Spawn and the new Ashop, but other than those everything will have to be remade by hand.

We do want to preserve your memories of the last three years on Nerdcrafteria and allow you to rediscover all the amazing builds, so we will be releasing the Old Map as a Buycraft perk after February 29, 2016. It will probably take some time to make sure the map is ready to be downloaded before we release it, but you will be able to caress the Old Nerdcrafteria with your virtual hands even after the reset.

As of right now, you have more than 4 months until the Old Map is gone and the New Map takes over. Don’t let this time go to waste! Don’t let them get you down! We still have Halloween coming up, auctions, all...


Happy Halloween Nerdcrafteria!

The staff has been hard at work coming up with some fun events leading up to our yearly Not-So-Super-Secret Halloween Event on the server!

There's a lot to explore and/or do, so please read on!



A Haunted Wood has appeared on the server. There is a spooky Mansion and a dark wood, and rumors of costumed staff running around giving out candy in the glade abound. It can be found at /warp halloween,

Don't forget to take a ride on the The Haunted Mansion Ride: A spooktacular coaster ride through the Haunted Mansion sure to leave you with chills! "The carriage that will carry you into the moldering sanctum of the spirit world will accommodate you and one or two loved ones. Kindly watch your step as you board, please. We spirits haunt our best in gloomy darkness, so remember, no flash pictures, please."
Explore the Spoopy Haunted Forest and find the Trick or Treating Dance Floor to get your treats and dance to some spoopy tunes!!
There are legends of invisible Thestrals wandering the wood. Perhaps you can arrange to ride one!? Thestral Rides will be offered at regular times during the month!




*This event officially starts once this notice has been posted.

First off, the staff will be handing out Treats (or Tricks!) this year! During certain, unscheduled...
Important Updates Nerdcrafteria Newsletter?
Hey, this is less of an update and more of a query, but is there interest from the players in a monthly or weekly newsletter of sorts from the server? We have the ability to send emails via our control panel here on the forums (as we've done a few times) and I'm curious to know if setting up an email list is worth doing.

It would give us a good opportunity to get information out to folks when just posting it on the forums isn't fast or widespread enough (as the majority of our players rarely get on the forums, and usually only register for the purpose of reading the CoC when they first log in or checking the wiki occasionally) and we think it might give us a chance to promote things about the server that may not necessarily work for individual news posts like this.

It's very much a conceptual thing right now, so it wouldn't be rolled out tomorrow, but if there's interest I have no problem working towards a more concrete implementation. So, let us know!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

It's the Disney Villains Auction!

Saturday, October 17th
at 4pm EST

Feel free to start gathering beforehand at /warp auction to pick up an Auction House Handbook and get ready to bid! We will be making plenty of announcements on the day of the auction so there will be no confusion as of when to arrive.

Some important points to be aware of:
  • All bids must be sent via private message. It will be made clear as to who you should message your bid to for each chest. Failing to send bids through pm may result in you being muted.​
  • Bids must increase by at least 250 llamas per bid, and if the bidding gets high enough 5k will be broadcasted to change the increments from 250 llamas.​
  • Make sure you have the amount of money you plan to bid in your account at the time! If you can't pay when asked, your chest will be sold to the second highest bidder.​

One last thing - we are now asking that if you team up with people, please keep it to teams of 3 max. There are a very limited number of items in the chests for each person.

Hope to see you guys there...


~Staff of Nerdcrafteria~
We've recently been doing a fair bit of tweaking, which some of you may have seen in game already. Our lovely Sr. Mod @Banesidhe has updated and beautified the Admin Shop (aka /warp ashop). It's new scheme nicely matches our new spawn and features the 1.8 blocks! Yay!

You'll also notice that this is a HUGE overhaul, and player shops no longer exist underneath the shop. By eliminating those shops, we've helped to reduce the lag in the Shop and have eliminated over 50 regions!

We also have another location that's been poking our creative fingers at. The Post Office at /warp mail has some small changes happening on the Yellow and Green floors. They were fairly unpopulated, and as such we have put in a few new little changes, including a Study Hall and Owlerly. The Post Office is still under construction a bit, but we thought we'd let you all know that by eliminating parts of /warp Mail, we've also eliminated about 50 more regions. Hopefully you'll be able to collect your mail with a little less lag, and hang out in one of our new areas to relax!

And the Resource Pack. This isn't a huge overhaul, just a few minor fixes and prettying, but we've added our new logo to it and have it available for download here. Now you can use your favorite, nerdy textures in Single Player and on other servers (yes, they do exist!).

That's all for now, friends! DFTBA and stay amazing!
Server Contest Nerdville Beauty Contest

Do you own a beautiful plot in Nerdville? Show us! :D
Nerdville is hosting a plot beauty contest.

Here's how you can enter:

  1. Own a plot in Nerdville.
  2. Grab book and quill and write down some details about your plot.
    Maybe give it a name. What should judges know about your plot? Does it have secret rooms? A riddle? Is it based on a fandom? What else inspired you to build this?
    Keep it short though. No more than 2 pages please.

  3. Sign your book.
    This way I can be sure you are entering your own plot. The title of the book should be the ID of your plot.
  4. Drop it into the hopper at /warp nvcontest

Submissions will close on Oct 9th at 4pm EST!


Now who will judge these plots?

You will! :D

I will provide a list of temporary warps to all entries and a book with their descriptions at /warp nvcontest. Over the course of two weeks everyone will be able to vote for their favorite submission(s). The number of votes you get depends on the number of participants.

Again this will require signed books so I can make sure everyone only votes once.

The Rewards:

First Place will get to keep the warp to their plot and the “Diamond Chest” filled with various goodies.

Second Place will receive 10k llamas and the “Golden Chest”.

Third place will get 5k llamas and the...
Server Contest THE New Main Spawn!
Its been a while, and now that Nerdcrafteria is Three Years Old we have the new spawn to introduce to you all! But first, we want to announce our winners for Third, Second, and First place, along with an honorable mention!

First, in Third Place and winning a $10 Buycraft Credit, we have the Nerdcrafteria Town Square submitted by @Ducomors and @TheLawnStink. Their build featured a few wonderful buildings including the Hall of Nerds, the Dave Green Shopping Plaza, the Nerdsonian, and the Nerdcrafteria How-To Academy. Everyone give them a warm round of applause!


In Second Place winning a $20 Buycraft Credit we have @Abadoss' Classical Nerdcrafteria spawn house. Aba's Classical Nerdcrafteria build was epic and expansive. It was a true joy to explore this amazing build, and we encourage you all to take a look at it as well! Claps for Aba!



And finally, in First Place and winning a $50 Buycraft Credit we have @kitcatTC's amazing and beautiful Square of Awesome! It features an amazing Nerdfighteria salute sunk into the ground to create an amazing and welcoming spawn point. I think kitcat deserves a standing ovation, wouldn't you say?



Now, some of you may be thinking, the winning build doesn't look *quite* like the final spawn we see in Nerdcrafteria. You would be correct. Kitcat's build had an amazing layout, color scheme, and was fun and easy to explore, but there was one build we had to honor and bring part of into our new spawn. And as such, we would like to give an Honorable Mention and 25,000 llamas to @Luxoh (Also known as AwakeMySoul). Luxoh...​
Server Event We're Turning Three!
Its that time of year again! Time to gather up your friends, to DFTBA, and to have a fun little party! So, lets celebrate this birthday with some fun!

Now, the actual birthday isn't until Sept 16th, but why not get the party started early?!


~~~~~~~~[COLOR=rgb(255, 0,...​
The server will be undergoing scheduled maintenance tonight between 5pm to 10pm UTC:
- 6pm-11pm BST (UK time)
- 1pm-6pm EDT (Eastern)
- 10am-3pm PDT (Pacific),300,cn3

During this time the server may be restarted several times, whitelisted or completely down at times. It is recommended you avoid connecting to the server until the maintenance has completed. Any changes made during this period may be reverted without warning. These removals may be incomplete, so for example builds might remain but money reverted, or vice versa. There will be no compensation for any changes reverted during this time.

I will update the thread when maintenance has begun/ended.

Thanks for your patience.

17:04 UTC: This has now started.

20:56 UTC: This has now finished. Server open again.